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September 2023



                       Welcome Back and Welcome all New Members

If you're enjoying my galactic channelings, you will LOVE September's theme:

Interviewing the Galactic Rebels-The Light and Shadow Side of the Galactic’s.

We will be interviewing various races in order to dispel the misconceptions of both the light and shadow side of non-sentient beings and many galactic races.

This will help us understand the myths and legends of the galactic races and our unique connections to them.


5th Sep 2023 9am ET - Tiers 2-6 Mystical Masterclass- Dispelling Myths and Legends

Did leprechauns exist and are they mean and mischievous as legend has taught us?

What are fairies and what is their purpose in both shadow and light (karma and dharma)?

Where are sasquatch truly (what dimensional experience) and what are their shadow and light sides?


7th Sept 2023 9am ET - Tiers 5-6 Channeling A Sirian

The battle between the heart and the mind.

Want to know more about the dog race, the war between sentient and non- sentient beings in the Sirius star system, and how spirit and science can actually merge? Come find out!


12th Sept 2023 9am ET - Tiers 1-6 Class - Managing Thought Streams with the Beta Draconi


14th Sept 2023 9am ET - Tiers 4-6 Channeling A Pleiadian Renegade

Is there a a shadow side to our favorite fluffy love bunnies of the galactics- the Pleiadians? Of course there is!


19th Sept 2023 9am ET - Tiers 4-6 Spiritual Bonfire

This is a time when we deeply connect to each other.

People also get a chance to share about their lives and receive deep wisdom from myself and others on screen.

It is a private ZOOM class that is not recorded- we do this for you privacy. Want to get to know our beautiful soul family here?

Come meet us and connect. All are welcome!


21st Sept 2023 9am ET - Tiers 1-6  Channeling a Reptilian

What's Their True Perspective on Humanity?

What's with all of the abduction, implants and interest in us overall?

There has to be a light side- let's ask and learn.


26th Sept 2023 9am ET – Spiritual Development Q and A

Come ask your questions! Let's do some deep diving into the core of your questions and connect more to our purpose, spiritual path and True Divine Nature


28th Sept 2023 9am ET - Tiers 3-6 Class (& Channeling) a Venusian

Ethical, Proper Use of Galactic Technologies and Gifts .

Was nuclear power a gift from them? What other gifts have they given us and will we even receive more at this point?

What is our history of science, health and etheric gifts coming from Venusians?

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