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Impending Doom or Love in Bloom?

I stand in the background and in the middle of most spiritual teachings. I am not a “top-down” teacher. This would cause humanity to misinterpret my intention as an equal. I’m not a bottom-up teacher, as I’ve noticed that the human shadow (the subconscious) is a frightening place to reside (and humans seem to be quite addicted to their own suffering). I stand in the middle, as it promotes a balance- a chance to grasp our own Empowerment and to slip in and out of duality as needed in order to expand, minus the need to commit to human pain longer than necessary.

However, what I’ve been noticing is that once again, many teachings are leading towards promoting fear as a means of “awakening” and catalyzing humanity into getting off of the very dangerous see-saw of change we now obviously face. Allow me to explain.

You’ve been hearing this likely for as long as you have lived on this planet: the world is yet again coming to an end (or at least to a massive shift in consciousness). Leaders and spiritual teachers around the world have promoted this concept many times, the most recent being Y2k, Sept 21, 2012, and now yet again the world is due to either dramatically shifts into dangerous times, or possibly end in September of 2016. People have been instructed once more to add to their food supply storage closets, register some guns, say goodbye to their families, and so much more.

Where will I be in September of 2016, you ask? I will likely be preparing for yet another workshop, in a healing session, exercising in the park, meditating, then tucking my children into bed, as I usually do on every single beautiful day of my life. I will be giving and receiving as much love as possible with the entirety of my families both online and offline. Humanity is once again in a precarious position, this is true. We have been see-sawing up and down into healing and then the devastating world changes for the past 100 years. What is the balancing point on this teeter-totter, one may ask. The balance and saving grace of humanity this time is, you guessed it, YOU!

Awareness within Divine Clarity is the ultimate direction this earth could easily shift into, provided you exercise the true balancing point on the see-saw, your free will. Please, I urge you not to stand within fear-mongering, but to understand that fear is the biggest problem within the human conscious collectives that has caused this issue to perpetuate. If you continue to live in the fear by allowing yourselves to believe the world is going to end this time, or that by voting for any particular political candidate will be a make or break it scenario for the earth, you further disempower yourselves, which causes a perpetuation of yet more fear.

Why will the world likely not end anytime soon? Because for the first time since Earth’s original reset point (Atlantis and Lemuria), we are NOT ascending collectively anymore. Humans aren’t evolving or devolving collectively, but individually. This concept is a first for humanity and shows great potential for the direction things would go if we choose Love over fear, individually. Most of the fear-mongering ideas placed out there by spiritual and religious leaders are perpetuating more fear, not resolving it. Please don’t play into the impending doom game. This is what our world leaders want you to do!

Let’s assume for a moment, that their ideas are true. Would you live any differently? Would you choose to stand in love, spending all of the amounts of time possible with those you love and cherishing those moments, or would you choose to cower down in fear and hoard supplies, while simultaneously spending your time discussing which candidate is best to vote for in the upcoming election? I have some tough news to impart. It won’t matter who you vote for: they all work for the same beings who wish for a complete world takeover. That’s the bad news. 

The good news is that YOU are still in your power! For the first time in human history, we are awakening at a pace more rapid than wildfire! We are loving ourselves more, taking more spiritual accountability for our own emotional suffering. We are extending more presence and compassion to our families and friends than ever before. This is exciting to me because it means that we can easily shift this alleged upcoming “doom”.

Instead of joining the leagues of others who will tell you to be forewarned of something possibly negative, I will do the opposite. I am asking that you stand in Awareness, Love, Compassion, and Empowerment. I ask you to stand as a conscious, mindful observer to the political systems, but not to be involved or triggered. I ask you NOT to get caught up in a rigged system. I ask you to stand in your families and intentional communities lovingly while holding an authentic and compassionate presence and benevolence. I ask you to roll up your coat sleeves and GIVE to humanity. I implore you, with great Love, to consider what you can now do, for the first time since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, to ascend individually, by taking back the power of your own futures.

Here are some steps you could take towards solving the human conscious collective issues of fear and the negative directions you’ve been told humanity will proceed:

1. Self-love. If you love yourself, you can then be in the position to Love the Rest of the World. The world needs more love, less judgment, and then less fear.

2. Meditation (the more we can meditate individually and collectively, the less aligned we will be towards impending DOOM, and the more aligned we will be towards Love in Bloom.

3. Intentional Communities. Now is the time to join together in love and functionality.

4. Individual spiritual work. If you believe you require a process, choose one that works for you. Find a safe space to heal your past.

5. Be proactive. Turn off your tv and Facebook feeds. Turn on your hearts. Give.

6. Pick up the phone, visit people in person, love more in person. LIVE more in person. The internet is a beautiful tool, but can be overstimulating, disconnecting us from the reality around us; and finally,

7. Stop the fear. Fear is not a great tool for change, it’s a tool for stagnation and inevitable destruction. Choose positive thoughts instead, and focus on how you wish to see your own futures.

Om Love, Pamela


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