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The Rainbow Aura – The Journey From Duality to Celebration!

Many of you have been asking about rainbow children, rainbow adults, their purposes on earth, how to transition to a rainbow, etc. This blog is for you. Why are so many people being born into the rainbow purpose, with rainbow auras? The rainbow purpose, indeed, is a major one: no more duality. While many people are here to expand via duality, rainbows are here to be a shining example to us of how to expand minus duality, as we are propelled into the fifth-dimensional existence. We are currently in between the 3rd and 4th-dimensional existence, here on earth, but we will soon ascend into the fifth dimension. The dominant law of Earth is the Law of Attraction, which means we will experience all types of positive and negative experiences based on reflections. However, rainbow beings are here to show us how to stop owning everything as a reflection. They show us how to:

1) Express and feel pain/suffering without fear. How do they do this? They trust that pain is another very important part of the multifaceted array of human lessons associated with the gambit of emotions we’re here to experience as humans.

2) Celebrate all expressions of anything that occurs in our emotions/reflections as nothing but the perfection of Divinity within us. How do they do this? Trust in Source. Release fear in all outcomes possible for how you might FEEL in feared circumstances. Rainbows have faith that no matter what they experience/feel, that there is NOTHING other than what is meant to be an expression of Source within them. Faith is a feeling signature and energy that not many are familiar with. The way to experience true faith and trust in Source is by releasing all resistance.

The feeling signature of FAITH is what most rainbow children and adults are quite used to. This faith keeps their energy of celebration POSSIBLE. Another example of what faith feels like from a rainbow perspective is as follows:

Faith feels a bit like driving a car to an unknown destination with nothing but one headlight, while lost in the dark. No street lights. No full moon to light your way, just your knowingness that the only thing you need to keep moving is that one headlight that shines the direction you’re meant to go towards. That one headlight needed is Source. If you connect to Source you KNOW what to do next and therefore, you are able to trust all human emotional processes, even pain. Rainbows do not require any direction, visions or signs, they just KNOW what to do.

3) Shining the Light of Unconditional Love in all situations minus judgment. You won’t see a rainbow trying to fix your problems for you, but rather, shining so much pure Love towards you that there is no way not to heal, simply by their presence and via the Light of Divinity within them. Rainbows normally lose most judgments regarding most belief systems and regarding most situations in general in life, even in situations society might deem “evil” or “bad”.Keep in mind this does not mean you can walk all over a rainbow, either- they love themselves so much as well and therefore are master boundary setters. Most people who have self-love are great with boundaries, and this is vital for rainbows. Therefore, if you physically or emotionally cause pain to a rainbow, they will bless you, Love you, but also will erect a very high boundary so that you cannot do so again.

4) Forgiveness. Rainbows are here to teach us to forgive ourselves, as there cannot be SELF LOVE without forgiveness. How do they do this? They show us examples of how they forgave themselves and others, no matter what, and they can stand in the face of what society deems as pure evil and forgive the worst grievances. Lack of forgiveness of yourself is holding you in the shackles of the 3D duality. Forgive yourselves, today!

5) Self-love. I know this should sound like a simple thing we can all learn, but our belief systems and societal constructs have embedded just the opposite into us. It is the ultimate reason humanity is still operating in the third-dimensional law of duality. How do you love yourself? Forgiveness. Loving every aspect of you. Boundaries when needed. Self-care routines like proper sleep, proper grounding/healing for yourself as needed, nurturing, healthy foods, and nurturing, healthy relationships.

Please keep in mind that even though the rainbow aura color represents a PURPOSE, one does not have to be born with the rainbow aura to have the purposes listed above (self-love, forgiveness, unconditional love, celebration, and being fearless of all emotional and physical states). A child can be born with or without the actual rainbow colors as seen in the aura and then transition into the purpose as he/she deems necessary. This is based on pre-birth intentions and choices. There are many children being born rainbow at this time, as the purpose of transcending the third-dimensional duality and moving into the fifth-dimensional laws and environment is becoming of strong importance.

Many have asked, “How do I help my rainbow child transition into their ultimate purpose?” Follow all of the steps above. Be the ultimate example of nonjudgmental, unconditional love, self-love, forgiveness and celebration of all emotional states. In other words, a child cannot do “wrong”. Just love them.

The difference between the crystal purpose and rainbow purpose is remarkably similar, except crystals are the 3D version of rainbows, as they must transmute and expand all of themselves via taking IN energy first, and in a very strong alchemical process, they transmute energies and send them back to a collective society, healed. Rainbows are here just to shine love in all directions. The energy is not taken inward first, it is observed, understood, loved and then healed from the energy of the rainbow without any intrusive duality based expansion processes. As crystals tend to take in a lot of energy before transmuting it, they don’t often release that energy right away, hence the high levels of pain, physical/mental illness, food sensitivities, chemical allergic reactions, and more difficult spiritual awakenings.

Any color can transcend into the rainbow purpose if they choose – this isn’t a hierarchy or special healers club. Yes, rainbows are seen as “earth angels” as they have transcended earth-based duality. However, this purpose can be obtained and one can transcend into the rainbow aura AND rainbow purpose at any age/stage of their lives, simply by following the five steps above. All of the beautiful colors represented in the auric field have individual and wonderful purposes that are equally important to the rainbow purpose. We are all important pieces of a very large, multi-dimensional puzzle.

Each person will have their own journey and unique spiritual transition that could be very similar or incredibly different from others’ awakenings/transitions into the rainbow aura and purpose. Those of you with lavender as a color/purpose tend to have an easier transition to rainbow than those of you transitioning from the crystal and indigo colors, I’ve noticed.

What are the signs you’ve transitioned to a rainbow?

1) You love the entire world, while simultaneously, not quite giving a damn about triggers. You mean this in the most loving way, as you are lovingly observing and shining the Light of Unconditional Love on everything and everyone, but NOTHING can hold you back. Triggers are mild, and what would have triggered you just a few months back will now make you giggle. Everything under the face of the sun can be ultimately celebrated, even your own massively funny SNAFU situations. When mistakes occur, you will literally giggle and say something ridiculous like this, as a form of celebrating Divinity, even in mistakes;

2. Lack of judgment and higher tolerance levels. Things that would have really gotten under your skin, especially as an indigo or crystal, now put you in a place of love and understanding. You will have a very high tolerance and patience levels for personality types who represent duality of all kinds. You’ll still smile at it all because it represents Source. Nothing but love! You’ll find yourself spouting out terms like, “Imagine how Source is going to bless them next!” and all sorts of positive types of blessings that cause for complete understanding and mitigation of all energies present on earth. Your tolerance for large crowds of people will strengthen as well as you are emitting your own energy, not pulling the energies of others into your auric field.

3. Less physical and mental illness. You’ll feel more grounded and stable than ever before. Granted, your new tolerance levels simply won’t apply to foods. At this point, you’d still be best off avoiding food dyes, GMO products, and non-organic foods and beverages of all varieties.

4. The addition of immensely stronger spiritual gifts, including but not limited to: clairvoyance, strong channeling abilities of your own higher self and even ascended beings, clairaudience, and all healing abilities.

5. Immense amounts of mental, emotional and physical energy, but it shows in a very grounded fashion. Suddenly, you’ll need less sleep, less food, less meditation, less grounding, etc, however, you’ll be showing immense amounts of endurance in all areas of your life.

6. A peaceful presence. Suddenly, everything feels completely non-threatening to you and safe, therefore with so much intense faith in Source, there is no way to exude anything other than pure peace in most situations. However, others may also say, “Your personality seems to have changed. You’re almost boring, but you’re so sweet and something just pulls me in your direction!” People will be inexplicably drawn to you like you’re a giant love magnet.

7. Strong amounts of GRACE under stress. Suddenly, you’ll find that having the Light of Divinity means that you can handle extreme amounts of stress, even in ways that would cause trauma for most people. I’ve met some of you wonderful earth angels out there on the scenes of car accidents, forming a human tourniquet with your own hands while directing other physically capable people to call the ambulance. You’re amazingly graceful under immense stress and then once it’s over, you thank Source above and are immediately back to being peaceful and present in the I AM, once again.

8. You can heal hundreds to thousands of people, simultaneously. Your vocal frequencies alone cause healing in mass quantities.

9. You suddenly have a strong PURPOSE that you may or may not be able to identify but you’re hellbent on enduring to the end with your life purpose, which often involves healing humanity and spreading love in massive doses; and

10. You can’t stop saying “Bless them”. That was my first observation in myself in the rainbow transition. Instead of judgment, I’d say, “Bless them” and sincerely mean it. This is the path of mastery, when you’re able to do nothing but bless everything and everyone that is, as it is all Divinity.

Love to you all in your ascension journeys.

Love, Pamela Aaralyn


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