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Beyond the Human Shadow-Healing Shadows from Etheric soul Contracts

For the past 20 years at the minimum karma has been the black sheep of the modern spiritual community. The  misconception of karma as a form of punishment is based on “wrong doings” in soul contracts from the akashic records (what humans called past lives) still holds an underlying prevalence in most spiritual communities. I’m here to clear up this misconception – karma does not own you. You aren’t carrying over shadows (human traumas) and fears from past lives because you HAVE to. You do it because you choose to do so. 

We receive what is called a “reset” once we leave each incarnation in order to choose whether or not we want to carry over spiritual lessons and soul contracts (or not). It’s time to release the notion that Source is “punishing us” with karma. The shadow, however, is not just a human experience, it can sometimes be carried into many incarnations. This occurs based on free will, when the spiritual lesson and purpose therein is of such utmost importance to our higher selves that we CHOOSE to carry over soul contracts that align us to the exact same shadows. If you’ve had any experiences peering into your akashic records, only to notice many similar traumatic experiences that seem to relate to your present day human experience, there is a reason: it is highly likely that you’ve endeavored upon aligning with a very important soul contract.

The next question this leads to is, “How can I, or should I revoke a soul contract?” Being a part of the great awakening of humanity means realizing you have access to a large degree of free will. You are a Divine being who is connected to Source at all times from within your own being. The perception of “separation” is a human notion that is squashed the moment one begins to move into full enlightenment. With this being stated, YES, you can indeed break a soul contract. 

However, it’s not as simple as soul revocation processes and “I AM” invocations for doing so, especially if you are aligning with shadows and certain outcomes in your life due to these soul contracts. My concern about soul contract revocation is not that it can’t occur, but rather, why would you want it to occur? 

The reason you’re in alignment with the human shadows that seem to represent similar outcomes in each lifetime, is that ultimately it’s your purpose. You have chosen the contract to continue in each lifetime because of it’s importance to your higher self.

Revoking a soul contract fully, between you and another Light Being having a human experience would be similar to quitting graduate school in the final semester! You’ve come a long way, so why stop now?

Humans have so many processes we love to utilize in order to clear the traumas associated with the human shadow, so why not do the same type of processes to clear shadows we are carrying over (intentionally) from soul contracts within our etheric realms and akashic records? 

This knowledge hit me very loudly and clearly due to my own understanding of a soul contract I have with a twin flame in this incarnation. It was nothing short of terrifying (and powerless) when I learned that my twin and I had a rather devastating soul contract that required one of us to ascend (via death) before the other one (before age 50) in each akashic record, leaving the other one behind to grieve. This knowledge that I learned through the review of my records with my twin was nothing short devastating to me and was preventing me from fully receiving her love. 


The process of healing shadows and traumas from soul contracts (without actual soul contract revocation), while very similar to human shadow work processes, was much more intense for me. I began my journey here:

1. Astrally project into your most recent akashic record (human past life). Set the intent to travel and meet the strongest soulmate you have in all of your existences, as this will lead you to the largest shadow you could be carrying over into this lifetime. 

I happen to know which soulmate has the most connection with me, as I know them in this incarnation and they are my “twin” soul. If you carry a lot of triggers within any dominant relationship in your life, you can set the intent to go towards your most recent record with this specific individual. 

2. Once you have astrally projected into a record, ask your guide to allow you to experience the shadow that connects to your purpose with this soulmate. This step is the hardest. You will not only “see” this trauma that continues to occur in your records, but you will experience it right there in the present moment with your soulmate as if it is happening all over again. Nothing could have prepared me for the immense fear-facing journey I was embarking upon when asking to experience the shadow within our soul contract first hand. 

My higher self was operating within an aspect who at this time was called Sehkmet. Sehkmet had taken it upon herself to step directly in the middle of opposing sides of the Atlantean and Lemurian wars on earth. She did so because she despises war and she wanted to save her twin flame. Needless to say it was heartbreaking. There I was threatening to kill thousands of Annunaki beings, all in the name of Love for this beautiful being, and I was willing to give my life for her. 

Thousands of beings then flocked and charged in our direction. Fire moved from my hands into the masses of Annunaki beings, and the war ended. But my Light did not save my soulmate. I had killed in the name of Love, only to find her listless body lying near death before my eyes. I held her longingly while sobs wracked my body. She died in my arms that day. Time stood still. There was no greater pain.

3. Ask your higher self to change the outcome to a more beneficial feeling signature. 

This was a somewhat easier part of the process. It is very similar to step 2 in the Aura Alchemy process when one asks one’s inner child, “What would you rather feel instead of this?”, which changes the negative imprint or core belief/shadow to a higher purpose.

Similarly, this part of the process changes the soul contract to align with and serve a higher purpose.

As I sat with shaking hands and heart, another version of Sehkmet (my higher self in this record) stood before me and grasped my shaking hands, holding them between hers. Lovingly and calmly she said, “This is the power of your Divinity. There is no death. Do you wish to change this record?”

I nodded in between forlorn crying and looked up slightly from my twin’s body, with only a small glimpse of hope for change. “All you must do is believe and state your new path, Sehkmet”, the other version of me stated confidently and calmly.

“I choose awareness” I strongly stated back to my higher self, “And I choose my free will to extend so that there will be no more death or loss between us”. (There is no greater power in each existence than the power of your own free will, which invokes Source in you).

I felt what I can only describe as a “quickening” of energy in my Light body, and then I felt my heart beat as if it was beating FOR my twin, who was still lying helplessly in my arms. Then I watched with awe as color returned to her cheeks and as her chest begin to lift and air filled her lungs. With a soft smile and with eyes still shut, she uttered underneath her breath, “You can’t lose me that easily anymore……..”

This was the moment when I knew I had changed Time. I felt a rush of heat as my spirit returned to my body and I smiled through human tears and tried to calm the shaking within my body, which was still reacting to the intensity of such a profound experience. 

Game Over! Soul contract and shadow eliminated.



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