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2018: The Year of Emergence


2017, the year of transformation, came to a chaotic end finally, after much aplomb and disarray. For the lightworker and empath collective here on earth, it felt similar to a train that had been haphazardly speeding along the ascension track with no care as to how we felt about it. Suddenly, the train came to a shockingly harsh, rather abrupt HALT. It was as if the train of the ego stopped in it’s tracks as we said, “Wait a minute, this particular way of harsh karma, pain and suffering is not fruitful or comforting. Let’s stop- NOW!” 2017 went at break neck speed, taking no prisoners but holding no mercy on the inner child. We asked for change and we asked for it quickly and directly. That was precisely what we got- an emotional train going 200 miles per hour with all unintegrated aspects of us huddled inside like trembling, frightful hostages, worried about the safety of the ascension path that we had initially begged and pleaded for.

​Sometimes, we even wished that we could take it all back or start over fresh. With each harrowing twist and turn of the train on it’s tracks, we felt more and more out of control. A quiet but powerful thought began to seep through: “Is this a time to finally Trust, or will this awakening lead to nothing but a giant crash and disaster?”

Beliefs can become an instant third dimensional reality. Therefore, we manifested 2017 to be a year that appeared to be a giant, crashing disaster. All that no longer served us came to a slamming halt as the ego collided with the Higher Self, the ego grasping firmly to it’s stubborn belief that separation exists and is true.

What happened at the end of 2017, beginning with December 12th, the portal of Emergence, was nothing short of a Miracle. The ego didn’t “crash”, it transformed, then began to allow for the emergence of our True Divine Nature. It felt like the track lifted from the ground and we began a new level of Trust!

After the 12-12-2017 portal closes on 1-11-2018, this energy shift will be complete, and we will enter into the stage of ascension that is called EMERGENCE. What exactly does this mean?

e·mer·gence əˈmərjəns/


1. the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed.

2. the process of coming into being

Definition from the Elohim: “Emergence is when you begin to realize that there is no separation. You stop trying to eliminate the part of yourself you have called “ego” and you realize you are truly Divine in your nature. When you no longer need to shun, shame and cast yourself into the false lie of separation, you begin to grow, blossom and emerge into the fullness of who you have always been. We cannot call this birth, for birth is false. We cannot say your ego has died, for death is false. We can simply say that you will emerge into the Realization that Oneness is Truth. Welcome to the first stage of earth’s ascension. Welcome to being, not doing. Welcome to trusting that inspires the first building blocks of divine inspiration.

We do not claim that this process of “emergence” will feel good. We also cannot define it as bad. We can simply say that at first you may find it rather unique and ultimately, you have no memory or reference point for this experience. You have bravely erupted from the cocoon of transformation, somewhat tentatively but still curiously into a brand new threshold of spiritual growth. Reach out of the cocoon around you and take our hand, for we are ready to guide you into new endeavors that will propel you into the path of the MIRACLE. This will take some trust. It may feel like reaching into nothingness. But we see your love and are ready to gently hold you and support you into this journey in every way that you need. 

Welcome to 2018, The Year of Emergence, Lightworkers of Earth! You are ready to now build your path towards New Earth. We stand at your side, not ahead, nor behind. We would say we love you, but we ARE you. It’s time to emerge! 

In Trust and Oneness, 

The Elohim


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