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Yellow Aura Color


I recognize many of you YELLOWS out there, by your high levels of energy, your love of “play,” your joyful glee and lust for life, and your need to focus mainly on the positive in life. You yellows will often call me to say, “So many choices, so little time.” To you who are yellow, you have TONS of ideas but you have a hard time getting them all off the drawing board. You also want to believe that everyone has your best interests at heart, so you trust a little too easily. Being open, providing a fresh and unbiased perspective on life, pointing out the positive, making people laugh, and knowing how to ENJOY life are your strong suits. 

You enjoy love, life, food, sex, leaping into mud puddles, catching frogs, playing in the rain and sleeping naked. You appreciate your body, and you try to stay in shape, although it can be a struggle not to have a yo-yo weight problem because of your love for good food! In work, you start a zillion projects, and have a LOT of irons in the fire at once. You know how to multitask, but you initially will have problems with delegating tasks. What is your weak suit, you ask? You’re disorganized in your thoughts. You take on too many responsibilities, and then wonder why you have a hard time completing the tasks and keeping your head above water. Also, your home and office desk space is a mess. Personally, since you want to believe in the innate goodness of mankind, you try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. You doubt your own instincts and then wonder why you didn’t see it coming when your employee steals money from your business, when your maid constantly does a poor job (but you hate confrontation, so you avoiding firing her or even talking to her about it), your husband cheats and your landscaper uses the cheap mulch.

Yellows ABHOR confrontation and will avoid it at all costs, until one day, when they’ve had enough, they LET LOOSE like a bull in a china shop. Warning to other colors: if you piss a yellow off, put up the china! Also, if you piss a yellow off, you deserve what is coming to you, for yellows aren’t easily offended.  

What you provide in any relationship: The fun! You open-mindedly venture into territories most people would not, both emotionally and sexually. You’re funny, joyful, and when on vacation you’re the child-at-play. You’re the mom seen gleefully splashing in the ocean with her kids, not worrying about her hair, makeup or who might be watching. You’re the father outside playing baseball on a beautiful summer’s day with your son. You’re the grandmother in the baseball stands at every practice, proudly cheering for her grandson! You’re the single woman running barefooted on the beach just for the enjoyment of your “runners high” and fresh ocean air.

Warning to other aura colors: yellows are easily bored. If you’re the stay at home type who would rather work, read the newspaper, eat dinner and watch football day in and day out, if you do not enjoy the outdoors, or if you refuse to shop, you’re not a good match for a yellow! Yellows enjoy spicing life up a bit, they have a healthy social life, they enjoy having many extra curricular activities with their spouses or partners, and are NEVER boring in bed! A yellow will never try to change their partners, and are incredibly patient, to boot!

What you should watch out for in relationships:  Your innate believe that everyone is good in their hearts, could get you in trouble. Your judgment of character meter could use a fill up. You give everyone a chance, and everyone is innocent before proven guilty. You’re so magnetic in your energy, that people PURSUE you as if you’re a fancy reward or trophy to be obtained. 

You’re normally attractive and have so many positive qualities that people will want you, however, the WRONG partners seem to want you (the ones who will ultimately hurt you most, even if they are serving your highest expansion spiritually). You seem to attract the energy of people from all sides of the fence. Since, as mentioned earlier, your judgment of character is relatively poor, you seem to go from relationship to relationship or friendship to friendship, looking for that one true person who will actually show their true colors and who will stay. 

You’re also a good bit insecure over your body, your personality and your looks. Because of this, you seem to feel the need to do the pursuing in the relationship, when this habit may push the right people away from you.

You’re impatient for the outcome in relationships, so you push people to give you answers about their feelings for you before they are ready to have such in-depth conversations. You may not verbally push them, but you’ll do more subtle things such as calling too often, leaving too many voicemails or emails, texting too much, and settling for less communication than you’d like from your partner and then whining later by saying, “You never call me or ask me out anymore..WHY?” Well, keep in mind, yellows, why would a person buy the cow if he can get the milk for free? 

My advice: step back and let your partner or partner-to-be pursue you. Let them do the work. Your insecurity is not attractive to them, but YOU are attractive and you need to start to believe that YOU are a good catch! If you’re wrong and they never call again, so what? Wouldn’t you then want to quickly let go and be ready for the guy or gal who WILL call, ask you on dates, and show consistent forms of interest? Put that phone down! If he or she is worth it, he or she will indeed call.

What could make your friendships and relationships better: Improving your confidence levels by making sure YOU love yourself, and by making sure YOU are in top notch shape physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, would be a good place to start. Since yellows tend to be perfectionists, I wouldn’t advice a yellow to enter into a relationship if they do not feel they themselves are whole in all facets of life. Also, trusting in their own instincts would be an even better place to begin. 

Yellows naturally trust more in logic and reason than intuition, not because they do not WANT to trust their intuition, because they have had such poor experience with poor judgment towards their relationship partners and friends, that they don’t know what to believe, where to start, who to trust or HOW to trust, and yes, this includes trusting their own judgment.

My advice to yellows: start fresh. Drop the fears and the insecurities and learn to listen to how you feel. Stop listening to others so much and listen to how YOU feel! Do you feel an empty spot in your heart when you think of the person with whom you are in love? Then this is something to consider! Look back at all the jobs, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends about whom you feel that “empty” or “hurting” feeling, and begin to let them go. 

Yellows often have too many negative energies around them in relationships to have room for more constructive relationships. Many of you have called me to say, “I would leave my husband, who I don’t love anymore, but the Universe never sends anyone new!” Stop making excuses. How can the Universe send a round peg to fill the round hole if the hole is not only currently filled, but currently JAMMED with the square peg that isn’t fitting very well? All right you oranges out there, get your head out of the gutter!

Your spiritual lessons: The common spiritual themes I see in yellows are as follows:

1) Putting others ahead of themselves.

2) Having too many irons in the fire; and

3) Not trusting their own instincts and intuition.

Who make the best friends or partners for you: blues, they are more organized than you and can help you learn how to balance and prioritize your life. They also are very good judges of character, from whom you could stand to learn, while simultaneously enjoying their genuinely giving personalities. Violets, because they’d never take you for granted and are as open to life and the enjoyment thereof, as you are, aquamarines, because they have highly spiritual viewpoints and also live their lives as openly and avidly as you, and  chartreuse because they know how to help you be more balanced and observant without losing sight of who YOU are.

Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: orange, because they are too into the physical and sexual components of you and refuse to put priority towards the spiritual parts of you, which are in need of growth and nurturing. This could cause you to focus only on materialistic and earthly things, and forget your spiritual instincts, which is bad for your confidence, purple, because they, too, focus only on the earthly related things. Purples focus on the earth and keeping it green, while simultaneously being too worried about the color of their nail polish. This could confuse you.  Pinks, because they don’t know who they are sometimes, and even though they mean well, it takes them too long to find themselves; you could not handle it if they rejected you, and their general lack of grounding in life could make your head spin.

Browns since they are just a tad bit TOO grounded for you, and life with a brown would be “boring,” for a yellow. The moment your brown partner said he was going to read the newspaper instead of having sex would be the moment his things are parked on your doorstep.

Careers best for you:  any outdoor career, such as riverboat guide, lifeguard or historical tour guide (because you love people and being in different places), flight attendant (you LOVE being on the go and the excitement of seeing new places is really great for you), athlete (you are at your best when in shape) or fitness instructor (you love people and fitness, so it’s a good combination) and real estate (the combination of people and being on the go really suits you).

Careers worst for you:  teaching (you believe that you don’t have the patience or organization, plus you NEED your summers off since you enjoy vacations), counseling (remember that you operate from your solar plexus chakra, which governs emotions-this makes you highly empathic and too absorbent of others’ problems. Also, you cannot even handle your own stress, so don’t take on the stress of others), paralegal (you aren’t organized enough) or administrative careers (being behind a desk all day might bore you unless you felt that the career were fulfilling enough). Health Challenges: Ulcers, gastric upset, IBS, Crohns Disease, alcoholism, eating disorders, diabetes, gallbladder disease and pancreatic concerns and metabolic disorders.

Health Strengths:  Perfect blood pressure, perfect heart, perfect lungs. Your pulse always has the perfect resting rate.

How you can tell you’re YELLOW: Well, call me. I’ll take a look. But other than having an aura reader look, there are some more obvious signs. Here they are:

1) One can’t tell the difference between the parents and the children when you’re all together in the park. You can keep up with them, and often you share your closet with your teenager;

2) People can hear the hyena style laughter of a yellow from anywhere in the office. Don’t worry, it makes us laugh with you, even though we have no idea what you’re laughing about;

3) You focus a lot on your body and physical appearance, and you’re never satisfied. If you were five pounds over weight, you’d call yourself fat;

4) You eat faster than any of the other color spectrum. For as much as you complain about your weight, there isn’t an ounce of fat on you, and when there is, you’ll be seen telling the world about your latest crash diet.

5) You don’t know the meaning of the word, “No,” unless you’re in the workplace, at which point in time, “No” is often used because you don’t trust anyone to do your work with the exception of yourself. 

6) You are the center of attention wherever you go, the life of the party, the person we all love to be around. However, you’re not the best friend in the world. It’s not because you don’t mean to be there for the rest of us, it’s because your schedule is busier than that of the President of The United States. It would take a press conference to get a spot on that schedule.

7) Your house is a MESS.

8) Your desk is a mess.

9) Your car is a mess.

10) You aren’t responsible in your personal life. You forget our birthday, unless you can have it marked on your palm pilot. However, you’d never let a work deadline slip.

11) You aren’t quick to forgive people who hurt you.

12) However, it takes a LOT to insult you or hurt you. You easily can laugh at yourself and forgive our trespasses for either trivial or serious faults.

13) It doesn’t take much to earn your friendship. The whole world knows you. We secretly refuse to go to the mall with you because we never get any shopping done. We get through half of a store when we hear you, “Oh JANE! What are YOU doing here! It’s so great to see you! How is your sister, Jane? Oh? Well how did that happen?”. Less than five minutes later it’s, “Pastor Bill, gracious it’s so good to see you! How are the babies?” and so forth and so forth. You know people you haven’t seen since third grade.

14) You don’t mind spending money. Your car is the best, your house is the most expensive, and your kitchen always has it’s pantry overflowing with the best quality foods from all around the world. You know how to cater a party, and you throw the BEST parties in the town! People will be talking about the punch you made on Christmas up until next Christmas, and they patiently wait for your invitations.

15) You have more knowledge of food, clothes, wine and good shoes, than you do politics or golf, but you can keep up with the most brilliant professors, engineers and intellects in the world. Your intellectual IQ is at least 140, but your logical IQ is about 39. Once you start to learn to trust your instincts, you’ll get there.

16) You know how to swim faster and run faster than the rest of us.

17) You have the perfect balance between work, family, your social life and your relationship(s).

18) You know how to employ sarcasm into your humor.

19) You are open minded enough to use the word, “fart” with class. Yeah, you greens didn’t find that one funny, did you? I bet you crystals did!

20) Fun is the highest priority in your life. Fun and laughter!

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