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How to Transcend 3D Duality

As many of you are well aware, the earth is going through an intense period of transition, from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. This means that one day soon, we will collectively and individually no longer require duality as a means of personal and collective spiritual expansion. Here is what this means overall:

No more painful inner child work processes. Instead, you will face all triggers in the PRESENT MOMENT.

The “Now” will become the most important part of emotional integration. Shadow work may indeed become more painful than ever, and could keep you in a holding pattern if you use it as a means of self defeatism and staying “stuck” in cycles of pain. It will still be amazingly beneficial for those of you currently still operating in the third dimensional facets. However, the more you awaken, the more you will find yourself integrating in the here and NOW or even facing your triggers in advance to avoid trauma (please see my Resistance process listed below to learn how to face triggers before they happen to avoid more trauma):

We each, however, will have individual responsibility for releasing duality as a form of living, integration and expansion. What type of spiritual processes will be effective in the fifth dimensional non-duality based earth? The type of “in the now” type of processes that involve unbiased, nonjudgmental observation of your trigger in the moment it occurs. This will involve interactions with others in which you simply shine the Light of the Love from the Divinity within you towards others. You will then be able to stand in the face of the trigger and at first feel it strongly, observing then identifying the trigger in your own mind/heart, then simply shining your Love in their direction so much that there can be no means for their duality based expansion to actually cause pain within you. Sometimes this means you will see so much of their suffering-based duality that you will get an empathy or precognition based “knowingness” of their pain, but you will simply not judge it as “hurtful” to them or to you. 

When operating in 3D duality, you would have been triggered and would have become reactive. This would then be taken into your mental and emotional layers as “trauma”.

Then you’d spend a bit of time trying to “integrate” via looking into your past memories to see why this is a “reflection”. 5D reality will not be about negative reflection from others. Therefore, if you are operating from a 5D perspective right now but you are around many suffering, pained people in your life who are operating in the very traumatic third dimension (many of you are currently operating in 5D), they are not there as reflections of your trauma. YOU are there for them! You are there to shine the Light of unconditional Love, peace and balance in their presence. It takes two to tango when it comes to duality based interactions and experiences in your life, but not just “two people” in general, but two people who are willing to interact in a way that is duality based.

This means if you become non-reactive and truly just sit back and observe your interactions without judgment, fear or allowing traumatic emotions to take over in each and every moment of your life, you will then set yourself up for simply BEING. People who operate in the 5th dimension are simply there and loving all levels of suffering into the Light. They are Loving all darkness into Light and healing via their unconditional presence in the circumstance. They celebrate all opportunities to expand simply by shining their Light. The same goes with your interaction between yourself and your inner child: the more you understand that you’re not there to judge your inner child, defend yourself against her, react from fear or any negative space, assume she is out to harm you, etc., the more your core beliefs will naturally integrate in each and every moment of your conscious, waking existence. 

How do we transmute and integrate our suffering and trauma in present day scenarios? 

1) Lose attachment to suffering. Once you are done working through your shadows, decide “YES, I am now done”.  If you have decided that you won’t work through them in a 3rd dimensional type of process at all, confirm this within yourself and learn which processes work best for you. My teachings, as well of those as Matt Kahn, offer many examples of the “how”. My youtube “Lightworkers” lists any examples of how to integrate in the moment. The 2nd and 3rd steps of my Aura Alchemy process here on this blog will also help you greatly. 

2) Stop beating yourself up with spiritual work. You tried it. It didn’t work (or you weren’t ready, or both). Now is simply time to be human for awhile. Get back to the basics. How to do this is described thoroughly in my blog called “The Great Spiritual Awakening”. Now is time for various BASIC techniques that won’t feel the best because most people who are feeling stuck in the 3D duality on earth are there because of one major reason: LACK OF SELF LOVE. This is the fundamental core belief that humanity as a collective consciousness holds. Therefore, now is time for some basic, loving, grounding, nurturing practices that draw you back into your body, such as the following:

a. Exercise. Self love is not always easy. Even if you only start out walking for five or ten minutes and then build up daily, any exercise will help you get back to the fundamentals of self love;

b. Light. 15 minutes of sunlight in the retina of your eyes daily is very important;

c. Natural surroundings. A walk in any natural setting will help with this. A natural setting with access to water is even more helpful;

d. Time with those who love you without judgment. Yes, you will have to ask for this from your friends and loved ones. Yes, people have busy schedules. Yes, this is difficult to ask for. However, asking for loving support from other humans is necessary in your ascension from 3D to 5D;

e. Eating wholesome, organic, non-processed foods. For those of you REALLY avoiding self love, you often throw the phrase, “But I hate cooking. How it could be self loving to do something I hate?Self-love in any true component won’t feel good right now. If you continue to avoid it with the crutch excuse, “But I don’t enjoy it so this is not authentic to me”, then you will find nothing you do that you truly enjoy. All things will become less and less enjoyable the more you remain stagnant in 3D duality. However, taking baby steps towards self love by doing those loving things, even if it is exhausting or tedious at first, is vital. So, if you do not enjoy cooking, buy organic fruits and veggies and eat them raw in a simplified form right from your garden or fridge. 

f. Boundaries, for self love purposes. Sometimes, learning to set boundaries for those we love (or for anyone in our environment) is a vital form of self- love expression. This means we love ourselves enough to say “no” without explanation to being used, abused, hurt (either physically or emotionally) by anyone, including those we love the most. 

 g. Healthy sleeping patterns. This means forming a consistent bedtime “routine” that works for you. Please try to shut down all electronic devices in your nearby periphery and do not return to watching them (tv, computers, tablets and phones) for at least one hour before sleep, as the energy from these devices is very overstimulating to a spiritually awakening individual. Then try to take a calming bath or shower right before sleep. Allow this to be the last thing you do before drifting off. No intense, emotionally charged conversations online or in your household in general, right before bed. Add some calming herbal tea to your routine if you are a person who has more issues going to sleep in general than most. Meditation prior to bed is particularly helpful. Find whatever is works for you and do it consistently.

3. Make positive, empowered choices IN THE NOW for each day, not just during triggers. If you wake up knowing your intent not for the week, month, year or your lifetime but just for THAT DAY, then you’re living in 5D already. The now is the most empowered moment for 5D beings. If your intent for the day is merely, “I will love myself today” for the next 30 days, and you MEAN IT and do all you can for purposes of self love, even when it doesn’t feel “good” then you will likely be well on your way to transitioning out of 3D duality based expansion quite soon! I describe this more fully in my youtube  here:

4. Find your spiritual path, but stop rushing and pressuring yourself. Many of you are walking around like a living, breathing V8 commercial, with your spirits partially out of your body about half of the time. Ground into your humanness. Then, let spirit come to you. This was channeled from my recent Channeling Ascended Beings Session: “My enlightenment happened not as a random occurrence but through study and dedication.” If Jesus had to study, research and ground himself into reality while ascending, so do we.

I find that the most enlightened, developed humans are one who ask questions, then listen. Then they practice listening, feeling and discerning until they find specific ways of ascertaining their information. They then TRUST these specific methods and utilize them. You don’t find enlightened beings walking around feeling despondent because they can’t visually see visions or auras. You find them utilizing the skills they DO have, and learning which skills they have if they do not know. Here is the link to the Channeling Yeshua/Jesus session, if you’re curious. 

5. Open yourself to receiving love. This will help both individually and with the human collective consciousness, as LACK OF SELF love is the reason we are currently still in 3D duality on earth. There are specific ways to do this that won’t feel very good for you. Self love, for those who do not have it, rarely feels authentic or positive at first, therefore you will need to consider stepping way out of your comfort zones to achieve this fully. 

Asking for HELP from those who you know love and support you is the biggest way to opening yourself to self love. If you’re a new business owner and struggling, set up a GoFundMe donation website and accept love in the form of monetary donations. You’ll need to change your relationship with money being “bad” in order to do this. Money is but a tool that you can utilize for healing or more suffering (especially if you are unwilling to receive it). 

Another way to ask for love is by directly asking for other people’s company, advice or even just saying, “I need to vent and I don’t need advice, but I need someone to listen”. Be careful not to judge what they bring to the table. Some friends simply don’t know how (yet) to listen minus offering their advice to you. Some don’t know how to be there for you without offering capped or overly-generalized suggestions that don’t apply (friends who tell you to just get a job during physical or emotionally trying times when you doubt you can hold a job). Be grateful that they tried, and don’t judge the way they are trying to help, as they are doing so from a place of love for you. 

6. Release your attachment to spiritual teachings that are fear based, judgmental or coming from a place that isn’t “for you” in each specific moment. Some of you will need to remain in 3D duality teachings until you decide you are done with them. If that is the place you’re in, do not force yourself out of shadow work until you are ready to do so. Some of you will decide you don’t need duality based teachings are all. In that case, find teachings that are based on centered, unconditional love and harmony, as that is what 5D living and expansion is all about. Realize that you don’t NEED duality as a form of expansion. You can create forms of expansion specific to you, or follow teachers who teach non-fear based process. Steps 2 and 3 of my Aura Alchemy process are 5D based and can be utilized together or alone. Here is the link to it:

Transcending from 3D to 5D can be something you choose in a short amount of time (if you’re in that place in your development) or it could be a process that happens in baby steps. You could take a step and then need a rest. Either way choosing Light, Love, Peace and Balance as a means of expansion will certainly be a much more enjoyable process than the suffering and trauma that comes attached to 3D duality based expansion. Are you ready to experience something completely different? Jump in with both feet. 

Love,  Pamela Aaralyn, The Spiritual Alchemist.


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