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Great Spiritual Awakening of Humanity (transitions to indigo, crystal, lavender or rainbow)

It starts with a vague feeling of something not quite being ‘right’. Then goes to full on “cray cray” land, right? The transition from any color scheme to indigo, crystal, lavender or rainbow is full on bizarre- no middle ground.  Not only are the 5 senses you were born with flipping out, but you’re acquiring etheric senses from the massive soul braid experience occurring within you, which will exacerbate ALL senses.  Sounds– Sounds are harsher on the ears normally during this transition. Try to take it easy on yourself if possible by lowering the sound environment in your environment. The TV and radio should be off more than they are on right now, and popular music you once loved may seem too empty or even annoying to your now extremely sensitive ears. You may even find that your music taste is changing- roll with it. Here are some ways to help with the changing in SOUND frequencies that occur with your new etheric ears: 1)    Headphones with soothing music that eliminate all outside sound stimuli is very helpful during this energy transition. If you can’t tolerate any sound, it might be best to get rid of external stimuli from televisions, stereos and computers. Turn off the kids’ game systems that they aren’t playing. Sound stimuli is the most bothersome external and internally driven overload system during this specific transition. If you need silence, try noise cancellation headphones AND earplugs (not just one, haha).  2)    Ask those around you to limit bombarding questions or talking simultaneously over each other, as that will be more irritating than usual. Stay away from large, public crowds if possible, as anything like the mall, a rock concert or large gathering of people might end up feeling like your own version of hell during this time.  3)    At first, at night, I suggest some hard core white noise. A good, old fashioned box fan or attic fan works wonders for this. If you can’t handle the cold air from fans, try a white noise machine or mini waterfall. If this doesn’t work, try binaural beats or any soothing type of meditative music that has particularly distracting but grounding sounds like crystal singing bowls or ceremonial drumming. Use headphones. 4)    This sounds like a trivial thing, but for both emotional and sound overstimulation factors, try to avoid people who talk too much in general, you know, for their safety and yours. I was so tempted to reach out and cover people’s mouths with my hand, for some odd reason, during my spiritual awakening experiences.

Smells- if you find yourself avoiding your once-beloved candle shop because the scents are so over powering, you’re not alone in that. You may find that your entire cooking style may change until you learn to tolerate the same smells from fresh foods like onion, garlic , curry and other strong smells that you used to love. I’ve got quite a few tricks up my sleeve for this, including:  1)    Cinnamon potpourri. If you MUST indeed smell something, cinnamon is awesome because it strips away the potentiality of all other external smelly stimuli, even fishy smells. Keep it on you if you work outside of the home. A tiny travel candle that has cinnamon in it could save the day at work when your co-workers begin popping popcorn from a nearby kitchen. Popcorn, just so you know, was one smell I could not TOLERATE during my indigo/crystal transition. Once you learn the one smell you cannot tolerate, avoid it at all costs. I keep cinnamon around in candle form and even spray room potpourri. I particularly like the cinnamon room spray from Scentsy. It can over power ANY smelly stimuli. So, find the smell you LOVE and cover the smells you don’t. 2)   Fresh air. Open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans.  3)   Clean the carpets. Cleaning the floors in your home actually eliminates some of the harshest smells you could possibly believe! Same goes for cleaning your tile or wood floors. Even if you just clean with water and essential oils you love, try an essential oil you LOVE and add it to your mop water. Smells will dissipate and stay far away 4)    Keep your linens, especially pillow cases fresh and smelling good. There is nothing worse than smelling either your own sweat or that of your partner’s on your sheets when going through this transition. No matter how tired you are, you won’t sleep if your sheets smell of anything other than a smell you love. Touch– You’re likely to alternate between periods of feeling like you can’t STAND to be touched to periods of really wanting massive amounts of snuggling and touch, possibly due to the emotional things being triggered and brought to the surface. No matter where you stand in this equation, the physical feeling of everything will indeed shift, so here are a few tips I find helpful: 1)    Stay away from rough fabric when choosing clothing. Now is time for yoga pants, sweats, silk pjs and dressing for comfort in all possible scenarios.  2)    Now is NOT the time to be stubborn with sizes. If you are trying to get into your final goal jeans size, now isn’t the time to be wearing the size too small dress pants to work- you know, the one that “almost” fits but rubs your belly button every time you move. That will make you want to strip your own pants off mid work day, and you know, employees already likely notice your level of moodiness as it stands, so now simply isn’t the time to go there. Now is the time, instead, to buy a half size larger and just be comfortable. 3)    Don’t force yourself to hug people you don’t want to. This may sound rude, but now is just NOT the time for social graces. If you can get out of mingling with co-workers or potential clients right now, it would be wise to do so. Otherwise you may find yourself standing by your boss and raising your eyebrow, then promptly removing your hand when someone you “sense” is a bit shifty extends his own hand to greet you. We don’t want to have to have to explain that, do we? Your senses are on high alert right now, so you will not be able to fake it till you make it at work functions. Play sick if you must, but don’t do it. 4)    Skin sensitivity– I noticed that right away I suddenly became allergic to all my favorite shampoos, skin lotions, makeup and hair products. Better hit up the hypo-allergenic aisle– fast. You might start getting odd rashes, having allergic reactions to formerly benign things. Use the senses you’ve been given to troubleshoot the problem, and eliminate the irritant from your home. Avoid the use of commercial cleaning products- you can get great results from simple cleaning items like vinegar, baking soda, and simple castile soap. Polish silver with ashes Taste: Food becomes a challenge: what you once loved, you now hate, and processed food suddenly seems toxic to you- or at least your body believes so judging by its reactions. Your taste buds are affected, too, yes. “Say it isn’t so!” most of you indigos will say (most of you love food). Alas, you may want to stick to non-spicy, non-greasy, non-GMO, organic only tree bark for awhile. Ok, so while I’m kidding about the tree bark, you may find that most foods in general are too spicy, too greasy, too “funky tasting” or over-stimulating to your senses in general. Here is a list of food that I noticed works well during this time, as well as a listen to avoid. Avoid: gluten, dairy, greasy foods, garlic/onion, GMO, certain spices *you’ll know which ones you can tolerate well or not by the aversion to the smell they have or lack thereof*, red meats, fishy fish like mackerel and most sushi, tomato sauce and other acidic foods or citric acid in general, alcohol and drugs. Try this instead: brown rice pastas with white sauces, any cleansing foods such as ginger  (but not garlic or onion) organic raw fruits and veggies, especially in smoothy or juiced forms and any basic comfort foods like bananas and yes, even potatoes. 

Empathy sense: Certain friendships begin to drift, to dissolve, as your interests change and shift. Your home becomes your refuge and sanctuary, and your solitude might become a bit more sacred during this time- and that’s totally ok but try not to get to the point of isolation either. Don’t go too far one way or the other when it comes to overstimulation or isolation from your friends. You may find that certain friends you’ll just let fly off your radar really fast. This is because now that you’re hyper aware to who you are at this point with your empathy and judgment of character skills blooming, now will be the perfect time to get rid of all the human GMOS in your life as well.  Your moods become the stuff of legend. Sounds almost like menopause, but it isn’t. You have bursts of creativity, and bursts of total laziness and disinterest, then bursts of wanting to tell people off (if they deserve it) or have a long, good cry if they’ve been even slightly more direct than normal. SLEEP:  Also, please don’t be surprised if being around people causes you to suddenly start having massive nap attacks, and feeling as if you are walking around in a massive brain fog state. Or sleep may be erratic and you could have periods of either extra sleepiness followed by insomnia. My suggestions in the sleep department are as follows: 1)   Lavender essential oil on EVERYTHING, provided your sense of smell can tolerate it. 2)    White noise or binaural beats (with headphones). 3)    Stick to a consistent sleep routine. Get off the internet and shut down all electrical devices at least half an hour before you need to get some zzz’s, preferably up to two hours. The electromagnetic energy from these devices can overstimulate you and cause insomnia, otherwise.  4)    Take a warm bath with sea salt, Himalayan salts or Epsom salts right before bed. This zaps the negative energy right from your body so that you can go straight to bed more easily.  5)    No arguments or highly stimulating types of emotional interactions before bed, it stirs up too much empathy response in your sensitive solar plexus chakra. Religion/Spirituality Preferences: this may sometimes require an overhaul in this period as well, because most organized religions will feel too boxed in for you at this point. I suggest more open religions or just taking a break for awhile, if you find that spirituality seems confusing. Too MUCH focus on spiritual pursuit have a negative and over-stimulating effect as well, even though this is supposed to be a spiritually aware experience. 

Sometimes you may just need to take what I like to call a “fluff” break. This means you do nothing spiritual. No meditation, no church, no inner exploration, but instead try comedy, playing sports and doing things that are lighter in nature. Do this as often as possible, especially if all of the spiritual awareness occurring with incoming and new etheric gifts are causing for emotionally hard times, including anxiety, panic attacks and depression. You know when you’ve reached the point that your spiritual awakening is mentally exhausting you, then it’s time to take a “fluff break”.  A little probing will reveal that you now have an ‘always-on’ broadband quality connection with Spirit, and spiritual things that you struggled to master before- including certain meditative exercises- become effortless, IF you give yourself breaks as necessary and don’t go overboard with this awakening. Don’t beat yourself up with inner child work, shadow work or any other inner journey or process– not even my own processes. The quality of your spiritual connection will become really acute at some point during this awakening, without the usual ‘noise’ you had to struggle through to communicate prior to now. So keep that in mind that all of it will come in time, or in bouts of extreme awareness. If it’s too much, take breaks. Electronic Disturbances: You might find yourself changing light bulbs more often, or having to contend with the sudden failure of a favorite electronic gadget. Computers might suddenly either hate or love you, and very sensitive electronic instruments may go haywire in your presence. Small infants and animals may react violently to your presence, and you may have to carefully remake your acquaintance with pets. If this occurs, make sure you take breaks to have one of those cleansing baths I mentioned above, or use the grounding exercise listed on my youtube channel, or any grounding exercise you prefer to reign your aura back in.  What is happening? Are you turning into an eccentric curmudgeon? No, you are transitioning spiritually. These transitions can happen when you’re going from any color that is a different frequency to one of a higher frequency. It’s a lot more intense when you aware transitioning to indigo, crystal, lavender or rainbow, but these transitions are difficult for any particular color scheme. You’ve undergone the trials and tribulations of life, had your hard knocks and educational experiences, built your inner self-confidence and learned about your capabilities. Now it is time to get down to your real spiritual path. Now it’s time to wake up.  The life of a newly awakened soul can seem to be unduly difficult at times, given the inborn eccentricities and sensitivities of this particular type of person. Today’s children and adults have it much worse than the children of 30-50 years ago, as they are more closely watched, and much more likely to be ‘diagnosed’ with various ailments- both real, and culturally acceptable. 

Eccentricity, independence and ‘spiritedness’ are not a welcome trait in today’s child, and the toxic environment that today’s kids are born into makes overcoming the congenital difficulties imprinted into them by the environment even more difficult. If an Indigo child survives his or her childhood un-drugged and un-diagnosed with various things like ADHD, autism, or worse, they are extremely fortunate.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the most recent crop of indigo children have become the victims of this particular disaster, which has meant that the even more sensitive beings meant to come behind them would have an even lower survival rate. So, the emphasis and transition to crystal and rainbow has been and will be even more difficult.  Great changes are happening to humanity, and spiritually sensitive people are still required to help catalyze these changes and catalyze the rest of humanity in order to guide them through these times. It is clear that being born crystal will not be the solution, and in fact, creates even more problems- like the sudden epidemic of autism in some children. So, things have taken a different tack, hence all of the “spiritual awakenings and transitions” that are happening daily. Indigo born adults are being born in ways that prepare them to transition, step by step into the gap required to become crystal and continue the work. Some of them will have crystal children to continue the work, as well. But because of the extreme toxicity of both the psychic sensitive and the natural environment, the survival rate of crystal children is much lower than it should be, thus triggering this particular change in plans. 

Many crystals are conceived, but don’t even make it to birth. And some are born to parents who are incapable of handling them, and end up having near death experiences in life later. And those who manage to get fairly decent parents still end up in psychically toxic environments, and taken at very tender ages to over-stimulating venues which make them literally shut down- turning violently away from the world because they cannot handle the sensory overload. Because of this high failure rate, the creation and transition of all color schemes into indigo, crystal, aquamarine, lavender and rainbow adults is now the way our path seems to be headed. Spiritual gifts that manifest: Transitioning from most colors schemes into crystal or indigo is like being stripped to the bone and re-dressed in a slightly different, but still familiar body. Even for adults who have built defenses against the harsher elements of the environment, this change is very difficult. Even outgoing indigos suddenly become near-hermits, and the shy ones practically vanish for a bit during transitions. As one who has undergone this rather harsh spiritual transitioning, the careful restructuring of one’s life to accommodate the new etheric abilties that are part of the indigo/crystal or rainbow arsenal is vital. 

Clutter is suddenly toxic. People seem oppressive. I hated cell phones after my transitions, but love the Internet. I don’t go near stores between Thanksgiving and New Years. I no longer attend crowded events without intense grounding and cleansing both before and afterwards. I’ve become a mail order type of shopper. Silence rules my private time. But there are positive aspects, too: suddenly, I am a bottomless well of words, ideas, suggestions, artistic interests and unconditional love for others. I’ve never seen myself as a leader, but suddenly, I am. Not the traditional sort, but more like a quietly competent backseat type. My native Indigo wit has been sharpened to an incredible fineness- capable of surgically rebuilding bad ideas into good ones, or dryly collapsing a room into gales of laughter. Written or spoken, the words of the newly minted crystal vibrate with inner meaning, will, and genuine magick in the best sense of the word. With the crystal ray at their disposal, crystals now have a means to use their extreme sensitivities for great things- healing, transmutation, creating or closing energy wells, deflecting negative energies, sniffing out charlatans and destructive people, lie and truth detection…the list goes on and on. 

With adult experience coupled with fully developed indigo gifts, the newly transitioned crystal can become a formidable being, belying their sensitivities when need be. Getting on the bad side of a transitioning or newly developed indigo/crystal is not advised. Most likely, they will have sniffed you out well before any problems arise, and will either have healed you of your twisted energies, or blocked you in such a way that you are harmless to them. If you have such a person as a friend, treasure them. If you’ve managed to make such a person into an enemy, shame on you. Indigo and crystal adults have access to the many spirals of ‘time’ that gives them insight that makes them clairvoyant in capability. Being able to see farther up the loops of the spiral path than ordinary people makes them capable of avoiding the current sequence of events that creates the difficulty further up the road. This big picture capability makes them a formidable ally in the ongoing retuning of humanity.  It can also be a terrifying gift, as the future spirals first manifest themselves as dreams- both sleeping and waking. Crystal dreams would make the horror and disaster moviemakers extremely envious- because they show the extreme manifestations of small errors. Both indigos and crystals work to deflect or derail these sequences- a word here, a small change there, a moment of reflection and insight somewhere else, subtly placed in the way of the growing juggernaut, keeping yet another disaster away. It is chaos theory in action before your eyes. This gift of spiritual and temporal farsightedness can be the cause of some frustration to those who are family and friends with a newly transitioned crystal or indigo.  The transitioning or awakening person may withdraw from extended contact, or suddenly close themselves off where they were once more open. Their demands for privacy may eclipse or even end some relationships. This sudden insistence on more casual contact and solitude is not shallowness, although it may seem like it, it is necessity. 

Instead, it is the crystal or indigo’s defense from the intrusion of their particular abilities into the relationship. Part of the gift of being able to see further into cause-and-effect time is the discernment of events of the lives of folks they have to live and work with. This includes their illnesses, accidents, and possibly even awareness of deaths. If an adult indigo, crystal, aquamarine or lavender/rainbow gives you any health advice unsolicited, take it. They will rarely do this, and don’t try to push them into doing so. Health-Consider homeopathic and naturopathic solutions to health problems, as most allopathic, pharmaceutical drugs will likely be too sensitive on a transitioning or newly transitioning, awakening indigo/crystal/rainbow. Quit smoking (if you do smoke) and monitor your alcohol consumption. If you had a drug habit in your youth, and the bumps and scrapes of this transition tempt you to return to using them, don’t  Even ‘recreational’ drug use should be ended, because your body and mind has changed radically, and its processing capability boosted to incredible levels. Moderate exercise- just walking, swimming or something you are used to, will be very helpful in maintaining your well being during this time. Make sure that you have regular checkups by your doctor of choice, also. Pregnancy during transitions: If you are a childless female and are considering having children during your transition and spiritual awakening, you might want to reconsider doing so. Your sensitivities will also be radically amplified, and pregnancy may be exquisitely painful- both physically and psychically. There is also the matter of your senses being amplified, and the trials and tribulations of childrearing will be much harder on you if occurring during a transition of this nature. Any child you do give birth to will likely be an indigo or crystal, just so you know. So if you do choose this path, now is the time to come into full awareness of how to raise an indigo, crystal or rainbow child. The unveiling of your true indigo/crystal core can be frightening at times, but it is ultimately rewarding, in ways that are unimaginable at first. It’s like you’ve suddenly grown a whole meter, or have been given color vision in a monochrome world, or can hear musical chords and melodies after being deaf. Your life will radically change, but once that change has settled in, you will wonder how you managed to get along before it happened. You will quietly use your newly unveiled etheric abilities to help the rest of humanity find its way to wakefulness, seeking no reward or recognition- but content to be part of the great wave of Awakening Light that is sweeping the world. Welcome to your awakening!


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