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Imprisoned Prophets

Our present mental health care system hasn’t progressed since the asylum days as much as we’d like to think; physical straitjackets replaced by chemical and spiritual ones. I’d like to see society progress in their response to “dis-ease” in an entirely different manner that replaces the current state of suppression with an acceptance of spiritual awakening. However, the medical community is still diagnosing those who are having what happens to be a spiritual awakening with “disease” and “mental illness”. Those who have been labeled as “mentally ill” are thrown into the throes of psychiatric care and medications, as opposed to delving deeper into the root cause of their emotional pain.


During the times of early humanity on earth, we didn’t have man made pharmaceuticals to (allegedly) cure the symptoms of spiritual awakening, we utilized our tribal elders to gently guide us through it. Humans developed tools to work through these symptoms while getting to the root cause of the emotional pain.

Shamans and tribal elders were responsible for helping humanity by holding space for the spiritually awakening humans with sacred ceremonies and emotional support. It was seen as a GIFT to spiritually awaken, not a burden or a disease. Voices, visions, depression and mania were not defined as “going crazy” but were spiritual awakening signs that were gifts given to awakening prophets.


Today’s human conscious collective response to spiritual awakening is handled much differently. But the question stands, “Why should it be handled differently? Why should we medicate our awakening children and adults?” I will begin with the reasons why we should NOT do so. The word “illness” in general could stand to have an entirely different definition if one could take a moment to understand that all “illness” is merely a physical or mental manifestation of a spiritual crisis and/or emotional trauma.

Getting to the root of the emotional trauma with spiritual help is a quicker way to heal, which then causes a much more tolerable spiritual awakening. It prevents the awakening human from attaching the meaning of fear and/or suffering to their symptoms.

When fear and/or suffering is not attached to these spiritual awakening symptoms, voices work FOR the awakening prophet, not against them. Visions become beautiful instead of dismal and terrifying. Sleep paralysis turns into dream time (a work used in indigenous peoples to mean astral travel) and so on and so forth.


Recovery from spiritual crisis begins with a true, non fear based, spiritual journey. If you’re taking psychiatric medications, it can block your spiritual gifts, to the extent that you become unsafe to yourself. If you look closely at the side effects of MANY psychiatric medications, this is why the most common side effect is “suicidal thoughts or suicidal ideation”. When the spirit is repressed, the inner critic would rather kill the physical body than have the inner child continue to remain asleep. The reason suicide rates are sky rocketing is directly associated with the suppressive, controlling and even abusive way that our awakening children and adults are being forced into (and due to lack of help sometimes comply) psychiatric treatment.


If you are experiencing symptoms of what society calls mental “illness” or mental “disease”, please take a moment to read the blog listed below to guide you through these symptoms before proceeding to take psychiatric medications.

Also, please be good to yourself. Focus on any type of healing work including but not limited to the following: shamanic healing, shamanic journeys, the medicine wheel, reiki, pranic healing, EFT, inner child work, transmutation processes, transpersonal counseling, The Aura Alchemy process listed here on my blog, The Work by Byron Katie, the completion process by Teal Swan or any type of spiritual work that you feel called to do that gets to the ROOT of the awakening symptoms as opposed to medicating them away.

Below is a list of common mental illness symptoms that doctors try to medicate away, followed by their TRUE cause spiritually:

  1. Mania-caused by core beliefs “stagnation, repressed, oppressed, trapped, unseen, unheard and I will miss out”. This mental illness symptom is a form of spiritual awakening that accompanies and brings on clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, synesthesia, claircognizance, prophecy and channeling/mediumship. The psychiatric community likes to call it “grandiosity, manic delusions, visions of grandiosity” and much more.

  2. Depression- caused by core beliefs, “stagnation, worthlessness, despair, futility and uselessness”. This mental illness symptom is a form of spiritual awakening that accompanies promotes empathy, mediumship/channeling and clairsentience, normally.

  3. Schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, dissociative identity disorder- caused by core beliefs, “unseen, unheard, disrespected, owned, usurped, fractured, broken, separated, trapped and unwanted”. This mental illness symptom is a form of spiritual awakening that promotes clairaudience, channeling/mediumship and telepathy.

  4. ADHD- caused by core beliefs, “broken, futility, nothing is safe and owned”. ADHD is a form of spiritual awakening that promotes empathy, clairsentience and claircognizance.

  5. Anxiety disorders- caused by core beliefs, “Nothing is safe, danger” and all fear based core beliefs. Anxiety disorders are a form of spiritual awakenings that promote empathy and pre-cognizance.

  6. Borderline personality disorders- caused by the core beliefs, “unloved, manipulated and ‘it is not ok to have needs’ “. BPD is a form of spiritual awakening that promotes empathy and clairsentience.

  7. Autism- caused by the core beliefs, “Unseen, abandoned, unheard and not accepted”. Autism is not a disorder at all, and is very misunderstood. It accompanies spiritual awakenings that promote many indigo and rainbow purposes, including but not limited to: “reclaimation, awareness, unity and surrender”.

  8. Munchausen Biproxy- caused by the core beliefs, “Unseen, unimportant, unloved, worthless, abandoned and forsaken”. This one accompanies spiritual awakenings that promote telepathy, channeling and mediumship. However, this issue should be treated with utmost caution, as it often involves causing other human being pain. If you are suffering from this particular symptom, please get help from a shaman, transpersonal therapist, talk therapist or anyone qualified to help you, for the safety of yourself and those around you.


Please remember that self love and a nurturing environment are the greatest tools you can use to keep you safe and healthy during your awakening. Let’s stop drugging our prophets and instead, help them follow the mission they are here to accomplish: healing the human conscious collective.

Love, Pamela


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