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The Flow of the I AM

Piezoelectric energy is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (crystals, ceramics and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied STRESS. Stress held in your body, and thereby your DNA, is no different than stress applied from a hammer to a quartz, as show above. If stress causes a particular type of compression via piezoelectric energy within these types of matter (crystals and ceramics), it can and does have the same effect on human beings. We’ve been holding 11 strands of DNA in our bodies since the creation of humanity, however, only three strands are active. The rest lay dormant, awaiting activation.

Activating these 8 strands of dormant DNA has been something human beings have been attempting to achieve for quite a lengthy period of history. One must understand that while science holds a massive key to understanding how to do this, our emotional blueprints are necessary keys as well. The reason we continue to stay spiritually “asleep” is because we don’t know how to reconnect to the power of the “I AM”, which is our connection to Source within each of us. We have never been separated, that was merely human perception that we chose in order to incarnate as human beings on planet Earth. Understanding and then reversing piezoelectric energy is the scientific and spiritual key to activating all 11 DNA strands, which then gives us the keys to all 11 dimensions in our Universe.

“At first human life is a reflection type of fractal. When the sound fractal awakens to Light it becomes (perceived as) a distinctly separate soul, yet it is still a smaller piece of something larger and perfectly aligned in similarities. We are the same, then perceived as separate, then our remembrance causes the awakening to Truth”-Tesla, as channeled by Pamela Aaralyn

Today, I’d like to express to you the importance of how your emotions have held 8 out of 11 strands of your DNA inactive. Much as described above and proven via the piezoelectric process of “applied stress” causing compression of energy within matter, the STRESS of electromagnetic energy caused by your lower frequency, stress based emotions, causes pressure and compression of energy within our bodies, which is then holds our DNA continually inactive.

According to many scientists, especially the Curie brothers and Tesla, this process can be reversed. I happen to agree with them. How can this be done? With the appropriate sound frequencies that awaken the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

The pineal gland holds the power to awaken all of our abilities to remember our connection to the “I AM”, which activates the crown chakra. The pituitary gland holds the power to release resistance from compression of the stress induced emotions that cause us to continue to believe we are “disconnected” to Source, to begin with. The pituitary gland activates information from the “Seat of Knowledge” located in the base of the spine, in the root chakra.

Many have activated this power from the root chakra, and this has been called the “kundalini awakening”. The combination of activating BOTH the pineal and pituitary glands simultaneously is the pivotal, transformative part of this process.

According to my recent channeling of Nikola Tesla, there are 11 specific frequencies that represent keys to all 11 dimensions in our Universe. Each frequency represents a certain dimension (and connects us to our remembrance of each dimension), which can trigger the remembrance of our own Divinity. This will then stimulate an awakening of each strand of inactive DNA, as we are ready.

There are 11 solfeggio frequencies Tesla has channeled to me to use for awakening of all inactive strands of our DNA. This awakening of the DNA will cause the release of compressed, stress based emotions that are currently causing the resistance we have to our awakenings. Using these frequencies causes the compressed energy to release from the DNA in the spinal column and the brain, which then activates this compressed energy to release and then flow out of the crown chakra in a similar fashion as the famous Tesla Coil. The process is as follows:

1) Plug in your headphones and place them in your ears. These frequencies work best when you have some time to close your eyes, get into a meditative place with headphones and not be interrupted.

2) Find an emotional feeling signature (or negative imprint or core belief) that is causing you to feel stress based resistance and focus on feeling it within your body.

3) Invoke the I AM. Close your eyes, then repeat in your mind or out loud, “I now invoke the power of the I AM within me. I give full permission for Source to release this emotion” (or core belief/negative imprint). This is the most important step of the process.

4) Open your eyes. Focus on the following Tree of Life image, while playing the following solfeggio frequencies in the following order, each for 3 seconds-3 minutes. Listen to one then move onto the next.

1. 963hz

2. 528hz

3. 417hz

4. 852hz

5. 741hz

6. 639hz

7. 285hz

8. 174hz

9. 936hz

10. 369hz; and

11. 396hz.

You may listen to them one behind the other, or all together, this is not of importance, as long as you listen to them all within one sitting.

Please consider keeping the volume of these frequencies low, as these frequencies of sound waves are pure tones, with no overtones. The sense of the pitch may dramatically differ or change with volume changes, therefore it’s best to keep the volume low.

5. Release. Focusing on the Tree of Life image above, repeat the following in your mind or out loud, “I grant permission from the I AM within me to release _____” (insert the negative imprint, core belief or stress based emotion that has been holding you in resistance to your awakening). Breathe white Light from Source in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine this white Light moving through you in a spiral fashion from your root chakra to your crown chakra (much like the coil shown in my tree of life diagram) and then leaving your body from your crown chakra. Then repeat the following phrase in your mind or out loud… I remember, I am Source!

Many of you have asked, “Where is strand 12?” Strand 12 is Source. You simply did not remember. Wake up, humanity. I love you, Pamela Aaralyn

Options for getting Tesla Toned:

• Roll your own tones with a TONE GENERATOR

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