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Indigo Aura Color

The indigo aura color is another of the more rare colors I’ve seen. The life purpose and path of indigos here on this earth is to usher in a wave of new, transitional energy so that human beings on earth can get out of their limiting core belief patterns and revolutionize planet Earth. That probably feels like a tall order to fill, but each person with indigo in their primary aura color has their own purpose and piece of a much larger puzzle to fulfill.

You are here to open our eyes, get us out of our comfort zones and WAKE US UP. You are like the spiritual bulldozer coming in and plowing down popular views about religion, spirituality, politics, traditions and comfort zones. This is needed because human beings in this era are meant to CHANGE.

moonlit indigo ocean water

You have always felt different from the rest of us, and that is because you are, in a good way. Inside you are gentle, sweet, intuitive, quiet and always profoundly THINKING and pondering. You want to know the meaning of everything. Outside, you may have a boldly expressive exterior where you have been unafraid to express your very unique inner values.

Indigos will often be the ones unafraid to try blue or green as a hair color, expressive tattoos and creative piercings in visible places, and could have an independent sense of fashion that is a combination of comfort and artistic flair. You likely are an artist in every sense of the word and you normally like to explore your talent via incessant learning and growth.

You are also more likely to be introverted, shy and/or sometimes intolerant of human ignorance. You respect all life forms and are also likely to be either a vegan or vegetarian. You’re not likely to be involved with a traditional religion, but if you are, you’re the one quietly changing things about said religion from the background and from the inside out. You’re also unlikely to pick a political party, but if you do, you’ve picked an independent or democratic platform.

You’re here to change all current world systems and institutions, therefore if you pick a religion you learn all about it, and then create and rally change therein. You are often the black sheep of your family and this can create issue with depression which stems from abandonment at an early age (or rejection) from parents or family. No worries, for eventually, once you find yourself and your path, you get on quite well without feeling as if you have to have a place in any particular human family unit. You will create your own unit or you will do just fine without.

The people who are close to you in your life have normally been close a LONG time, as you don’t let friends in easily. But once you DO let someone in, you like to let them in for life. You have a bittersweet relationship with humanity. You know human beings are inherently good, but you do not understand why they are selfish and ignorant.

You want to help them, but you don’t like the constant tug and pull or back and forth of most human relationship interactions. That is because you’re still learning what it is to be human yourself. You are who you are and you don’t like to hide that (not anymore anyway). People either love you or they will be threatened by every fiber of your entire existence.

You’re fine with either of those extremes as you do not operate well in comfort zones, not even your own. You are the spiritual bulldozer to the entire human race. The people born with crystal in their auras are there to clean up the wake of change and pave a new and softer path after you. But your life purpose is to tear down systems that no longer work for the human race.

What is your weak suit, you ask? Your weakness is often yourself. You get in your own way because you realize that the way you feel, the manner in which you live, your life as a whole doesn’t make sense when compared to the rest of society. Sometimes you feel so abandoned by others that you get caught up in victim mode and end up with many years of battling health problems both physically and emotionally.

There are often times when people say things to you that are mean or hurtful and you draw a blank. Then later you think of all of the things you could have and would have said to empower yourself and stop the cycle of people being horrible. Stand up.

Empower yourself. Reclaim the power of your own existence and then you will be unstoppable. Say all of the things your soul longs to say and do the things your soul longs to do.

Others are watching and you’re paving the way for the rest of society to unleash their true potential in the same way. Get out of your own way, you’re meant to be a leader: from food to music to parenting and spirituality, you are here to show US how it is done.

Don’t worry if people don’t understand you. If they do not understand your lifestyle, your religion (or lack thereof), your stance, your ideas. You are revolutionary and they won’t get that at first. That’s the whole point of you being here in this lifetime: to show the rest of us how to truly be human!

What you provide in any relationship:  You provide the intensity, the passion, the loyalty, the support, but also you provide the ultimate mirror to what and who a person really is and all they are about. It ultimately takes an immensely strong person to be by your side: someone who is comfortable with who they are and on your same page or someone who is willing to change and grow immensely both intellectually and spiritually.

Warning to other aura colors: Indigos really will rock your world from the inside out. Get ready to grow. Get ready to change. Get ready to get out of your old patterns that aren’t working for you and break ground into all that’s new and true about life.

A common answer to most questions about the indigo’s personal life could be answered by them with, “Because that’s what is real.”

Indigos are primarily just wanting to find themselves and break out of the constructs binding them by society, their parents, their family members and even their friends. They just long for acceptance. Be warned that if you are not going to give that to them, you’re of more detriment than benefit to them.

Indigos are ushering in the true importance of unconditional love as being the ultimate goal. You may see them as angry, stagnant, shy or depressed. But that is when they aren’t operating in their power and haven’t broken free from the definitions and boxes others have placed around them. Once they have broken those binds, they are unconditionally loving, soft, vulnerable and beautiful people, inside and out.

Unfortunately, because society is so unforgiving of their true nature, it could take them at the minimum, a third of their lives to break from these binds and become themselves.

What you should watch out for in relationships: Mainly, don’t bond with anyone who tries to fit you into traditional ways of societal constructs. It just won’t work for you. If they aren’t on the same page with you in religion, politics (or lack thereof) and lifestyles in general, don’t try to have an intimate relationship with them long term: look for others who, like you, are ushering in a change in a state of spiritual awareness. Look for other indigos, aquamarines or crystals. Look for someone equally aware and awake.

How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Non-violent methods of COMMUNICATION. Be aware that because you see things so literally, you have a tendency to speak directly with no filter between your brain and mouth. You don’t try to cushion your words at all like others do, which could catch others off guard because your communication style is blatant. Soften your words a little. Even though you aren’t purposefully violent in your communication style, others can mistake it for this, therefore read up on non-violent communication methods so that you can learn how to cushion your words. Because remember, your ideas that are coming out with your words are often new, unchallenged and hard for others to accept. They are still awakening, so be patient and gentle with their minds and hearts.

Your spiritual lessons:

1) You can’t change everyone and everything all at once. Sometimes it takes baby steps for people to wake up. It could happen all at once, or it could take them YEARS. Be patient. This knowledge you have isn’t easy for them to integrate.

2) Stop hiding. Stop trying to fit in. Love your uniqueness and let that shine to others. You’re here to be different and please know that this is OKAY!

3) Yes, we know, we know, you are never wrong. But sometimes, it could help to back out of debates and disputes if you know that even though you’re right, you won’t be able to find any positive balance with the person who is wrong (and doesn’t accept it). Respect their right to their opinion and know that love is more important.

Who make the best friends or partners for you: 

Other indigos, because they understand your very difficult life purpose. They challenge you, keep you amused, understand your authentic and unique nature, and will never judge you. Crystals, because they are the opposite of your strong nature. They ground you, calm you down, soften your intensity and make you see the reason for their path in the first place (unconditional love being the ultimate goal, crystals are already there and are the only ones who are currently more spiritually advanced than you). Aquamarines, because they are also highly evolved spiritually but grounded enough to be calming to your fears and tensions. They know how to make you laugh and lighten you up and give you tools to know how to unconditionally love YOURSELF and rise above society’s unrelenting callousness. Who makes the worst friends or partners for you:

Abstract tans, because they aren’t grounded enough for you and are too insecure at times, they ruminate a lot about their emotions and you don’t have the patience to follow that. Yellows, because they operate on the surface level sometimes and you can’t get them to concentrate on more intense issues (yellows prefer only positive subjects). Pinks, because they question you too much and are always telling you ALL about who you are, and browns, because they are too set in their own truths and ways.

Careers best for you:  Spiritual teacher, because you are here on earth to change everything about the way human beings handle the spiritual side of things, especially religion. You know how to break out of current human paradigms so this would be helpful in teaching manifestation in a new way.

Writer, because as you are learning all of these new ways of being/living, it serves a profound purpose to reach a lot of the human race via writing about it. Life Coach/Psychic Advisor/Energy Healer, because you can reach, help and heal the masses.

Advocate, because people trust you and you know how best to help them fight for what they need most. Your own business of any kind, because you’re independent enough to motivate yourself in doing ANYTHING you love. Just make sure it’s something rewarding to you.

Philanthropy, because with your business smarts and heart, it’s the perfect combination. Doctor, because you’re also an intellectual with a memory of an elephant. Combine that with helping people AND the need to change human constructs and this is a CHALLENGE to you. You love a fresh challenge!

Librarian, because books are LIFE. Historian, because you’d like the world to know where they are from. Judge, because you’re a great judge of character and you are great offering an unbiased view of things. Nurse, because you are a hard worker and have a great heart or Computer systems analyst, because sometimes you just need a break from humanity for awhile.

Careers worst for you:  the hospitality industry as a whole, because when you’re in a certain mood it SHOWS (you can’t and won’t hide that). You are who you are and don’t put on airs just to please customers. Most desk jobs you like to move about and you enjoy fresh air. Entrepreneurs, because you don’t like selling things as you find most things to be sold are not beneficial or banker because money is one of the things in our world that needs a major system overhaul.

Health Challenges: depression, bipolar disorder, immune system disorders, fibromyalgia, neuralgias, genetic disorders, heart disorders/conditions, arthritis and muscular disorders/conditions, sensitive GI tract Health Strengths: strong endocrine system, lower incidence and prevalence of brain tumors, strong levels of physical endurance when exercising, no problems with breathing or lungs, very strong liver and pancreas.

How you can tell you’re INDIGO:  Call me and I’ll let you know, otherwise, here are some telltale signs:

1) You are a very good judge of character;

2) You aren’t happy in comfort zones, not even your own;

3) You spend many years trying too hard to fit in, then finding yourself, and then not caring if you did or not;

4) You’re articulate and intelligent;

5) You rarely back down from a good debate or an opportunity to teach someone something;

6) You often are observant and very empathic. You’re aware of others’ emotions in a way most aren’t;

7) You don’t talk much, unless spoken to, but once you are spoken to, you’re very verbally open;

8) Your answer to most questions is, “It’s complicated” or “Where do you wish for me to begin?”

9) Your friends have been in your life since childhood or for at least a decade;

10) Traditions bug you;

11) Spirituality is very important to you;

12) You don’t like conventional constructs of society and you long for the world to break free of such systems like religion or politics;

13) You find no need to taper your words or to cushion them for others’ comfort;

14) Your handwriting is perfect;

15) Your cooking is, as well.

16) You love animals more than humans most of the time;

17) You have always longed to help out other countries around the world and have a heart for children born into poverty;

18) Your sense of style unusual and somewhat altruistic;

19) You love sleep and cannot get enough/are always tired;

20) You don’t mind being alone.


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