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Aquamarine Aura Color

The aquamarine life color is another rather very unique aura color expression with a deeper purpose of teaching and helping with spiritual awareness. With the exception of the crystals and indigos, they are the rarest in the aura color array.

aquamarine aura

Aquamarines have the wonderfully balancing combination of all that is sacred, joyful and innocent in life: love for all living things (plants, humans, and animals), bliss, grounding in themselves, healing abilities, a keen perception within their sixth sense and infinite patience. To you who are aquamarine, being able to heal, meditate and bring peace, calm and understanding to others is your greatest gift.

You have a tendency to be comfortable and adaptable in all of your surroundings. You know how to balance the indoors with the outdoors (you’d be the person who brings a portable shower when camping, while at the same time being appalled if anyone litters the ground with toilet paper). You recycle, your food is organic, and your electricity is either from windmills or solar panels, or at least you’re considering saving for all this!! You love, appreciate and respect all of your friends. You’d be there for them in the middle of your work day or in the middle of your sleep, as long as you know that they know they can come to you for anything!  you’re picky. You are independent. You wouldn’t mind living on a sailboat, in a cabin in the middle of the mountains, or in a beach house even during the winter. You’ve done everything from studying the language of dolphins to learning about metaphysics.

You have an empathic gift that normally is passed down from many generations and has been known to encompass the spiritual realism of shamanism, Native American beliefs and traditions, energy healing and energy reading. People claim that just hearing your voice is healing. You take care of your body, mind and spirit, but also you enjoy taking care of others.

You’re an exhaustingly fast talker, reader and a DOER in life! Your thoughts and words jump so quickly from one subject to another like a spinning top out of control.

Sometimes, in conversations, other people around you say, “Please slow down, I cannot follow you!”. Life for you, is a constant search for people who can follow your 300 mph pace both intellectually and physically. You know how to enjoy simplicity, but you also have a profound understanding of different cultural aspects of life and the luxurious pleasures of life as well.

You’d happier picnicking on the beach with organic almond butter sandwiches and freshly squeezed juice than dining on expensive food and chardonnay. Granted, alcohol doesn’t sit well with you, and although you enjoy it, you don’t enjoy the feeling of being tipsy, so you tend to drink only one or two drinks and then gracefully bow out. You’re the only color in the aura spectrum that combines the simple with the profound in a way that we can all appreciate and understand.

What is your weak suit, you ask? You have the tendency to fight for the underdog in just about every situation. This wouldn’t be a weak suit at all, except that you’d do ANYTHING to prevent a person from being in pain, even to the point of self-sacrifice.

You’re normally the person seen in your suit and tie on the side of the interstate, changing a tire for an elderly couple, or the person wading out into shark-infested waters to save a teenager who swam out too far.

You’ve been known to empty your bank account to help people in financial distress, you also would love to sponsor children in third world countries and could also have dreams of having your own animal rehabilitation shelter on your own property. These are not weak suits, except that your house is a hot spot for all the strays in the neighborhood, your bank account is always empty, and your phone is always ringing. Remember to take care of you first.

What you provide in any relationship: A perfectly balanced life partner. Once you decide, you stay in relationships for a very long time. No matter the role you play, you play it ultimately very well. You know how to get past any trivialities in life and keep your eye on the goal in friendships and relationships. You know how to pick your battles, you don’t nag, and you can navigate your way through ANY quandary.

Your partners and friends are very lucky to have you. You’re normally the solid cornerstone of the entire family. You’re also supermom, superwoman or superdad or superman. You can juggle a 50 hour work week, a happy relationship and raise well-rounded children in the blink of an eye. Your strongest point in relationships and friendships is that you can always be unbiased.

You don’t fight very often, and if someone picks a fight with you, you listen, but then you allow them space to calm down before you resolve the issue. You’re also able to be the “devil’s advocate” in any situation. You’re the friend who would never hesitate to find a diplomatic way to say, “Yes that makes your ass look big!”, without hurting your friend’s feelings. Your patience in some areas is extensive, but you could stand to use a little more of it in your love life. Once you decide who you want in a relationship, you then decide you want them NOW.

Warning to other aura colors: aquamarines are the Cheshire cats of the aura family. Even if smiling, you still won’t be able to figure them out!

Aquamarines are constantly smiling. Don’t let this fool you. Look into their EYES to determine what’s really going on, for only then would you know how they really feel. It’s not because they keep secrets from you purposefully or choose to hide things from you for any negative or ill intent, but rather because they are very private about their personal lives, and honestly, it makes them happier to focus on YOU than on themselves. They smile because they are happy; no matter what life throws at them, they have a tendency to make lemonade from the most tart lemons, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN! They are also extremely practical.

When being a guest for dinner at the home of an aquamarine, you’ll notice that they won’t hesitate to pull out the fine china, the expensive wine, etc. It’s not because they were saving that for YOU, but rather, because they feel life is to be lived! They won’t tell you when a problem is occurring in their lives, not because they wish to hide anything from you, but rather, because they wish to figure out the problem on their own.

It empowers them to be able to make decisions and figure out their lives. If an aquamarine does come to you to discuss a problem, generally, it’s merely to confirm what he or she already knows. Sometimes, you’ll notice them talking themselves into action; or talking themselves into what they already know. Just listen and nod; they already know what to do and generally don’t need you to talk them into anything or out of it.

What you should watch out for in relationships:  Becoming too settled and then losing sight of your original goals and of who YOU are. It’s very easy to do in between taking care of everything for everyone. You have the tendency just to DO everything in the relationship. Be careful, otherwise you end up planning all of the dates, doing all of the laundry, and then all of the emotional work as well, for your partner, just because you enjoy staying emotionally, mental and physically active.

You’re such a DOER that you tend to take over. People can confuse you as domineering or as the dominant role in the relationship. You’d prefer things to be more balanced and you’ve always wanted an equal in life, so please step back and allow the person to be that equal, and don’t do their work for them.

How you can make your friendships and relationships better: You’re pretty good at knowingly everything I’ve listed in this blog, and generally quite good at knowing how to mend your friendships and relationships, or how to make them even better! Aquamarines are born as logical and spiritually balanced beings. You already KNOW exactly what to do.

Your problem is that you get a tad bit caught up in analyzing everything, and then you lose sight of exactly what it was you were going to do. Step back, simplify, and THEN decide what to do. You tend to get so caught up in the own details in your mind. Step back and look at yourself as an observer would see you, and then you may be able to prioritize your thoughts a good bit better, forming an ORDER to the madness going on in your brain! 🙂

The only thing that could be done better, is change, not the act itself but the timing of the act. You have a tendency to want to talk yourself into believing that everything “takes time.” Therefore, when a friendship or relationship is a dead horse and has been, you continue beating that dead horse, not because you think it will work, but rather, you’re waiting on the right “time” to bury the horse. There is no better time than now.

Please don’t worry so much about the order in which you make your relationship decisions, and please don’t hang onto friends or partners just because you want to do it all “the right way.” You KNOW how to diplomatically begin or end a friendship or relationship; “time” doesn’t help or hurt this. Embrace the DOERin you when it comes to beginning or ending your friendships or relationships, much in the same way you embrace the DOER in you for business meetings and deadlines.

Your spiritual lessons:

1) Actions are often better than words;

2) Patience, if applied towards the appropriate things, can serve you well;

3) Learn to step back and let others show you what they’re made of. You can not DO everything for them; and

4) Not everyone is a DOER. Some people are THINKERS, FEELERS or something in between. Please give people the space and time to show you what their specific plans of action may be, and who they are towards themselves and towards you.

Who make the best friends or partners for you:  violets, because they hold the same spiritual and morally grounded principles as you, Greens, because you never have to question their motives. Just like you, they are doers, but they also have the strong intellectual value as thinkers, to hold your attention. Sensitive tans because they are calm, peaceful, collective and patient listeners. They will listen to you talk your way through your problems, and then agree with your plans without hesitation.

They have complete trust that you can figure out your own process, yellows, because they, too, are fun (although a tad idealistic), positive, joyful and HUGELY aware of what they want in life, and navy blues, because they are calm enough to ground you and add bring so much peace and logic to your table. They’d be the partner who says to you, “OK, I hear all of that, but I have missed your original point. Can you remind me?”.

This helps you put all of your thoughts together in order to keep your FOCUS.

Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: browns, because they are way too deliberate and sometimes stagnant in their actions for your tastes. They are indeed thinkers, but their thinking doesn’t lead to enough “here and now” type of action for you, purples, because while they mean well, they have too many irons in the fire and don’t know how to make room for you or time for you.

A purple would be off to the next spiritual conference, psychic fair or chasing after the next magical cure for wrinkles, while you would be busy doing more practical things like reading, cleaning the house, going to business meetings, and picking up the kids from ballet.

Over time, you’d get tired of trying to ground them out…besides, you’re too busy trying to ground your own thoughts. Grays, since you cannot seem to pull them out of meditation long enough to get them into the real world, and pinks, because you cannot figure out if their unconditionally loving presence is real or if they are using positivity to bypass the truth of their emotions.

Careers best for you:  independent business owner (because you love to make your own schedule, and you are motivated enough and driven, and have everything it takes in order to take the right risks for business change and growth), marine biologist (because you love water, and have an affinity for all sea creatures), zoologist (you are able to understand the behavior patterns of animals), child psychologist (you understand children better than you understand adults, and often times you PREFER the company of children than adults.

You seem to have a way of working at their level and bringing them up to yours. You see yourself as an equal to everyone, including your children and children in general), food critic (you are familiar with some of the best foods from all cultures) sommelier (you are familiar with the best wines, too) politician (you’d actually make a difference; you aren’t fond of politics but you are fond of doing what is best for society and you have a strong sociology background) or human rights activist (you have a way of working out problems for the benefit of everyone; your grounded and strategic approach could really be utilized well if you worked for the U.N. or found some other way to actively help people in need).

Careers worst for you:  mathematician (you’d grow weary of the patience it took), server or waitress (although you enjoy pleasing people, you tend to poop out and want to sleep after 10pm–you aquas need your beauty sleep), police officer or law enforcement (you don’t enjoy any hostile environment)

Health Challenges:  inflammation in the body or water retention, weak tendons, carpal tunnel syndrome, dry skin, thinning hair, psoriasis, eczema, glaucoma, poor eyesight (unless corrected), brain disorders, neurological diseases, lupus.

Health Strengths:  you have lower blood pressure than most of us, your lungs are in top shape, you have little to no weight challenges and can lose weigh easily if you happen to gain too much, you are in moderate to good physical condition and your flexibility is higher than average. How you can tell you’re AQUAMARINE: 

This is a rather rare color, as well, but call and ask and I will take a look. Otherwise, here are some interesting facts about most aquamarines:

1) You always have a peaceful smile on your face;

2) You’re perfectly content to sit in a room alone, without being entertained;

3) You’re an enigma to people around you. You’re the mystery girl who is the envy of the town because you have a certain charisma. People don’t understand what draws them to you, but they want to be around you;

4) You ramble on and on when you talk, jumping from subject to subject with dexterity and grace;

5) You write eloquently and beautifully;

6) You cannot hold a tune in a bucket when it comes to singing. The birds fly into trees, the foxes duck into their holes, dogs howl in pain and even turtles tuck their heads back into their shells at the sound of your voice;

7) You know when to talk and when to listen;

8) However, when you ARE talking you often tell your friends, “I just HAVE to get this OUT!”;

9) You have friends in corners of every country;

10) You would give anything to help someone, but more importantly, people often would give anything to help you, IF you’d but ask. Your bigger problem is that even if you needed help, you’d never ask;

11) You always say what you mean and mean what you say;

12) You’re a person of high class. You dress with class, walk with your head held high and speak fluently and with grace. No enunciation is omitted, every preposition in it’s proper place and with every verb properly conjugated. The vocabulary you use on a daily basis is more than what most of us will use in several months.

13) You read avidly;

14) You’re beautiful, in a natural way, without having to use much makeup, and without having to overly style your hair;

15) However, you photograph poorly;

16) When you visit other countries, you’re aware of the language and the culture; you know how to respect the culture and how to act with dignity and grace around people of different ethnic backgrounds;

17) You’re incredibly politically correct at all times, and your manners are impeccable;

18) Your sense of style is never too much or too little;

19) You know how to give a good hug;

20) You know how to make ANYONE feel special and unique.


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