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Pink Auras – Om Love

Pink is often displayed in the aura as a secondary color. When this is the case, this is indicative of a highly interactive and balanced heart center. Beings expressing pink in their auras are often emerging into the following life purposes: unconditional love, receptivity, benevolence, compassion-compassionate listening, or unity.

When displayed as a life color, one’s unique, the loving purpose is being properly expressed and fulfilled, however, when it is displayed as a secondary color, this could mean that one is going through a unique energy transition and integration that will help in the above-mentioned purposes.

Being a heart chakra color, you may notice that if you are expressing pink in your aura, you begin to feel more expressive of love towards humanity (or the unique soul family members around you), and or you may become more receptive to love. Pink is also displayed in one’s aura when one is learning self-love, which is the foundation of both giving and receiving love.

Pink as a primary color, while rare, is possible, is a person who has mastered Om Love. Om Love is Agape. It is the truest most Divine form of Love that connects humans to each other and to Source. I often see pink expressed in the secondary colors when one is recovering from heartache, once one learns self-love thereafter. I see pink when one is truly aligned in twin flame relationships, directly shining from a strong, balanced heart chakra. I’ve seen pink as a halo around children who are born with into the rainbow purpose (see the blog about rainbow children). Pink is often expressed as a layer in the rainbow auras of humans if they have mastered the purposes of Unconditional Love.

Careers best for those of you who hold pink as a primary color: healing, counseling, therapy, mitigation, family advocate, autism advocate for children or adults, family therapist, reiki master or pranic energy healer, childhood development specialist, childcare of any variety, recreational therapist for children with special needs, music therapist, art therapist, massage therapist.

Compatibility with other colors: Pinks are most compatible with other heart chakra-based colors, such as green, royal blue, periwinkle, and aquamarine. Pinks are generally incompatible with beings who hold orange (if overpowered or underpowered), browns, tans, and reds.

Personality traits of one with a pink dominant life color: loving, compassionate, benevolent, tolerant, forgiving, peaceful, kind.

Core beliefs pinks have transmuted:

1. I am worthless.

2. I am unloved.

3. I am isolated/alone.

4. I do not belong.

5. I am bad/evil.

Beings who hold being as a dominant life color generally are operating within the earth angel purpose or very close to it. This purpose holds great responsibility towards helping the human conscious collective heal its most prevalent issue: lack of self-love. Pamela Aaralyn


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