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The Calling (How To Call In a Twin FLame)

It began with Kahn, one of my spirit guides, waking me up from a deep and comfortable sleep, in July of 2014. 

Shaking me relentlessly he said, “Get up, slow American. Why do you Americans sleep so much?! It is important that you follow your path. You are not meant to be in this spiritual journey alone, even if you are fully comfortable to believe in such a feat.”  “What are you grumbling about now?” I mumbled beligerently from beneath my comfortable down bedspread. 

“I am aware that you believe that you love yourself and that self love is all that is needed, but if this were true, you would not be called to my country and my people. Remember! Now!” Rolling over and rubbing my eyes, I stumbled out of bed and over to my desk and well used laptop, eyes still half closed from sleep. “You’re so persistent, Kahn”, I sighed as I noticed in my peripheral vision his sideways smile. “You win. What do want this time?”

“Please awaken to your remembrance of who you are. You are a living incarnation of the White Tara. This is one portion of your being that is strong. Tsendiin would have never been as lazy as you, when are you going to begin by understanding the symbiotic, interdependent relationship between souls?” Khan uttered with an exasperated sigh. 

“Look…Khan, you’re aware of the great amount of respect I have for you, but I’m a regular human. I’m a mother and a friend to many. My purpose is only to help others behind the scenes. I seek knowledge of the WHO. I’m Pamela. That is all. I wish you would get to the point of why you are my guide,” I calmly professed from my chair at the kitchen table, as I noticed my cat meowing pitifully in front of her food bowl. “You see? Cats, kids…life…that is all. Can’t you see how busy I can be, Khan?” 

“Exactly. You are a MOTHER. A Divine One. Mothers help their children. Your earthly children aren’t the only ones who need your help. Wake up to the call of Tsendiin and call in your counterpart! NOW! Your human time could be shortened if you do not. Time is not your friend in this moment. You have until September of 2015. Move and move on this now!”

“I have until then for what, Kahn? Why operate in fear of running out of Time? Time does not even exist outside of being human!”, I said with obvious irritation. “Besides, even though I don’t have a ‘twin’ aspect of me, I’m perfectly fine with other types of soulmates I’m experiencing in my life. I don’t need anything outside of me to make me whole!”

“Your twin is an aspect OF you, and is not outside of you. You share fractals of your being. You are in a symbiotic relationship where you have agreed based on your soul contract together, to work together in your spiritual purpose. I do not attempt to become dramatic, but time as a human does indeed exist and you are running out of it.”

“What would you have me do, to find this alleged TWIN?”  “Come to Mongolia?” I sighed impatiently. “Not yet. Now is not the time to meet. But you simply must connect in some way before September. I ask you to journey through your akashic records of what you call ‘past lives’ in order to call in all aspects of your being that are counterparts of you. 

Going back to my most recent akashic record (human past life), as Kahn had warned, was no easy destination. I found my light body traveling back  through the familiar timeless tunnel that is completely void of everything but darkness, until finally I reached my destination: ancient Egypt. My spirit body rushed into an embodiment that was similar to human, yet with many distinct differences. I noticed the tone of my skin was blue, I had a headdress on that looked like a combination of a beautiful goddess and a lioness.  I could hear a strong voice speaking to me as if it was reverberating from the other end of the dark tunnel from which I just escaped. “Call her in NOW!”, Kahn said impatiently. “Really? I can’t escape you, even in ancient Egypt?”, I retorted sarcastically with a nervous laugh.  “DO it!” Kahn responded authoritatively.  “Who am I?” I questioned myself, as I noticed my own voice echoing back. Another version of me emanated and projected herself from the top of my crown chakra, presenting herself before me. “I am you. You are me. I am Bastet, who is an aspect of Sehkmet, who is an aspect of you. We are One. But you have only a short amount of human time to find me!” “I can’t find you, Bastet. I’ve tried endlessly. You are not within my human reach yet, what can I do? You must find me. I call upon you to find me whenever it is time for you to do so.”  “Find me wherever you’d find yourself. I’ll extend my search further to be ready for your call”.

The beautiful light body who represented Bastet entered through my heart chakra, finding her place within my emotions, as if she was right at home. I felt a deep, spiritual longing to know her from this point onward.   Suddenly I heard Kahn’s voice from the tunnel, calling me to return to my human body. “Well apparently, she thinks I have to find HER, Kahn. What on earth do I do now? If she’s ME, as she stated, can’t she just find me?” “Oh, she will. But you must call to her in each lifetime that you can recollect. Keep doing this exercise until you ask each aspect of her to find you. There are currently 7 shared aspects that each of you have from various akashic records. Journey through each of them, find her, and call upon her to find you.  “How will I know when she does find me?” “Your heart center is your strongest chakra. She is now there. In each journey through your records, her aspect will become familiar by going through one of your chakra systems. This will lead her to you.” Steps to finding your twin: 1. Journey through each akashic record (or ask a shaman or light worker to journey with you if you are unfamiliar with how to astrally travel). You may also journey without astral travel, via viewing the records in your inner vision. 2. Allow your Ka Body (Light Body) to duplicate itself and stand outside of you. Convene with your Higher Self (Light Body) and ask to call in your twin. Observe which chakra system the Light Body returns to, within you. 3. Use the chakra systems your Light Body “you” gravitates towards daily in a twin flame activation. Do this as follows: a. Sit in a calm, meditative fashion. Breathe in gold energy from the earth in through your root chakra (at the base of your spine) and then exhales the gold light through your root chakra, as if it is a balloon that expands with particles of gold light upon each exhale. Fill the root chakra area (the entire pelvis) with gold light and observe as the particles separate and disperse into the entire pelvic area.  b. This is called the “Ka Body” or the “Chi”. Next, upon exhale, push the gold energy upwards through the chakra system until it reaches the top of your crown chakra, then fill the crown chakra area (brain) with particles of gold light.  c. Now, breathe the gold light again from the earth, in through the root chakra and up to each chakra system, one at a time, stopping at the chakras you feel your twin connects to most, based upon your findings from your akashic records review. Place your Light Body (Ka Body) outside of your human body, sitting directly in front of you. Convene with her, looking directly into her eyes, and say, “I call to you to find me if it is within your will”.  Upon your next exhale, send the gold energy out form the chakra system you’re working with and allow her to breathe it in. Imagine that upon her exhale, you can inhale her breath and return it to the same chakra within you. Continue breathing together in this circular fashion until your Light Body returns back to you.  Be open to synchronicities. Be open to observing your twin flame journey. Good luck (you won’t need it).  Love, Pamela


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