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Overlay and Transitional Colors

An overlay color is a color I see that shows itself similar to a mask over one’s eyes or entire face. It is a thin or thick wall of color that normally shows up immediately in front of a person’s face when viewing the aura, or as a band of color that presents right above the life color or bleeding into the life color. Overlay colors effectively are known as what seers call “walls” around one’s energy.

This occurs based on emotional or physical trauma at any stage in “life”, and can even occur based on trauma in utero. If one does not find ways to work through the perceived trauma, the overlay color or “wall” is set into place as a defense mechanism of sorts. This is fine during childhood, especially if the child needs to feel a sense of safety that he/she simply doesn’t have in the current family environment or circumstances.

However, if the overlay continues into adulthood, it can begin to feel more like a prison wherein one feels “stagnant, stuck, fearful of love, has panic attacks/depression or mental illness symptoms in general”. This can even cause one to resort to addictions involving drugs and alcohol as a way to numb the repressed emotional pain that is often associated with the overlay colors and traumas that caused the overlay wall.

I’ve noticed overlay colors around the following childhood traumas and circumstances: rape/incest/molestation, physical or emotional abuse (especially if the abuse is from a narcissistic adult or parent), near death experiences both in children and adults, chronic or acute health conditions that threaten one’s life, accidents that threaten one’s health.

The following are the most common types of overlay colors I’ve seen:

The Red Overlay

The red overlay in one’s aura is by far the most common type of overlay I’ve noticed. It is caused by the following:

1. Feeling unsafe in utero due to poor health in the mother and/or being born prematurely with poor health circumstances.

2. Emotional or sexual abuse in childhood or adulthood.

3. Drug or alcohol abuse/dependency in childhood or adulthood; and

4. Physical or mental conditions, either chronic or acute, that threaten one’s life.

The red overlay is initially set into place as a defense mechanism of sorts. However, it is important to work through the emotional (perceived) blocks that caused the overlay to form in the first place, otherwise it will begin to feel like a prison of sorts that causes the following issues in one’s adult life:

1. Mental/physical illness/suicide;

2. Drug/alcohol abuse and addictions;

3. Feeling of despair, hopelessness, boredom, futility and stagnation; and

4. Resistance in general to all possible solutions to getting out of the emotional states listed above. 

The best way to work through the red overlay is to utilize the Aura Alchemy Process listed below:

If you cannot conceive of any of the above mentioned steps or cannot seem to release resistance enough to begin either process, simply focus on all steps to self love and forgiveness listed here in the following blogs:

Green Overlay:

The green overlay is a transitional color that is there only when one is transitioning from or into certain spiritual purposes related to the EMERALD GREEN Aura Color. 

Here is the link to the purpose and description of green:

I see the green overlay color as one that appears much lighter than the life color emerald green. Like growing grass, the lighter green overlay color shows up when one is healing from major physical or emotional illnesses.

Here are some things you notice if you are experiencing the green overlay color:

1) Sensitivity to foods or food/chemical allergies;

2) Inflammation in the body as an immune response where your body is fighting off illness;

3) Emotional sensitivity or paranoia of what others believe/think/feel about you, fear of judgment;

4) A feeling of powerlessness about your body/health, career, relationships and general purpose in life; and

5) Very lucid dreams.

Much like the red overlay, I suggest utilizing the Aura Alchemy Process linked above or the Flow of the I AM linked below:

Purple Overlay:

The purple overlay is a color I see mostly when a person requires more defense mechanisms than normal based on fears of acceptance.  It can range from very light to absolutely cloudy and dark purple. Most of the time purple overlays occur based on the following core beliefs:

1) I am rejected/abandoned/neglected;

2) I am not good enough;

3) I am worthless; and

4) I do not belong anywhere or with anyone.

Here are the following feelings and concerns that normally occur when one is experiencing the purple overlay:

1) Abandoning or isolating oneself so as not to be abandoned or isolated by others;

2) Rejecting oneself before others get the chance to do so;

3) Consciously believing in the “if only” theory, meaning if I only had money, a better career, a relationship, etc., then I would be happy and whole;

4) Searching from the external as opposed to the internal for answers and solutions. For example, someone with a purple overlay will be one to focus on spirituality as a way to bypass as opposed to utilizing spiritual processes to go within; and

5) Focusing only on the positive in their lives normally, but when triggered, shifting focus in a 180 degree fashion to anger, victimhood or depression.

Just like with most overlay colors, those who have purple overlay colors tend to experience disassociation and de-realization as a defense mechanism, if they do not transition from the purple overlay into the next life purpose/aura color. I recommend the Aura Alchemy and the Flow of the I AM processes in this blog, as linked above. 

Sky Blue Overlay: 

The sky blue overlay color is often seen when transitioning to and from all blue purposes and aura colors, especially periwinkle, royal blue, aquamarine and indigo. 

The sky blue overlay occurs in order to help you see a clear reflection of yourselves and others around you.

It’s like walking around with a filter of TRUTH over your eyes. Truth glasses, if you will.

Here are the following things I’ve noticed when observing those experiencing the sky blue overlay:

1) They are often releasing throat chakra blockages in order to speak their truths and come into their full authentic, individual expressions of Source within them;

2) They are breaking their own paradigms and the paradigms of the world around them;

3) They enjoy balance with the emotions they express in relation to themselves and others;

4) They enjoy balance via reciprocity in relationships and interactions with others in general;

5) They are wonderful peacemakers and mitigators, and often show this as a life purpose; and

6) They have a deep love and responsibility for the human race.

I do not recommend working through any process to release the sky blue overlay, as it is more of a help than a hindrance or block. I often call it a “filter” of truth. Enjoy it!

I hope you enjoyed learning and reading about the various overlay colors.

For further information please feel free to schedule a session with me from my contact page here: CONTACT PAMELA

Love and blessings always,  Pamela Aaralyn


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