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Walking in the Light of the Shadow Body – Aura Alchemy process

So what happens after shadow work? After you’ve faced (and felt) as many possible subconscious memories and integrated them with inner child work (or shadow work) or with soul retrieval? “Why does it still hurt?” so many of you have asked me. Because the shadow isn’t meant to disappear, it is meant to integrate as a part of you. Now that you’ve faced the most difficult emotions that you imagined would either physical or emotionally kill you, why do you still feel so stuck, so despondent, do utterly hopeless and randomly floating around in the Universe? Because now it’s time to face the other side of your shadow- the light body. You’re ready for that, otherwise you would not be aligned with manifesting a teacher like me in this moment: the now. 

The shadow body is focused mainly in time as it relates to the past. The light body is the true, ultimate expression of Source within us- and it is timeless. Focusing on transmuting our shadows via the use of the light body form is the next step in our spiritual evolution in our collective consciousness.

 This process takes focus, observation, surrender/acceptance and facing (what we perceive as negative) emotions that feel unintegrated or “fragmented”. When you notice a negative feeling in associated with a fragmented portion of yourself, stop. Breathe. Take notice. Feel the emotion, not from a head space- from your heart space.

Don’t go into the “story” of who did what to whom. Just observe and identify this emotion. Once you notice what you feel, just say to yourself, “I am feeling _____. I accept this feeling right NOW”. You do not have to always have a definition of the emotion. It’s more important that you understand, surrender to, and accept this feeling. The ego will play some fancy tricks on you during process at this point, as it is likely to cause you to question the logic of your emotion. Don’t. No “shoulds” or “shouldn’t”. No “whys”. Just accept what IS. 

If a memory comes up, sit with it, visualize it, re-experience it in your mind and FEEL the emotion associated with it. Allow it to completely overcome your body. Feel where it sits within your body and envision the negative feeling as a ball of light inside of your body, right where the emotion is located. I’d like for you to intuitively and instinctively choose a color that “feels” right to you and allow the ball to become this color.

Breathe in this feeling and visualize the colored energy “ball” that represents this emotion expanding.  With each incoming breath, expand your ball of emotion, allowing it to overcome you further. Expand this ball of emotional energy completely into the room that surrounds you as much as needed. I’d like for you to breathe towards this emotion and feel it as completely as possible, to the extent that you feel as if the emotion will overcome your entire being. Once the ball of light has expanded outside of your body, envision it directly in front of you. Commune with it. 

Then, I’d like you to listen to this emotion as if it is now another separate part of your being. It is your inner child. It is a piece of you. Ask lovingly, “What do you feel NOW?” A phrase that represents your fragmented self will now come to you as either a feeling or a thought process. This phrase represents a core belief that you are having a hard time integrating.

If nothing comes up, then say to your ball of emotion/light, “What would you like me to know right NOW?” This normally will permit a more specific belief that comes up, such as “I feel worthless” or “I am afraid of everything” or “I will fail”. Talk to your ball of light as you would a child, with love, saying, “I transmute you, ________, (insert the core belief phrase here) into love without condition and into harmony and balance.”

Now I’d like you to breathe the ball of energy that represents your core belief in through your body. The color you chose to represent this ball will designate into which chakra system you breathe this ball of light energy. For instance, if the ball of light is blue, with a deep, full incoming breath, breath the blue ball of light directly into your THROAT chakra. If it is green, breathe it into your chest where the heart chakra is located. Upon exhaling, I’d like you to visualize this moving ball of light spinning inside of your chakra center. Feel it becoming a part of this chakra center. Envision it becoming such a clear shade of blue that it is almost translucent. Now I’d like you to place your hand over the chakra center which now holds your ball of light and say to it, “I celebrate your presence as an expression of Divine Source within me. I am you. You are me. We are Source.”

The interesting thing about the shadow body, in relation to our past (memories), present and future is that it is all one big THOUGHT FORM. It can be transmuted into a higher energetic form with this process. Time does not exist in the way humans have defined it. 

Shadow work is still (and always will be) a wonderful and helpful process for those who believe that time still exists for them and that their past has entrapped them. But the point of awakening as a collective consciousness is that we will one day understand that time is a man-made contraption that doesn’t even exist in the greater dimensions. When you take time out of the equation and understand that YOU are the creator and master of it, it works for you! 

Memories can still be helpful when accessing them in our shadow bodies, especially when you first learn to heal and integrate the shadow body, however, the missing piece of the puzzle with shadow work is that following: the past and the future do not exist except when relevant to you, personally. What matters for full integration in this new and upcoming phase of collective conscious evolution is the NOW. In order to integrate our shadow bodies fully in the now, we now need to transmute our fragmented selves in the present moment. Because NOW is also a point of reference for the Law of Attraction. 

It is ultimately the most empowering component when you have gone through the accessing of your past memories via “shadow work”, and then you begin to understand that none of those memories are relevant any further. You can now transmute them into full harmony and balance within your being, simply by the act of feeling, accepting and transmuting them. 

Welcome, to the other side of the shadow. It’s time to walk in the Light

Love, Pamela 


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