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Emerald Green Aura Color

Greens are some of the most powerful, strong and attractive people around–they’re the STARS!  People ADORE them! The rest of us secretly long to have that charisma, that certain “glow” that they have— that energy that makes them so huggable!

This color tends to indicate a person with a strong ability to heal others, not always via intentional spiritual energy, but sometimes just via their presence, voice energy, and friendship!  They attract all types of people and have the “star quality” that makes their personalities just “shine”. Green signifies an abundant and healed (or healing) life path and may also be present in the aura of a person who is receiving healing energy towards any financial woes or towards their physical or emotional well being.

Individuals with clear shades of emerald green can be trusted as accountants, bankers, business owners, tax experts, bookkeepers, nannies, and other independent and caring personalities who are motivated to succeed while still maintaining a nurturing quality.

They begin by learning how to take care of themselves properly, which then makes them the perfect caretakers of others’ children, finances, businesses, etc. People long to be like them, be around them, and befriend them. There is an open outpouring of positive energy constantly emanating from their auras, however, they need to be especially careful, because their auras are also quite absorbent, which may leave them tired and depleted.

To you who are green, helping others find peace with who they are is your greatest gift. Now if you could only apply this towards yourself (don’t worry, most of you eventually do), then you’d be on a roll!

You are the most normal, loving, peaceful and traditionally grounded person in the entire aura spectrum.

You’re the THINKER AND FEELERS. You’re a good combination of being able to emotionally feel your way through your life while analyzing the logical components of things, as well. The problem is, you don’t trust anything with too much emotion or too little logic. You are able to discern the right business moves and relationship choices for everyone around you with precision and tact. Now…it’s time to learn how to do that for YOURSELF.

Greens: you know how to make choices well, so why don’t you?  Truly, you will avoid and run from making a choice regarding even the smallest life decisions, until it all comes crashing down around you and then there isn’t much more you can do until you FINALLY must choose (because life MAKES YOU).

You’re generally so terrified of making the wrong decisions, that you’d rather fail from doing nothing than fail from trying and having the efforts prove to be futile. This is a sign of a green when not in power. A green who IS in power will be just the opposite and will be able to make decisions at the drop of a hat without second-guessing herself, making the most of both her intuitive and logical senses, without any questioning that process. Don’t worry greens, because once you get there (even though I notice it takes many of you about half of your lifetimes), you will be on a ROLL. Then you’re virtually UNSTOPPABLE!

I’ve seen greens who’ve finally found their manifesting power, go from rags to riches in less than a year. I’ve seen them end up on the Oprah Winfrey Show or even in the White House! Don’t give up on yourselves, greens! You have what it takes to be the strongest leaders of mankind! Once YOU believe this, you’ll finally be in your own power, and you normally eventually become the manifestors you were born to be!

What is your weak suit, you ask? Lack of patience with the process, getting too far ahead of yourselves and then not doing all the little things it takes to get there. But then you WOULD get there were it not for all the mundane distractions of daily life.

You very easily lose sight of your own goals because 1) There are so many of them. Your talents are so MANY that it’s hard to narrow down what you want to do in life; and 2) You become impatient with the process, changing goals often and/or putting your goals on the back burner until “they are more financially feasible.”

Also, you’re in love with the idea of using your talents to make loads of money, but you’re terrified of money, at the same time. Decide that you feel good about money, and money will then become a good friend of yours! Also, you put tons of time into working “hard,” when you have the talent to “work smart” instead. You work your rear end off, generally, for the first part of your life, and then when you finally strike rich the second part of your life, you often will look back and think to yourself, “Gosh, why did I go through all of that? Why didn’t I just trust myself and do this before trying all the rest of that useless stuff? Why didn’t I believe in myself?”

What you provide in any relationship: loyalty, strength, the promise that who you are and what you are all about NEVER changes. Greens rarely change, unless it’s for the better. Generally speaking, they are great in relationships because they always work to keep themselves strong physically, spiritually and financially. Granted, greens often have financial issues until they learn more about how to balance their logic with their intuitive sides without becoming too analytical. But once they DO learn what they want to do in their careers, they do it for long periods of time, and they do it well.

They’re excellent friends, being loyal to the end, excellent business partners if left alone to make all the decisions, and excellent spouses, as long as their spouses trust them to wear the pants.

For men in relationships with green women, I’d suggest having your own career and staying OUT of hers! She knows what she is doing, and does not want to be in business with you (no offense). It’s nothing personal, but her business is like her baby. She’s balanced, secure in who she is, and not looking for you to change her into who you want her to be, so make sure you marry because you are in love with her “as is,” because that’s the only way it will work. 

You do your thing, let her do hers, and then meet in the middle or end of the day for a meal and some fabulous lovemaking. Provide her honesty, loyalty, and groundedness. Treat her with respect for the classy lady she is. That’s really all she asks of you.

For women in relationships with green men, they will seem more attached to their business than you, initially. Work is often FIRST for men who embody the green aura color. Once time proves to him that you understand that he and his career are a package deal and that you’re not looking to compete with his work for his time, he will gladly begin to make time for you. Stand on your own two feet about it, and watch how suddenly you’re equal or both the career. You’ll be happy with the balancing act he does to keep you!Warning to other aura colors: it takes years to earn the respect, friendship or business partnership with a green. But don’t worry. Once you’re “in,” you’re in for life.

Greens take their time in making friends, allowing the friendships to blossom in their own time, enjoying and cherishing a friend, not being too quick to jump into any permanent friendship, partnership or relationship. It takes a lot to push a green away, however. They employ the “10-strikes-and-you’re-out” rule. Since they don’t normally trust their own judgment, they want to make sure they’ve given a new friend, relationship or business partner a fair chance. They often are known to give TOO MANY chances, even! But, let me warn you, if you keep hurting a green, using a green or abusing their kindness, they will eventually shut you out for good. Even though it takes a hell of a lot for a green to shut you out of their lives, once they have, it is VERY rare for them to look back.

What you should watch out for in relationships:  People who abuse your kindness, talents, and love. I hear the same things from you greens about your bosses, business partners, loved ones, friends and employees: “How come this keeps happening to me?” The answer is simple: you keep allowing for it!

You’re the STAR of the aura spectrum. You attract people like a porch light attracts flies. You have them buzzing around you constantly, wanting just a moment of your time, wanting your opinions on everything, wanting just to be near you, even! I can’t blame them: after all, you’re quite charismatic. You’re loving, funny, amiable, endearing and sweet. Your smile could light up a room like lightning by the ocean: everyone LOOKS when you walk by them. It’s your energy! It really is quite magnetic. They then put their best foot forward for you, because like the rest of us, they want to please you.

Use a combination of your logic and intuition, to make calls on judgment of character in relationship prospects. If your intuition says, “No” but you cannot logically discern why, don’t try to get into an overly analytical conversation in your head to determine why you feel the way you do. Just don’t do it! If your intuition says, “Yes” but you cannot logically make any good sense of the person, listen to your logic. Once you find the perfect combination of the two, both your logic AND your intuition will say “YES” more of the time.

Also, you expect the best in life, having the highest expectations for from your potential relationship, business and career prospects. Please don’t change that; if you lower your expectations, YES, the right potential partner, friend or lover will come along, but then you will entangle yourself into something that won’t make you happy.

The reason why you’d be unhappy if you settle for less, is that you are too wonderful to combine well with just anyone. Not many people can emotionally, financially or spiritually keep up with your goals and the expectations you have on yourself, so it only stands to reason that they would not have those same higher level goals for themselves. You’d easily grow weary of anyone with whom you just “settled.”

How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Trust your judgment of character from the BEGINNING. You’re normally not wrong when you REALLY listen to yourself, and then you won’t even have to worry about getting out of things later, hurting someone’s feelings, or gracefully ending a business partnership. NO MATTER HOW NICE THEY ARE, please just say NO if your logic or your intuition says it won’t work for you. Also, please keep in mind that you don’t owe anyone any explanations of who you are, what you’re going to do, and why you are doing what you’re doing! You green perpetually attempt to verbally define and explain away all of your reasons for who you are. Stop it already! You don’t owe people anything elaborate details. Just do what feels right and that’s that. NO, people won’t understand. Yes, you are indeed a very complicated individual. If they don’t get it, don’t waste your time trying to help them get it.

Your spiritual lessons:

1) Trust your logic and intuition equally. 2) Plough through all the dirty work in business, focusing on the final goal. Keep your mind on the goal, not the little things in between. 3) Look forward, not backward. 4) Don’t be afraid to start ventures on your own.

Who make the best friends or partners for you: navy blues, because they’re practical, pragmatic, stable, reasonable and grounded, lime greens because they are constantly growing and can keep up with you, violets, because they, too, are independent and dependable, but also highly driven and creative to boot, periwinkles, because they have a LOT of energy but are solid in their foundation; they can keep up with you, sensitive tans, because they’re practical, stable, emotional AND logical, scientific tans, because they are charming and intelligent, and logical tans, because they do what makes sense to you.

Who makes the worst friends or partners for you:  oranges, because they are not grounded enough for you and to you, they seem emotionally fickle, abstract tans, because they are indecisive and overly emotional at times, yellows, because they don’t get their ideas off the drawing board often enough and change their minds too much for you; they play more than they work and this bugs you, pinks, because you wouldn’t like not being able to read their body language, and lavenders, because they live in a different world than you.

Careers best for you:  real estate investment, because you have the smarts to do it successfully and the motivation to work independently OR with others, financial advisor, because you know a lot about how to invest other people’s money (now we just have to get you to do the same for yourself and you’ll be all good), attorney, because you’re powerful and your presence can be ultimately very persuasive, actor or actress, because you have that certain GLOW and APPEAL that makes people long to know you, be like you, and love you, broker (again you know what to do with other people’s stocks, money, and investments), TV show host or director, because people really could watch you and listen to you for HOURS, reality show host, because you know what to put on air and you know what people would watch, law, because you are intelligent enough to know the law and apply it judiciously and with caution, and independent business owner, because you enjoy running the show in business and you do it well.

Careers worst for you:  administrative, because being stuck handing mundane tasks can bore you (you’re good at it if it’s your own administrative work, just not other people’s), customer service rep, because you’d tire of dealing with attitudes (you don’t have patience for people who do not live by the golden rule or for people who try to get something for nothing), the restaurant industry (for the exact same reasons as listed above– people who lie to get the free goodies make you cringe), but generally, greens can handle any type of work they choose, they just would be better off if they chose to work independently.

Health Challenges:  arthritis, weak bones in general, gastrointestinal issues, brittle hair, hair loss, skin concerns, ulcers and a weak heart.

Health Strengths:  strong immune system, strong levels of physical endurance, low blood pressure or normal blood pressure, decent levels of flexibility.

How you can tell you’re Emerald GREEN:  People love you! You attract them like bees to honey. Here are some other telltale signs:

1) You are not a good judge of character. You mean to be, and you COULD, if you would listen to yourself. But you don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, and you oftentimes give them the benefit of the doubt first. You are often used, hurt, lied to, etc.

2) In the beginning of your life, you struggled with money. About halfway through your life, you either did or will end up finally making peace with money and making a lot of it.

3) People adore you; when you walk into the room, every person notices your smile, your natural beauty and just your “presence” of positivity, love, and grace.

4) You love animals, especially dogs. Greens tend to find kinship with one special animal and it becomes like a child to them.

5) You work twenty-four seven. You often are so dedicated to your clients that you will work on holidays, late into the night, even, to finish up work for them. You won’t sleep well without knowing you did the best you can do.

6) You have very interesting and indirect ways to find out information you need to know from people without having to directly ask them. Since people you know lie to you if you ask them something directly, you’ll often analyze the situation to death instead of just asking them a direct question about something that is bothering you. I think this occurs because, and I know this sounds absurd, but people will do anything to be in your company, including lying to you.

7) You enjoy the finer things in life, but only if you’re able to get these things at a good price. You tend to live for “sales” and “bargains”. You probably have,, and many others bookmarked on your favorites list on your computer.

8) Ethics and moral values are very important to you. There is nothing you disrespect more than someone who has sacrificed all of their principles for casual matters.

9) You tend to be very adaptable and open to life as a whole. You’re someone who can be comfortable at a party, even if you don’t know anyone. You also have no problems staying at other people’s homes when visiting, as opposed to staying at a hotel. You are open to change at all costs.

10) However, despite your willingness to BE open to change, you don’t go looking for it. You expect it to come to YOU. When you do change this one part of how you manifest your life, you will finally be in your own power as a green, and then LOOK OUT WORLD, HERE SHE COMES!

11) There isn’t much to you. That’s not a bad thing. You enjoy working, your friendships and the simple things in life.

12) Despite your levels of simplicity, you do seem to have a deep appreciation for different cultures and different ways of life than your own.

13) Your energy can be a tad bit “scattered” from time to time, when not in your own power. You tend to lose focus on your overall goals if your health is poor, or when you feel a financial setback.

14) It takes you awhile to make a “come back” if you lose your pace. But that’s OK. You take your own time with healing so that it’s properly done. This ensures your overall success and happiness more, once you’re ready for that.

15) You have a lot of respect for time, whether it be your own time or other people’s time. You appreciate it when other people respect your time as well.

16) Your patience is lacking. When you want the answer to something, you will mull it over in your head and analyze the situation ENDLESSLY until you come up with the answer. If you don’t find the answer or if you are unable to see it clearly enough, you will blame yourself. Not cool, greens. Stop blaming yourself for everything!


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