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"Pamela recommended a specific practice which helped me begin to move past a seemingly unbearable trauma. She was willing to express her own emotions to help heal mine. Thank you, Pamela. My sessions with you were a turning point in my life."

Richard M.
"Pamela is a loving, motherly wizard and channel of ancient knowledge, but is modest about it. She hides her cloak but shares her wisdom, so to speak. She has been very influential in my life. She knows that! She is also a wonderful, down-to-earth human being."

Jade E.
"I had been experiencing what appeared to be some very dark things happening in my life … I wasn’t scared but I needed to know why these events were happening and what I needed to do to stop these events. I wanted to find someone with compassionate understanding and who wouldn’t judge my dark situation … the universe answered my request and brought Pamela into my awareness. I knew immediately she would help me understand and find solutions within myself … and she did exactly that. I love and value her work immensely … a wonderful Being."

Nicky G.
"Pamela showed me the way from the loss of my Mom, where I stood in the darkness of my soul. In one sudden sweep of the Divinity within me the light of my sovereign being opened me to a new life. Pamela took my hand and gently guided me thru the confusion. She offered to me understanding that I was not crazy, I was not having a psychotic break. That I had awoken to my truth and purpose. Pamela took me under her wing mentored, guided, and provided a space of safety, compassion, teaching, and most importantly love. I am deeply grateful for her service not only to me but humanity at large."

Samantha O.
"Pamela is an invaluable source of reliable information. The ‘go to’ resource. She has been crucial in my awakening process. She has given freely of herself and her gifts. And she expects integrity in all interactions. She provides a safe platform for all of us to express what is deep within us … things we need help with, things we dislike or hate about ourselves, the joy we have experienced, desires of our heart and soul. Thank you, Pamela!"

Jackie P. M.
"I had a private session with Pamela and learned so much about ME. I listen to it regularly as have a terrible memory, in fact, I have learned so much about me and the universe that it’s helped me so much. I take what pleases me and leave the rest alone. Nothing is forced on you, either you accept it or don’t, I often show my 11-year-old daughter items on the site – it is awakening her as well. She gave my brother-in-law healing for a brain tumor when he was almost dying – he’s doing so much better now it’s amazing. Remember Pamela doesn’t come knocking on our door, we approach her in our time of need. Don’t think more needs to be said except, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

Catherine S.
"My 16-year-old son did a reading with Pamela in June of 2017. He had been having severe health issues for about 18 months with no clue what was going on. Pamela suggested we have him tested for Lyme disease. I had him tested, …  If not for Pamela’s suggestion on getting him tested for Lyme, this sequence of events would not have lead to the healing my son is now experiencing. This was after 18 months of testing with no insight as to what was going on and a 10 month failed experiment on an antidepressant. Her insight was truly the beginning of his healing process and I am so grateful for her assistance."

"I found Pamela Aaralyn on YouTube. I love her work. I also had a reading with her. She is concise and to the point and the information she provided has been very helpful. I just listened to [the] Heylal [channeling] and it brought tears and chills. Thank you so much for providing this information! Pamela, you are amazing! Thank you so much for being authentic!"

Karen L. L.
"I experienced a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ and was preparing to leave this dimension, having nothing left to tether me here. In a reading with me, Pamela recognized my intent and diplomatically urged me to reconsider my plans. She sparked a light in me and I immersed myself in learning and discovering why we incarnate into this experience.
I AM blessed to share this realm with Pamela Aaralyn, as her teachings resonate truth in my soul and her community opens up the “What if?” of discovery in my existence."

Robin M.
"Yes indeed. I humbly think you can easily get so much mojo out of the many, many, many comments over time that people have made already here that are deeply moving, including myself, and particularly, and especially those who have had direct contact with Pamela. However, I certainly will add how much I appreciate her as what I believe to be an aware being who is so kind and loving, just from watching her videos, reading her comments in response to others here and my own discernment in reading and listening to her channellings, which I so look forward to every time.
Although I have never personally met her and long to be able to do so by seeking her individual guidance, I find her to be one only a very few real deals where I can completely “trust” in my journey to understand life, as it truly is, and therefore understanding myself and where I fit in. I have learned so much about unconditional love and living a compassionate life from reading her revealing her own life experiences in such a positive way no matter what. She practices what she speaks and is not afraid to show any slight possibility of momentary weakness that every human experiences. The joy in that is to be able to recognize it within herself and use it as a teaching tool to help others overcome adversity which is within our own minds anyway.
I’ve been able to rise above my own weaknesses through her reinforcement of my own spiritual beliefs although she is not aware of that. Much of what I’ve learned from her teaching is about the true essence of life in such a vivid way through her channeling. She also shares her gift of clarity in explaining things in such a way that is understandable to anyone and therefore, allowing me to be eager to make the transition from egotistical and judgmental way of thinking to one of recognizing the love and beauty in myself and all others.
Lastly, I believe her children and anyone around her sphere could not possibly miss benefitting from such joy and compassion and self-love that seems to explode from within her and I am so enthralled to see videos of her daughter interacting with her in such a sweet, loving way, even while she was working, one time I was watching a meditating session with her and her beautiful daughter was so warmly, sweetly loving all over her hugging her it was so awesome to see the interaction, which was very obvious that it was a natural way of them being all the time. That says a lot about a mom or any parent. A different person would not even have allowed their children or even their pets around when they are busy “working” right? But not with the bonds I see with these two.
I know we could all learn from observing the lovely kindhearted being of Pamela. THANK YOU SO MUCH, PAMELA for being you. Just by being You, no pretense, no trimmings, nothing else, just you just as you are, we learn. Namaste!"

Barbara M.
"I first found Pamela Aaralyn in the galactic origins video with in5d Michelle Walling. I was hooked. I immediately went to all her old videos and watched her grow throughout these videos. Practiced her Tesla sound frequency to invoke the I am in me to release fears I was having. When she spoke things made sense to me. Finally, I saw her at the in5d conference coming out of the bathroom. I’m much shorter so I was caught by her necklace. We had the all-seeing eye. She hugged me and this threw me into a vulnerable place. I cried and cried and cried some more in this lady’s arms … never met her … she looked right thru me … felt everything right thru me … to give so effortlessly, knowing you have your own struggles … she helped me and a few others with the struggles of raising my babies “the right way”… To be as authentic as she is … I follow her example to just be you. Through her, I met some really awesome people. One being Samantha Ohern. (I love you, lady.)
Pamela helped get me out of my comfort zone. When she held me, I felt I instantly connected to something bigger than this. My true form. Huge being and in that moment all I had to do was just be. Though I keep to myself and don’t really post much here. I am out there doing what I came here to do. Meeting her changed the direction of my life. I was awake. Since then I have found my empowerment through her reflection. She is a beautiful goddess. I’m blessed to have met her in this lifetime…
We are everything, and in everything, we exist. I love you."

Lalini M.
"She has been a loving & caring teacher all of her messages, videos, comments are sent with love and highest good for us all. Some spiritual teaches seem out of reach but she feels truly like family! She has taught me to trust my self in getting messages from my higher self. One of the most special things she taught me is how to be the best mom to my indigo child."

Denise Z.
"Through listening to me my sister has been watching Pamela ‘s YouTube videos and has also been led to Delores Cannon. I think that is what you call a circle of love.   I was led to Pamela through a good friend and it has really helped with my expansion like I never would have believed and also put me in contact with so many lovely like-minded people."

Jane O.
"Pamela’s channelings have verified everything and confirmed my inner knowing on all things religious and mystical and beyond the visible and the heard."

Anup P.
"I am deeply grateful to Pamela for her help as I faced the darkest, most terrifying challenge of my life, and she did so without judgment and with so much love, compassion, and patience. She has helped me find the courage to face my fears and showed me the truth about my own divinity and purpose. Thank you, Pamela, for your teachings, shared wisdom, compassion, love, light, authenticity, courage, integrity, this community, and everything you do. I love you and I am eternally grateful."

Acceber F.
"Pamela welcomed me as a student with love, open arms, and compassion. Through many sessions, she ignited my inner shaman and encouraged me to spread my wings! Additionally, her videos, classes, blog, and channelings have all been instrumental in my rapid growth! She has been a true example of embracing our humanness while also merging and growing into our multi-dimensional selves! I consider her a teacher, mentor, and a friend!"

Robin R.
"She opened and ignited the truth of my divinity and showed me connections to the worlds that were hidden inside of me and [my] connection to ALL. This is through her service to humanity and giving heart through her videos and her intense LOVE of the I AM, you are, we are. I will have the pleasure to meet her next year and hope to hold hands with her and give her thanks in person and hope she feels my gratitude. She has been instrumental in my awakening."

"Becoming only recently aware of channeled work outside of the celebrity channelings, I stumbled upon Pamela. What she offers … I am still catching up with. There is POWERFUL magic happening here. Servant Leader is a title I would give to her if forced to name one. Wisdom Keeper, Catalyst, Alchemist, Divine Mother, and vulnerable-human-doing-this-awakening-thing are others. But LOVE . . . Love-in-Action is Pamela. Deep love, appreciation, respect are what I project onto this precious and sacred being. I give thanks!!"

Kelly J.
"I am (we are) privileged to have Pamela in our lives. Truly, truly blessed. This woman is beautiful, inside and out. I love her with ALL of my heart. What hasn’t she done for me?! She is one in a zillion. I am in gratitude for my teacher and do not forget how very lucky I am to have met this wonderful beautiful being"

Tracey G.
"Pamela’s teachings via YouTube and her paid classes and readings have really deepened my spiritual understandings in a short amount of time. They were crucial in letting go a lot of long-held limiting beliefs and in coming to terms with the purpose of being here. She is a very gifted spiritual teacher, very open and is truly dedicated to her work in helping the people of this planet to release fear, shame, judgment, and concepts of duality in general: something this planet desperately needs."

Carolina C.
"Pamela has literally saved my life a couple of times when things got wobbly in the astral realms and 4D. Details are pointless, a little too complex… but she’s a warrior mother with incredible love and insight, a truly beautiful soul who I’m honoured to have worked beside."

Stephen N.
" I came across Pamela through someone I know I met for this exact reason. Connecting with Pamela and then having a reading gave me so much understanding – it helped me embrace my own mediumship and awareness instead of feeling alone like I’d felt my entire life.
Her channelings have taught me an incredible amount- they have helped me remember who I am.
And I am so incredibly grateful for what she gave my then teenage daughter – the deep understanding of who she is. To be fully acknowledged and seen was just so crucial for her- she’s an exceptional soul and it literally changed her life."

Susanna C.

"I am absolutely blown away by the MANY gifts that Pamela Aaralyn has generously chosen to share with the world. We live in a world that sometimes seems so unpredictable and black and white. Yet here is a Being who is actually able to see through all of that, and in one single meeting, look at a perfect stranger and see your past, past lives, galactic origins, your aura, your life, your essence, your history and your relationships. I can not adequately express the amazing feeling of having someone you’ve never met before, spend all of 5 minutes with you before being able to see you in such depth and clarity. I have had two sessions with Pamela and it was life-changing for me and my family. She gave me the encouragement, advice, and push I needed to continue on my path with more knowledge, a brand new outlook and a peace of mind. She even knew about the baby my husband and I were trying to conceive. Her gifts are truly outstanding. From the beginning, I trusted her completely and I believe it is because she is so authentic and you just know once you meet her that she IS the real deal. I am filled with gratitude for having had the opportunity to cross paths with this vast source of wisdom and truth and through her I have had the great opportunity of being able to peek through the veil.
The bottom line is this: Pamela Aaralyn changes lives for the better and we are SO lucky to have this Earth Angel with us during this time."

Lisa C.
"I am eternally grateful for Pamala. I love her dearly. She has assisted my soul in this land of forgetting, to revive my embodied divinity. She is truly a Gaia Angel. I feel truly blessed to have been guided to her teachings.
She, through teaching and example, has taught the broad universal picture of grace, Love, kindness, and service. Pamala truly is the embodiment of Pure Christ consciousness. I don’t say this as a matter of opinion but as a matter of fact.
Our dear Lord and Friend Yeshua Ben Joseph “Jesus” appeared in my living room during a channeling I was listening to on UTube. If not for Pamala I would not have been able to feel Yeshua’s Love for us. it is beyond words and universe.
Also through her channeling,` questions I had in mind where answered by my Guru Paramhansa Yogananda. Also a magical reconnecting of a spirit guide of mine Horus. Through her channeling, I have gotten to know Angels, saints and galactic beings I was unaware of.
Then there is my actual meeting with Pamala!!!
Turns out she lives in my home state. So when visiting my family I booked an appt. with her. Talk about Divine planning. When I arrived in Utah my dad had a stroke and multiple seizures. He went straight to ICU. We were not sure if my dad was going to live. A devastating time. Pamala was a great comfort to me. Also, she is an amazing medical intuitive she described the reason for my dad’s stroke. Three days later a Dr. Described what Pamala had.
Pamala’s genuine warmth, compassion wisdom, love, light, and vibration, is the Divine Revelation of our True Souls. May her example allow us to also reveal our Divine Being.

Heidi S. L.
"I found Pamela in early 2016 on YouTube, while looking for Dolores Cannon videos. I was so interested in QHHT. I found Pamela’s channeling on Dolores and was intrigued. Then fascinated. The A-Team channelings, and Tesla’s. I loved it!! Later on, I joined her FB page and booked a session with her. At that time I was painfully shy and carrying a lot of pain. Drained. Struggled with self-love. My session with Pamela was great, mind-blowing!
she answered all of my questions before I even read them!! The one thing that stuck with me most was that she insisted that my happiness was important. To stop putting myself on the back burner. Since then I pretty much transformed my whole life. I am a new person. Much much happier and going for the gold.
  I met so many beautiful people through her page. Life changing connections and friendships. I love her dearly, and how she shows us beauty and grace every single day. Besides her teachings and classes. I know we will meet in person one day and I look forward to it. Much love to you Candace Craw-Goldman and thank you for reminding us how we are all connected.
so much love here!!!

Vesna M.
"In short, she has woken me up with her messages and shed some light on what medical ailments needed to be addressed and cured. I will always be in deep gratitude for her and the gifts she shares."

Amber H.
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