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Crystal Aura Color

The crystal life color is rarely ever seen in one’s aura, unless as a secondary color. I’ve talked to many of you who have crystal secondary colors, but it’s rare to see a crystal primary color.

Crystals are considered the aura chameleons of the color spectrum, (i.e., they are strong mirror images of others). They reflect both the positive and negative qualities found in each of us, rarely taking on a “true” life color of their own.

crystal aura

They constantly absorb energy from anything and everyone around them, making them the clearest and purest forms of energy healers available to humankind. They resonate at very high energetic frequency levels, which causes them to take on the energy of others, therefore it can be detrimental for crystals to be exposed to large crowds for long periods of time.

For this reason, they tend to be loners. They love nurturing others, owning and being around pets and children, and walking alone in nature. Crystals are natural people who prefer a life of complete balance, structure and harmony/peace. I recognize many of you CRYSTALS out there, by your love for humanity, huge levels of personal responsibility to end human suffering, an enormous capability to understand the “bigger picture”, your eccentric but loving personalities and your ability to truly enjoy just about any person with whom you come in contact. Crystals will often call me to say, “Can’t I just be like the rest of you guys? Why can’t I just feel and be NORMAL?”

To you who are crystal, blending in with your friends, family members, colleagues, and co-workers is your greatest gift. You can shop with the yellows, work well in business with the greens, cry with the blues, hike with the oranges, study the migratory patterns of deer with the scientific tans, do aerobics with the abstract tans, have philisophical roundtable sessions with the sensitive tans, work side by side in The Peace Corp with the violets, learn how to paint toenails with the purples, discuss the tactics of the military with the browns, talk about whether or not trees “feel” with the lavenders, discuss accrual accounting methods with the logical tans, workout with the reds, discuss Hatha Yoga with the aquamarines, discuss psychology with thesky blues, discuss Donald Trump with the emerald greens, design a home garden with the lime greens, revamp the Human Resources Dept. with the chartreuse, write a book with the Magentas or work as a corporate partner with the navy blues. The only problem is, what do YOU want to do?  

You long to experience life to it’s fullest and can be grateful for the most simple things: hugs from your children, smiles from your spouse, laughter at your birthday party, a good night’s sleep, etc. You enjoy weird things: one of you told me that you wait until the sun goes down after a rainy day, out in your backyard, to “catch frogs”. You’d then sneak them into your five-year-old’s bedroom at night, so that he’d wake up with a new frog a few times a week. You made him let release the frog because you taught him that “all things belong to the earth, not to us”, however, you enjoyed watching him feed the frog a nice, fat fly first!

You appreciate your friends, but you’re picky. You can get along with anyone. You have acquaintances and colleagues worldwide, but your friend count could use some work: I’d venture to say you have about three real friends. You, however, seem relatively content to have as few friends as you can, because you’re too busy working, smiling with your children, and jumping in mud puddles barefooted, to even notice your lack of a social life. People from all over the world wish to know you and become your friend.

What is your weak suit, you ask? Your levels of energetic sensitivity. Your feelings are easily hurt when you’re young. Once you mature, it gets easier, but as children, crystals are so easily offended and put off. They’re the ones you see running home to mommy with tears because “Johnny called me prissy pants.” Crystal children are like little adults. They want to befriend adults and expect to be treated as such. Please, if you’re a parent to a crystal child, allow them to be who they are. Allow them to teach YOU, because that is what they wish to do, and that is their purpose of being on this planet. 

They have arrived in this world with vast amounts of knowledge that is outside of this human arena. They will know when they’ve hurt someone, when they need discipline, and when you’re lying to them to protect their feelings. Talk to them in ways you’d talk to another adult, but with much awareness of their emotional levels of sensitivity. Nurture them and allow them to grow into who they wish to be without putting your own vicarious expectations onto them. They will thank you for it!

Crystal adults, your weak suit, mainly, is that YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Believe me, you think you do! You think you’re the most independent, witty, eccentric person known to mankind and you’re so proud of being the loner you are. However, all of this is but a smokescreen for a very lonely, but intelligent, talented person who longs to find who she is without the constant pressures of who society says she “should” be.

What you provide in any relationship: Absolute freedom, openness, and respect towards allowing your partner(s) and friends to be exactly who they want to be, and often without judgment of what they do or who they choose to be. Crystals are VERY exact. They will not be walked on or disrespected, and they call a spade a spade. A crystal will rarely wait for a man to get his act together because she simply does not have the time.

If a potential partner or friend does not seem to be interested in her enough to pursue the friendship or relationship, a crystal (in her actions, not her words) will be thinking and expressing, “Hey, don’t let the door hit ya on your way out of my life.” She has no time for mind games, waiting, or for someone who doesn’t know what they want. It is a rare and special priviledge to have a crystal by your side in a relationship, since in most cases, she makes it loud and clear that she’d rather be alone than to be with the wrong person. Granted, on the other side of the coin, you may THINK a crystal has chosen the wrong partner in life, but if she has decided that the partner is right for her, she will loyally stick with him through thick and thin as long as the partner is working on any issues at hand and is constantly striving for growth.  Crystals are very loving and supportive partners.

Warning to other aura colors: crystals, while easily adaptable, will see through any bullshit. Know that if you’re trying to get into a friendship or relationship with a crystal for the wrong reason, she’ll send you packing. Men, don’t pull out the “I Love You” card if you don’t really mean it, just to get some action going on–she’ll see through you and you’ll be out of her life like a fat kid in dodgeball. Women, don’t try to tell your new crystal date that you haven’t been hurt from previous relationships–He’ll call you out on it, and that will be the only “call” you’ll ever get from him again.

Employers, when interviewing crystals, please know that YOU are the one being interviewed. Your crystal prospective employee could take you or leave you, probably has at LEAST ten interviews lined up behind yours, three of which are scheduled that same day. She probably knows more about your company than you do, so go ahead, drill her regarding why she thinks she will be best suited for the job. She has all the right answers, and she KNOWS you will hire her. The question is, does she want to work for YOU?

Employees, do you really think you’re fooling your crystal boss while you’re calling out sick so that you can schedule interviews for new jobs? You’re not. She is just letting you put in your notice so that she doesn’t have to pay your unemployment. You’re really doing her a favor, hence her lack of confrontation towards you. The reason she is not being amiable around you is not because she “has something personal against you,” but rather 1) She’s not fake, and 2) She knows you’re taking advantage of her company’s time, and does not wish to express any approval towards what you both know you’re doing.

What you should watch out for in relationships:  Yourself. You crystals know exactly what you want, and from whom. You know the type of man or woman, the moral values you want to see in them, the lifestyle…everything. You always have this tendency to not do so well in relationships and you claim that people end up becoming something different from what they showed to you in the beginning honeymoon stages of the relationship. The problem is really far different than what you think.

It’s YOU who changed. You’re so easily adaptable, energetically and emotionally picking up new and learned skills and personality traits along the way in your relationships and friendships, that YOU CHANGE and YOU OUTGROW your partners. While it was once funny and cute that your man enjoyed ridiculous adult cartoons in the beginning stages of the relationship, later you found that his lack of ability to be serious in life truly annoyed you, and you outgrew it. Yes, you once enjoyed his silly rapport, but what you really ended up wanting was someone who knew when to be silly at the right times, not all the time.

You lost sight of what you wanted because you did that crystal thing you do: your energy was sucked into theirs and you chameleonized yourself unknowingly, becoming so much like the other person that you didn’t know you wanted differently.

Remember, you crystals are the purest energy forms in the entire aura spectrum.

You’re like an empty glass waiting to be filled with water, or in this case, energy. If you kept more of your own wine in your glass when dining out with prospective partners, you’d not have to go “EWWWW” much later when you become frustrated that all of the wine you drank was your partner’s favorite, but not your own. If you want to feel that energetic “buzz,” please, at least let it be from your own wine. Besides, the sensitive, delicate Pinot Noir such as yourself should never be blended. Please, stay yourself.

How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Step back from them, take as much independent time to yourself to replenish, remember who you are, so that you are not drained emotionally, mentally, energetically and sometimes even physically, by the energy exchanges between yourself and them. If you feel yourself connecting too much and you feel yourself getting lost in the person, step BACK. Yes, we know you’re psychic. Yes, we know you can read our thoughts and feelings and intentions.

You seem to just “know” things that the rest of us do not and we find you utterly fascinating. You make it so easy for us to just talk about ourselves the entire time we’re with you. Please help us remember to know that you’d perhaps like to talk about your children, your career, your friendships and your spouse, as well! Also, crystals could really stand to learn to trust people a good bit more and learn that not every friendship has to end up being a “best friend.” It’s OK to have friendships that are “shopping” friends, “dining out” friends, “telephone” friends or an “instant messenger” friends. Stop trying to make the “instant messenger” friend the “in-person, coffee chat, sleepover” friend. Let each friendship have its special place in your life.

Your spiritual lessons:

Stop trying to commercialize your life or be like the rest of society. You’re weird. Get used to it; embrace your uniqueness and others will, as well. You can go hang out at the Star Trek Conventions and be perfectly happy! Plenty of friends are out there that are just like this! It’s OK!! Stop changing, adjusting your energy, molding to fit the rest of society! We love your weirdness! You aren’t meant to work a 9 to 5 job UNLESS it’s absolutely so wonderful that your heartthrobs out of your chest for the type of work involved. You aren’t meant for normal stereotypical roles in relationships and friendships. Please just accept this, and stop allowing people to try to tell you otherwise. And really, that’s all. You know so much more than the rest of us, so it’s not much. Just be yourself!

Who make the best friends or partners for you:  Aquamarines, because they are almost as spiritually evolved and independent as you, and they will respect you, as opposed to expecting you to change for them.  Greens – They do their thing, you do your own thing, and the two of you compromise and meet in the middle. No one has to change, each person respects boundaries, and you work in your own little spaces of energy, coming together separately, but with love and class, and Sensitive tans because they have the levels of emotional sensitivity and class it takes to stay calm, confident, peaceful and unwavering in their love for who YOU are.

Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: Oranges, because they are too involved in the physical planes of existence. This doesn’t match up well with you, since you enjoy the ethereal world more, Purples, because while they long to be authentic, show too much energetic confusion for you, Reds, because their main focus is on the root and sacral chakras, and you energetically operate strictly from your crown chakra, pinks, because they don’t know their head from their asses, and Lavenders because if both of you live in the clouds, you’d never come down to earth, and then who would pay the taxes?

Careers best for you:  psychic, spiritual advisor, spiritualist, clergy member, energy worker/healer or spiritual leader (because you are the purest channel available for this, and you’re authentically and naturally gifted), doctor or nurse (your natural gift for healing in combination with your fascination for the human body and your astute intellect is a nice combo here), yoga or pilates expert and teacher (even though you do not enjoy most forms of exercise, these are the types of exercise that combine the spiritual with the physical, and this does well for you)  psychologist (you enjoy helping people and figuring people out is a constant mystery and joy), independent business owner (because you love to work on your own schedule)  writer(you’re great at expressing yourself) or early childhood education (you adore young babies and children.)

Careers worst for you:  factory work (you have chemical sensitivity and it’s too boring), teaching (you don’t have the patience unless it’s something spiritual), garbage collector (you are sensitive to smells), accountant (you could do this, but you loathe numbers, and it would feel like a chore) housekeeper (you hate mundane work) or computer programmer (you love the challenge, but dealing with code for more than eight hours puts your brain on overload and then the spiritual side of you drowns a bit.)

Health Challenges:  obesity, arthritis, diabetes, migraines, liver problems, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, gallbladder problems, you’re not physically flexible.

Health Strengths:  perfect blood pressure rates, you’re strong as an ox, you have perfectly elastic and clear skin and your endurance is good.

How you can tell if you’re CRYSTAL

Chances are, you’re not, or you if you are, it’s in your secondary color. But if you’re curious, call me. I’ll take a look. Other than having an aura reader look, there are some more obvious signs. Here they are:

1) You’re the person at the party who isn’t talking much and doesn’t have to “mingle” because everyone who knows you and keeps coming up to you to tell you their problems.

2) Being around you, people claim, is like taking a truth serum. They just cannot lie to you. They try, you give them “the look,” and they immediately start spilling the beans beginning with where they were last night, what they drank, what time they came home, and even that they forgot to feed the cat. If you stick around long enough without laughing, they will also begin to admit that they didn’t wash their hair but twice last week, and that they haven’t been to the OBGYN in three years.

3) You have struggled with your weight the majority of your life; people still seem to find you magnetically attractive, however, no matter your weight. You get comments about your eyes, and how piercing they are.

4) Crystals have two different categories of physical appearance: It seems to be either: a) Light skin, light hair and piercing huge blue eyes; or b) Light skin, VERY dark hair and VERY dark brown doe eyes.

5) You seem to let time get away from you. You and time have been enemies for as long as you can remember. You start out the day and get so caught up in work, talking to people, running errands, or simply taking a long bubble bath, and before you know it the day is over. You don’t often arrive places on time; you are either an hour early or 20 minutes late. YEARS have gotten away from you before, and you don’t have much recollection about what you did during those years.

6) No one ever forgets you. You don’t make much effort to stay in touch with people, remember their birthdays, or be the pursuing party in the friendship, but people are constantly wanting, somehow, to be your friend, to get you to talk to them, etc. People send you gifts, cards and emails. Your phone machine is always full. This would be fine if they were really wanting to get to know YOU, but most of the time, they’re thanking you for being there for THEM or they are contacting to ask about your advice concerning a problem with their kids, boss or spouse.

7) You don’t enjoy mundane tasks. If you don’t feel that what you’re doing has MEANING, you become incredibly bored and have even fallen asleep at work more than once.

8) You’ve had a lot of careers in your life, not because you’ve ever been unreliable, but because you outgrow the job and need more challenge.

9) You have less close friends than you can count on one hand.

10) You are quick to forgive, but not so quick to forget. Once someone has lost your trust, they rarely ever get back in the door to your heart.

11) You do not judge people; you are incredibly open-minded.

12) You’re a very private person, and you don’t enjoy people knowing very much about you. If you’re on a diet, having a health concern or having a financial crises, people don’t know the depth of it until you have 1) Lost fifty pounds from the diet, 2) You’re in the hospital, or 3) Your house is being foreclosed.

13) You’ll never ask for help on any of the above referenced things. If your house was blown away by a hurricane, you’d be riding down the flooded street on a board, waving at all your neighbors going, “Really! I’m OK! I promise!”

14) You have a love/hate relationship with money. You love it, but there is never enough of it. You make more money in one year than most people could dream of, and your debt is higher than most people’s debt in their nightmares.

15) Your ascorbic wit will be the death of you. Your mouth tends to get away from you and before you know it, you’ve said something just a tad more bluntly than would have liked.

16) You have a wonderful relationship with WATER. You bathe more than once a day, you enjoy swimming, you would stand out in the rain if you weren’t concerned that the neighbors would worry. You would love a fountain on your desk, and probably have a fountain, pond or swimming pool in your yard as well. If there is a tiny bit of water in your yard or pooled up on your deck, you’ll toss off your shoes and put your feet in it.

17) You need a lot of sleep, and no one wants to be around you first thing in the morning.

18) You aren’t concerned as much about the latest trends of clothes, hairstyles or nail polish, but your look is classy and timeless.

19) You enjoy music more than most people.

20) You are generally a very WARM person to be around. People enjoy your charm, wit and smiles.


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