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You are Limitless

face in the cosmos

For those of you who have followed me for some time, you know that the first question I always pose to the ascended being with whom I commune is “Who are You?”. I invite you to ask yourself: Who Am I, really? This simple act of self-inquiry is the most important question that we can ever ask ourselves. The answer is not to be defined in terms of what we do in our career, how many kids we have, or even with whom we choose to spend our lives. Indeed, the quality and depth of our lives, and how we can best manage all of life’s little circumstances and challenges is determined to a large degree by how we define ourselves.

The nature of the answer to Who You Are is infinitely broad. To approach the Truth of this answer, it is important to go deep inside of ourselves, sit with this inquiry in wonder, and listen carefully with our hearts. The heart will always perceive Truth before the mind. Now is the time to let go of preconceived constraints which are imposed upon us via hierarchical 3rd-dimensional power constructs and modern societal programming. There is no need to be in a rush to get this answer….the Truth will descend upon your consciousness naturally once all false limits and needless restrictions are allowed to fall away. You have the power to release these limiting beliefs.

My family and I love to go hiking and after all the laboring to get to the top, we are rewarded with an amazing vista. It is in that glorious moment of accomplishment that I look out on the beautiful place that I co-created and visualize myself as being all of THAT.  I am everything that my senses can perceive, and much more. How insignificant my daily worries become in comparison to ALL that I really AM.

When we can begin to operate from the perspective of being truly Limitless, we approach every aspect of our lives with a greater degree of trust and knowingness that all is indeed perfect, and that there is nothing to fear. Once you are able to perceive life as it truly is…an incredibly beautiful opportunity for co-creative expression, growth, and expansion…you are able to operate from a powerful position of knowing that there is a creative solution to any perceived challenge.

I invite you to begin the journey now of letting go of the limiting beliefs which are holding you back from becoming who You truly are. Once liberation is achieved, any perceived limits simply fall away…and all things, once again, are possible.

Know that you are Limitless, dear Ones. Step into your inherent power, and honor your infinite, divine nature. Now is the time to reclaim your power as co-creators of All That Is, and manifest the wondrous reality that you envision.

Welcome to your Truth.



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