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Compassionate Presence Response (CPR)

Humanity is entering an exciting precipice of self-awareness, compassion and inevitably…Self Love in its most Divine Form. Source is expressing in our heart centers like never before.

We have been trained in our left-brained logical states to shut down emotions and that emotions are not credible or valid. Humans are designed based on DNA that is for the first time in earth’s history, awakening in fullness. We are expanding rapidly into learning to cease thinking within the left brain states and opening to the active thoughts within our heart chakras, which opens us naturally into the fullness of Source centered FEELING (in our right-brained states). There is a major component missing in the human conscious collective’s awareness regarding spiritual awakening: the love-centered revival of the art of holding space: 



Let’s discover together the definition of “Compassion”. “Com” is the Latin derivative meaning “with”. Passion holds it’s own feeling based definition. Please drop into your heart centers for a brief moment to determine how you have personally defined the word, “passion”. To have passion, from my perspective, simply means that you care deeply to the extent that you FEEL something strongly in relation to this caring: this means you LOVE deeply. You care deeply. You extend your heart and hand to humanity based on your passion and empathy. You empathize enough to deeply know how to sit passionately and presently with another human being’s emotions, minus personal bias or judgment.

Once humanity fully Allows for enough compassionate presence for both themselves and others, the human conscious collective can further expand toward’s it’s New Earth Journey of ascension, which is why I’ve channeled the Compassionate Presence Response process today for your heart centered consideration and application into all areas of your life. Compassion belongs everywhere and anywhere: we are each worthy of it. There are no pre-requisites to compassionate presence. Every human, animal and living being on planet earth deserves and requires compassion, no matter the circumstance. 

There will be many questions in relation to the “who”. Some have asked me, “What about those who harm the innocent”? The fear-based harm caused by beings who rape, kill and abuse themselves and others comes from a space of lack: a lack of compassion and love. Can lack heal lack? No. Only Love and Compassion/Empathy can heal the fear-based traumas that cause such deep wounds in these souls. When humanity can open the eyes of their hearts, listen with their hearts and empathize with their hearts, the deepest, most misunderstood wounds can be healed. Then one sees the Purest, most loving state of Isness that extends from Source in others (and within themselves). The Light will then shine presently in your hearts so much that no one can deny this Light, even the Light within those that society labels as “less than” or as the “ones to be feared”. The Compassionate Presence Response was created as a way to know how to FEEL and respond, as opposed to reacting (from fear). A “response” comes from an authentic state of pure awareness of the needs of oneself and/or others. A “reaction” often comes from fear. When one responds from compassion, the presence required for healing is then created. This loving energetic space becomes similar to a cocoon, within which oneself and others can heal. Here are the steps to consider when learning how to compassionately respond with presence:

Show Compassion The first response necessary when holding space for others is to consider their emotional state a true state of energetic emergency. Please, refrain from judgment. Leave all criticism in your left-brained state, by actively choosing to drop your breath into your heart center. Here is how:

Eye contact Make sure you get as close to the person as would be comfortable for both of you. Be aware of their body language when discerning exactly HOW close to get to them. Some prefer hand holding, some don’t wish to be touched. Consider your relationship with the person, how much they trust you, but more importantly, listen to your heart and theirs about how physically close to hold this space. Make sure you maintain a close enough space to hold a loving amount of eye contact with them.

Respond with words of reassurance and validation Make sure you let the person know that you are “present” for them. Feeling invalidated, shamed or shut down are the primary reasons many human beings stop allowing their loved ones to show a compassionate space of presence for healing. Refrain from invalidating responses such as, “You should be strong”, “It could be worse”, or “Well, let’s try to focus on the positive right now”. Here are some responsive phrases that show reassurance and validation:

“I am completely here with you right now.” 

“You have my full support”.

“How many I serve you best right now?” 

“Is there anything you need to hear from me to support you best?”

“What can I do to support you best?”

Love What Arises, Without Condition Allow for whatever arises and comes forth from the person in your space. LISTEN. Respond lovingly, but most importantly, don’t assert advice that you believe would “fix” or “heal” your loved one. Allow them to ASK for what they need before you respond or assume that a response other than compassionate listening is wanted. Refrain from standing in judgment. Even if you don’t respond verbally with judgment, your loved one may sense your judgment if you’re feeling negative judgment towards them or as a reaction to their specific situation or predicament. Offer compassion with your eyes.

Breathe. Focusing on your breath, drop into your heart center by asking YOURSELF the following question: “If I were personally experiencing this person’s pain, how would I want someone to support me? What would I want them to say or do, if anything?” Loving another human being minus conditional programming and judgment is the cornerstone of empathy, which is the mortar that holds the bricks and stones of Compassion together. You are building a temple of divine safety around another human being who is suffering. Being present with them “with passion” means you show them that you authentically care. When you offer this space of unconditional love and presence, miracles of healing occur from the heart center not just in the person for whom you hold space, but for yourselves too.


Don’t Leave Holding a true compassionate presence for others means you also respond in consistency and stability by STAYING THE COURSE. Actions at this point, will mean more than your words. Your loved one may even become resistant to your loving presence. Unless they directly ask you to leave, try to stay your ground and hold space for them, no matter the emotional expression they are experiencing. Now is not the time to allow your empathy to overwhelm you. Now is the time to stand as a spiritual warrior for the being in your presence who desperately needs someone to see, hear, know and FEEL exactly what they are experiencing. You may receive some angry reactions, grieving reactions (tears), panic/anxiety reactions. Now is the time to dig in deeper with the following statements/actions. Reach out, hold their hands, look deeply into their eyes and state with authenticity and love, “Again, I am completely here with you right now. You have every right to feel exactly how you are feeling.” At this point, what could possibly be occurring is that loved one could be RELEASING all of the emotions that no longer serve them in relation to whatever core belief is the underlying foundation of their current suffering(s).

Provide Approval or Permission In the final stages of holding space for another, you may find they have decided to look for direct answers regarding how to proceed to fix or correct the situation. A true compassionate presence involves helping a person find approval and permission within their own hearts to find the middle way. Fast, duality based “right or wrong” decision making could possibly lead your loved one back into ego-based, left-brained thinking, as opposed to the Source centered, right-brained, heart-centered decision making that would be more beneficial. Many times, when a client or friend asks me my opinion on what they should “do” in problematic circumstances, I will guide them through my Resistance Process steps with the following statements:

a. “That idea sounds like a great idea, however, I’d like for you to consider how you’d feel if you acted upon this choice. Are you prepared to accept this feeling state? What do you think would happen if you acted upon this choice? Are you prepared to accept those natural consequences? What would all of this mean to you if it were possible?”

The reason why you’re guiding them into identifying what they’d feel, think and inevitably do, is that when a person is in resistance, they require validation and approval of their own resistance thoughts before they can drop back into their own heart centers. This line of questioning listed in my resistance process causes one to hold an authentic, compassionate presence for their inner critic first so that they feel safe enough to return to their heart-centered discernment.

This “CPR” is what will give humanity its wings of compassion so that we can soar together towards Unity, which is the next stage of the human conscious collective to which we are ascending together. Connection, compassion, and presence is the response needed to lift humanity out of it’s current, fear-based state of collective emergency.

The Compassionate Presence Response (CPR) process was written and provided to you courtesy of the inspiration provided by a logo seen on my plane while on my flight to see many of you at In5D’s Annual Psychic Conference. This is the inspiring logo that gave my heart wings to promptly fly this process right into your hearts.

Love always,



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