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The Great Awakening of 2018 is Here

We have been hearing the distant rumblings for more than a decade now. Like a great cosmic freight train which is slowly yet steadily getting closer and closer, gaining momentum, we have a sense of hopeful anticipation as we peer down the tracks of our timelines, around the proverbial bend. Is the Great Moment of Wonder almost upon us? Is the Great Awakening imminent, at last?.

We have been learning, preparing, fasting, meditating, sharing our understanding, and helping to spread awareness among our family, friends, and communities. While many here in our community have been doing the work needed to raise your frequencies for some time now, we are finally reaching at a point where a critical mass of humanity as a whole has manifested as awake and aware Beings of Light. This has conditioned the earthly plane for the emergence of a New Age of Unity Consciousness. As we cross this tipping point in the Now, we are now passing this critical milestone in our collective spiritual evolution, as we advance individually through the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions of Being.

For years now, much has been spoken of the coming Event. Our solar system is entering a part of the Milky Way galaxy of higher energy, which is infusing Gaia and all her inhabitants with this Light, across all dimensions. As a predictable part of a 26,000-year galactic cycle, a massive wave of energy emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, in direct alignment with our own Sun, will cascade upon the Earth and immerse all beings with higher frequencies of love, light, and greater awareness.

Often referred to by many different terms: Ascension, Awakening. Quickening, Emergence, all signs point to a single, powerful realization. The Time is Now. We are the Ones we have been waiting for…as the dawn of the Great Awakening is upon us.

This is the time to go deep inside and remember our true Divine Nature, and to honor this Truth every day. This is the time to accelerate and expand our daily practice, as we work to purify our human vessels to hold the higher-energy frequencies that we are increasingly imbued with. This is the time to nourish ourselves with natural, organic, plant-based food and pure water. It is time to focus on practicing compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and service to others. It is time to finally realize that there is no separation. Employ the cleansing vibrations of pure crystals in your environment and on your body to help you anchor the Light in the physical plane. Commune with nature, ground yourself to Mother Earth, and harmonize with her healing frequencies, which emanate directly from Source. Meditate on the Truth, be active in your communities and share this message with those who are ready to hear it.

Live in joy and gratitude, dear Awakened Ones. Your time is Now.


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