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Periwinkle Aura Color

Periwinkles are some of the most truthful, down to earth, strong, respectable, courteous and kind members of the aura spectrum. In relationships, periwinkles have the absolute MOST staying power. This can be both to their benefit and to their detriment, as they are the color most likely to attract the wrong soul mate connections in the aura color family. Periwinkles are profoundly grounded in their ways and strongly against change. However, being that they are the most likely to attract the wrong soul mates in their lives, they do often end up finding that change is highly necessary for emotional survival. But they only change when their backs are up against the wall.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of these rare breeds in person this morning, strangely enough, after having read for a client whose soul mate is a periwinkle. He was hard not to notice, not because he wore anything flamboyant that stood out (periwinkles NEVER do this), and no because his voice was booming or annoying (periwinkles never do this, either), but because of his very soft, strong, grateful-for-life, gentle energy. He glanced down at my curious, grinning four-year-old, who noticed him right away, and returned his smile with such a sweet and adoring smile that even my child couldn’t resist him as he dove in for a surprise hug while wrapping his tiny arms around the stranger’s leg. Now….most people would jump or recoil at a strange little preschooler jumping on their leg, but this kind soul just laughed heartily and hugged him right back.

And this is the epitome of a periwinkle’s soul: loving life down to the very second. Another example would be my gardener. He barely speaks English, but we speak in smiles, pointing, gestures and the occasional hug. That’s all we need. I don’t have to ask him to please pull the weeds in the garden. He does it weekly. He doesn’t have to ask me to pay for it, I do it without prompting. He didn’t have to ask me if it was ok to move the wilted, dying bush to a different area of the garden; periwinkles have a knowingness about them.

They are self-starters who often pave their own way through life without many words because they are people of action. Victor also knew without me telling him that although the tiny, freshly sprouted acorn squash plant had weeds around it, it was NOT a weed. How many gardeners do YOU know that can identify a sprouting acorn squash plant? Periwinkles KNOW their field and they are experts in their lines of work.

Individuals with clear shades of periwinkle can often be seen working as accountants, gardeners, horticulturists, park rangers, fishermen, personal assistants, sports team managers, agents, writers, pastors, counselors or any self-employed lines of work. Periwinkles were self-starters from the time they were children.

Normally, periwinkles come from two walks of life: a) small families wherein they had no siblings or maybe one who lived outside of the home, and they were raised by a single or widowed parent; or 2) larger families wherein they were either the middle child or youngest child and felt a little ignored by at least one parent. In other words, periwinkles had no choice in childhood but to fend for themselves, and they aren’t bitter about it, nor have they ever carried a grudge. If anyone asked them about their parents they will say, “Mom did everything she could with what she had”.

Periwinkles do not complain– they do. In other words, if something needs to be changed, they change it. If their loved one is angry, they call. If someone needs forgiveness, they don’t tell the person that they did wrong and now the periwinkle will forgive them. Nope…they naturally forgive and the person who did the wrong can feel the love in the tone of their voice. Something in their voice is very inviting to other people who love them; the undertones of their voice say, “You’re loved”, “It’s ok”, “You’re safe with me”, “I will be honest with you”, and “You can trust me”.

To you who are periwinkle, helping others feel healed and safe is your greatest gift. People gravitate towards you because you won’t judge them, so they can finally be free to be who they are around you. And it feels like coming home after a fifteen-year long road trip. But, think about yourself for a moment. Don’t YOU deserve to feel safe? You’re so busy making sure that everyone else feels good. It normally takes you well into your 40’s because you begin to learn how to let others know what you want, what you can and cannot do, etc.

You were busy your entire life making sure your siblings were clothed, fed, loved, had fun, had normal childhoods, could afford their senior yearbook and got the chance to go every prom, etc. But where were you every night? Normally, you were playing parent at home, packing up their lunches in their backpacks, cleaning up dishes from dinner and finishing that last load of laundry because your Mom worked two jobs and was on her second shift job. Your childhood pulled a virtual Houdini act before you even noticed it was gone.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not crying about this. I bet you even feel uncomfortable drawing this much attention to yourself to even be able to discuss this with anyone. But there is a playful part of your soul that we all notice. Your smile looks like you have a little toddler inside that wants to jump out and stomp through mud puddles while giggling joyfully. You’re gentle, your eyes dance, your heart smiles, and even when you don’t want to be noticed, trust me, the whole world will notice you, periwinkle. And many of them will love you. For the very few you allow into your heart, their worlds will be changed instantly.

It’s a good thing that you don’t let love go. No matter what problems you are experiencing when you meet a soul mate (you often meet your soul mates during very bad timing), you always hold onto the HOPE that you can make a relationship happen and you do not let go until it can– even if it takes your entire lifetime! Now that, my friends, is patience.

What is your weak suit, you ask? Your stubbornness. You are the absolute luckiest people because you attract soul mates, friends, business opportunities, etc., like bees to honey. Yet, you will not proceed forward to take these VERY wonderful opportunities the universe has bestowed upon you because it “isn’t the right timing”. Well dear, if we all had our way, we’d attract everything in perfect timing, but life just isn’t like that and sometimes you have to take a chance and tell yourself, “You know what? This is really crappy timing, but I’m going to go with my gut and take a chance!” You’re lucky, so lucky, that these chances that come your way are often attached to people who think you’re the best thing since sliced bread, and will wait on you.

What you provide in any relationship: You have the capability of making your partner feel immensely loved and cherished, even. They feel lucky to be in your presence because it brings out gratitude in them and causes utter joy and happiness to be alive.

You make each day worth living, and those who love you are aware that they are very blessed. In friendships, you are loyal to a fault. You don’t always pick the finest choices in friends, but you stick by their sides to the bitter end, often times even when they mistreat you. Your biggest fault in relationships is that even when one is over, you will allow the person to stick around as a friend until THEY get ready to move on, even though you clearly don’t love them. You let it go on because you care about your soon to be ex as a person, and you treat them with the utmost of respect because this is how YOU would want to be treated. You truly carry the golden rule too far.

For men in relationships with periwinkle women, stop trying to read her thoughts. Really, what she says to you, although worded very simply and shortly, is what it is. She means what she says. She’s not the standard woman who says, “Hon I heard Blue October is coming into town” and expect you to read her mind and go purchase two tickets. She will simply go purchase them and ask you to clear your schedule on the concert date.

For women in relationships with periwinkle men, you must possess astounding amounts of patience. Often, periwinkle men simply aren’t available, but if you happen to capture their hearts, waiting can actually pay off! There are many times there lack of interaction due to their life stress (which is normally high) will make you want to cut them out of your lives permanently. However, there will also be just as many times when their apparent love and respect for you will shine through so strongly in their words and actions, that there is then nothing to do but continue onward loving them because once you love a periwinkle, it is often for life.

Warning to other aura colors: it takes years to earn a periwinkle’s heart. Once you’ve got it, though, you’ve GOT it for good. They are keepers and worth every ounce of patience you’ve got in you.

Advice for Periwinkles:

How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Have better discernment of who to let into your heart. Just because a person is “a good person”, doesn’t mean you have to commit your life to them, you know. You’re worth finding that exact person who is the other half of you! In friendships, stop being friends with people who insult you!

Your spiritual lessons:

1) Have more emotional discernment in friendships and relationships.

2) Know when it’s time to shut the door in friendships and relationships.

3) You’re not everyone’s charity case sponsor. Don’t hire people who bring your business down, don’t fork over loans to family and friends so often, and sheesh you buy everything from every door salesman in four counties, stop!

4) Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

5) YOU are worthy of happiness and YOU deserve to be in love, freely.

Who makes the best friends or partners for you: Aquamarines, because they are open-minded, nonjudgmental, patient enough to put up with your slow nature and profound enough to never bore you. Violets, because their open wanna-heal-the-world view is wonderful, but they’re smart enough to start with themselves, and you could stand to learn from this. Blues, because their emotionally open and sensitive nature is one that understands your gentle spirit without questioning it.

Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: oranges, because they have so much energy and aplomb. It could suck you dry almost. You’re gentle and calm. Oranges are flamboyant and nonstop. You like to go to bed on time, they party all night. Purples because they’re too fake for the likes of your authenticity. Pinks because you’re naive sometimes, and they’re skilled liars more than half of the time.

Careers best for you: Horticulture/biology: you have a way with plants and have been fascinated by them since you were a child. You’re great with health. Accountant: you’re not rich, but you KNOW how to save money and particularly, how to stretch it. Truly, you’re so grounded and talented, that you could perform well in ANY career as long as you’re self-employed.

Careers worst for you: the restaurant or hospitality industries; you have a bad back and standing too much on your feet in one position is torture. Truck driver; you’re a homebody so this could never work out. Mailmen or route delivery; see above.

Health Challenges: your back, arthritis, male patterned baldness, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Health Strengths: strong immune system, you retain vitamins from foods more so than most people so you could get by minus any daily vitamins.

How you can tell you’re a Periwinkle:

1) You find the good in everyone, even when people are being utterly despicable!

2) You always have a smile in your eyes that causes other people to smile, instantly.

3) People naturally calm down around you. They could be having the worst day ever and in just a few calm words from you, they’re smiling.

4) You don’t have many (if any) pets or kids, but you adore them, and even more so, they adore you!

5) You’re an UBER hard worker. No one has such a strong work ethic quite like you.

6) People cannot be mad at you for long.

7) You can stretch a penny further than my grandpa used to stretch toilet paper (one roll could last him a month if that tells you anything).

8) Ethics and moral values are very important to you.

9) You refuse the idea of riding a roller coaster like my cat refuses to meet and greet the neighborhood dog.

10) You’re funny about your food. You like it plain, very little spices, and nothing too mysterious, and certainly nothing raw. There is only one food from another culture you enjoy, and that’s Chinese food. However, you STILL to this very day, sometimes cannot help but wonder if you are consuming dog.

11) What you see is what you get. People tend to think you mean something deeper than what you say, but you never do. You’re a person of few words, because to you, words are overrated.

12) You haven’t changed your haircut in twenty years.

13) You’re also strangely able to still fit into the same jeans from ten years ago. HOW do you DO THAT?

14) You don’t ever get sick… everrrrrrrrrrr.  But, when you do, you’re sick enough to be in the hospital. Granted, you never go to the hospital; stubborn!

15) You believe strongly in the golden rule.

16) Your patience is astounding!


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