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Royal Blue Aura Color


This color expresses peace, harmony, inner balance, spiritual devotion or deep religious concepts. Blue is often found in people who have very loyal and traditional tendencies, i.e. officers of the law, social workers, and authority figures. An excess of deep blue that is cloudy in the aura would indicate possible moodiness or depression. I recognize many of you.

BLUES out there, because you do not have unreasonably high, but “normal” expectations of your loved ones, you will often call me to say, “Listen. If I love a guy, I’ll be with him. Simple. So don’t give me the‘he-loves-you-but-he-has-block’ song and dance. If he loves me, he’ll be with me!” To you who are blue, when you do something, you do it fully and authentically. Being loyal, authentic and REAL about yourself and your emotions, is your strong suit. You’re strong, reliable, patient and self-sacrificing. You’re loyal in your business or as an employee; you work hard and put in extra time at the workplace.

What is your weak suit, you ask? You’re thick as a board with your stance and stubborn, to boot! You think that because you are authentic and because you handle things a certain way, that everyone else in your lives should follow the logical point of reason. Yes, you’re our rock and our foundation. Yes, you’re the lighthouse in our deeply confused waters, however, just because you do things in a way that’s healthy and normal, does not mean others are in that same energetic or karmic arena as you. You will often say to me during our sessions, “If he loves me then he should_______”, and you’ll insert a generalization.

What you provide in any relationship: No matter what role you play in the relationship, or who wears the pants, you play your role well. If you’re the stay-at-home Mom, you’re the BEST one. If you’re the breadwinner, you balance it out superbly with your home life, and no one feels left out. You’re balanced, traditional, grounded and very emotionally observant of other’s emotions and what they need from you in order to be fulfilled.

What you should watch out for in relationships: Being used, being intentionally or unintentionally taken for granted, feeling like you’re a juggler of your partner’s responsibilities (AKA dry-cleaner, dishwasher, washing machine and personal chef). One-sided relationships — when you feel love you feel it and that is that. You’d wait until the cows come home if you sensed that someone might love you in return eventually.

blue aura

What could make your friendships and relationships better: Drawing your boundaries. I know you like perfect balance, but worry about your life and your own self first. Prioritize yourself as you do at work. Let your loved ones find their own priorities. You fear that if you do this, that you won’t be on their list. Well, you should perhaps consider facing this fear if you want to know who indeed, are really your friends, and who indeed, really cares about you authentically as opposed to being around you to see what you will do for them or what they will get out of the relationship or friendship.

Your spiritual lessons: The common theme I see amongst BLUES is that everyone else’s needs are met. Everything and everyone is taken care of, but what about yourself? What about your emotional needs, financial needs, and what about “me-time.” One of you called me from your locked master bathroom door. Your toddler, your cat, your dog and your husband were all whining right outside the door for one thing or another. When asked how long you had your “me-time,” in the bathroom, you know what you said to me? Your reply was, “Oh about two minutes.”

Who make the best friends or partners for you: sensitive tans, for their emotionally observant tendencies and giving natures, other blues, because they are just as balanced as you are, scientific tans because they’re reliable, logical and dedicated to their work as much as you, greens because of their no-nonsense approach and honesty and chartreuse because they combine logic with emotional, which makes for a nice balance!

Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: orange, because they are not readable enough in their intentions and are too much like social butterflies for you. You prefer being home on your cushy couch with your partner in front of a romantic, roaring fire, while oranges would prefer to be skiing off a mountain and hiking in the wilderness, yellow, because of their energy can be unorganized.

Their paths are often very changeable, and they aren’t organized enough in their thought flow OR in their underwear drawer, for your balanced mind and lifestyle. Sky blues, because they’re almost TOO spiritually grounded in their own ways without any earthly sense of practicality. You’d not be able to talk them into church, traditions like Christmas or Hanukkah, and you’d not get them to understand psychics and magentas, since they march to the beat of their own drummer and really aren’t defined enough for you.

Careers best for you:  social work (because you have a heart) , law (because you respect authority), administrative work (because you’re organized and efficient), customer service (because you know how to prioritize and put the customer’s needs first), accounts management (because you’re responsible), real estate (because you’re detailed oriented and patient), teaching (because of your patience), coaching (because you’re motivated), psychology (because you know how to listen without judgment), counseling (because you’re unbiased), governmental jobs (because you’re so detail oriented and such a hard worker) and animal work (your heart for animals is amazing) Careers worst for you:  landscaping (you don’t prefer to be outdoors), athlete (you’re so empathic that the energy from emotions tends to build up in your body, causing health conditions), accounting.

Health Challenges: You have a tendency towards arthritis, asthma, lung disorders and high blood pressure.

Health Strengths: You’re strong as an ox, and your endurance is high.

How you can tell you’re ROYAL BLUE: Well, call me. I’ll take a look. But other than having an aura reader look, there are some more obvious signs. Here they are:

1) You’re the one crying during the life insurance and Kleenex commercials;

2) You’re the one bawling so loudly in the movie theatre that the people in front of you can’t hear the movie because of your intermittent nose-blowing;

3) You think that love is unconditional. If you love someone you will wait on them, no matter the self sacrifice involved. Sometimes, however, I have to remind you of the reality check that it’s been three years since you’ve spoken. Your response, “Oh…yeah. It has been awhile, I guess. I KNOW he loves me, though!”;

4) You attend every holiday gathering, every birthday party, every anniversay get together, every July 4th barbeque. You’re the one who shows up early to set up and stays there later to help clean up. You’re the one cutting the cake and counting how many people are in the room, just to make sure everyone gets a slice. If they run out, you’ll be at the next Kroger for more cake;

5) You’re loyal to the cows come home, but if he/she cheats, it’s OVER. That’s the one thing you won’t deal with;

6) You’re the one who never gets the jokes with sexual connotations. People make airplane-flying-over-head signs and giggle at your naivety. Don’t you worry. Stay pure. That’s why we love you!

7) You normally have lighter skin, hair and eyes than the rest of us, and it really is true that you “have more fun than the rest of us;

8) Even though you’re blonde, you still laugh at blonde jokes;

9) You watch the Lifetime channel and enjoy it more than the rest of us;

10) You have the memory of an elephant. Not a birthday, graduation, baby shower or anniversary is ever forgotten by you;

11) You may remember when you’ve been hurt easily, but you also forgive just as easily (maybe TOO easily);

12) You’re the one who arrives early to work and leaves late;

13) You fight for the underdog in work, in your friendships, and in relationships;

14) But you rarely fight for yourself;

15) You can make anyone laugh;

16) You have the absolute corniest sense of humor;

17) You have long term relationships. It takes you awhile to get into a relationship, but once you do, you want that relationship to be the only one and the last one ever;

18) It takes you awhile to get over being hurt, if not forever;

19) You’re the most loved of all the mothers of the aura spectrum. If not by your children, by your animal kiddies;

20) Love is the most important priority in your life.


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