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Surrendering to Fear

The Process of Surrender: A Breath of New Life.

Humans are beautifully contradictory creatures. We want less suffering (and less drama) but when peace is reached, we then become “bored”. If the Universe responds with an array of contrasting reflections that cause us to lose all facets of boredom but then face our core beliefs, especially core beliefs involving fear, we recoil in fear to the point of resistance.

Lack of self love is the biggest issue holding the human consciousness collective back from ascension into the higher dimensions. What causes lack of self love? All core believes that involve not trusting Source within us. What causes us not to trust? Fear. Fear causes resistance, which causes us to attract more of exactly what we are afraid of, whether our fears are of boredom, pain, suffering or even of love. What is the answer? Surrender. The process of surrendering to all of our fears is the number one thing we as humans can do individually to raise the human consciousness collective.

Here is my quick process of Surrender:

1. Consider what energetically “agitates” you. Agitation is a form of emotion that occurs when one needs to pay specific attention to a feeling signature and core belief that needs surrender. Agitation comes in the form of frustration/stress, panic attacks, anxiety and fear.

2. Consider specific triggers if you cannot think of an event that agitates you. Triggers for agitation often involve employers, employees, significant others, close friends and family members. Go back to a specific scenario that agitated you. Identify the feeling signature you were experiencing.

3. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I felt this way” and observe the feeling signature that is attached to any memory that arrives. The feeling signature may shift into an entirely different emotion. If it does, follow it and allow it to completely encompass your being. BREATHE into the feeling and let it take you over.

4. Ask yourself, “When was the FIRST time I felt this way?” and observe the feeling signature that arrives. If the feeling shifts again, follow and identify it.

5. Invoke the I AM to accept the feeling you observed with the following phrase: “I invoke the I AM in me to accept this emotion and flow within it”. Imagine that the emotion is a body of water similar to an waves in the ocean. You are in this ocean. Don’t be concerned about drowning, surviving or any logical answer here, simply FLOW with the water of the ocean that is your emotion. Close your eyes and imagine you are floating on your back in this ocean of emotion. This ocean represents your fear.

Depending on how deep your specific fear triggers you, this ocean may be calm, choppy or it could become a massive tidal wave. Either way, be open to what happens in this meditative part of the process by keeping your eyes closed and allowing the water to take you where it will.

6. Surrender. Stop floating. Allow your body to sink into the emotional ocean. Let the waves overcome you. At the moment when you lose your fear, you may wish to breathe in the water. Invoke the I AM again with the following phrase, while sinking into your emotion: “I invoke the I AM in me to surrender to this fear”.

Surrender feels a bit like losing one’s own physical and emotional strength while preparing to possible drown in a massive tidal wave or undertow in an ocean of emotion. But that is the point. To be ok with wherever this ocean takes you. Once, recently, I was swimming in an ocean and got caught in an undertow. It was taking me out further and further to sea. Finally I lost my strength was unable to swim and sank. The undertow caught me and was tumbling me around against the waves quite bit.

One of my guides appeared to me and said, “If you don’t stop swimming against this terribly powerful current, you will die. You must allow it to take you where it will and trust Source”. Finally, due to pure exhaustion, I relented and allowed the undertow to take me randomly where it willed me to be. My strength begin to return slowly, due to allowing my body and mind to REST. Then my guide said, “Ok…swim WITH the current now. Do it NOW!” I did. And in that moment, the undertow kicked me out of it’s wake and I began to float towards the surface.

My strength returned with a vivacious force and I swam quickly to retrieve some air in just a split second of time before my body could breathe in more water. My face popped up out of the ocean like a cork being released from a champagne bottle. As soon as my face emerged from the waves, I began to cough up the amount of water I had inhaled here and there while drowning. It felt like a forced release of all the emotions that I didn’t want. Then I gasped for air the way a newborn breaths her first breath and then I cried for Source. I was so immensely grateful to be breathing air as opposed to water, and then my tears began to flood from me like a release of everything within me that was holding me back.

I then sat on the shore and released every single fear I had left. Will you join me?

Love, Pamela Aaralyn


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