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Patreon Schedule of Events

May 2023


Thank you as always for making my work possible and for your support


May's theme is The Sacred Journey of the Soul.


We will explore holy language, mystical initiations long forgotten from many loving beings and enter into the deeper wisdom of the soul to guide us through this month. 


4th  May 2023 at 9am MT

Sound Healing or Guided Meditation/Light Language Healing -Tiers 5-6

I will choose a themed journey for us to share together


9th May 2023 at 9am MT

Mystical Masterclass - Tiers 2-6

I'll let you know soon what we vote on for this month's mystical masterclass. This class is typically a text or sacred journey, combined with a channeling from a being associated with the powerful sacred text we choose together.


11th  May 2023 at 9am MT

Channeling - Tiers 1-6  Anna Grandmother of Jesus

Learn from this powerful holy mother as we head into Mother's Day about the KEYS TO THE DIVINE FEMININE, the power of surrender, finding your soul's ancient traditions in your modern life and more!


16th May 2023 at 9am MT. - Spiritual Bonfire - Tiers 4-6

Come meet other members of the community, catch up live on a zoom meeting and connect. I typically also give members a chance to ask questions to me and each other during this beautiful connection experience. This is an authentic place where we get to truly be ourselves.


18th May 2023 at 9am MT. 

Class - Tiers 1-6 The Dreamwalker - How to Begin You Soul's Initiations through Dreaming

I'm going to call in various guides to help you remember how to dream walk. This class teaches astral initiations through the dreaming in the astral world during meditation and sleep. We will also learn about symbols and literal interpretations of dreams and astral journeys as well. If you've wanted a deep connection to intentional astral journeys, this class is for you.


23th May 2023 at 9am MT

Class- Tiers 3-6  Mystical Initiations from Anna and Jesus

Come learn from this class and become introduced to the initiations Anna and Jesus learned from the Essenes! Learn deep magical principles of life and happiness along with the sacred symbols for heart opening and healing.


25th  May 2023 at 9am MT

Spiritual Development Q and A- Tiers 1-6: Come ask all of the questions you've been wanting to ask. If you vote it up during the live session, we may get a sound healing or guided meditation.


30th May 2023 at 9am MT

Channeling- Tiers 4-6- Channeling Humans from the Past-

The Qumran Community of Essenes

I've been working with a teacher from the Qumran community for over a month now and I'm ready to share with you his beautiful messages of love, light and non-dual holy vocabulary. He has taught me a great deal about discernment, choosing my thoughts as well as four powerful initiations into the soul for healing, gratitude and abundance. I'm SUPER EXCITED to share all of this with you from him. 

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