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February   2024

Patreon Schedule of Events



                            Welcome Back and Welcome all New Members

Welcome to February , thank you for being here.


Theme for the Month is 

The Cosmic Heart , the True Nature of Divine Love

Feb 6th 2024 Tiers 1-6 Class - 9am ET

The Light and Dark Nature of Human Twin Flames (Truths and Misperceptions).

Feb 8th 2024 Tiers 4-6 Channeling - 9am ET

Channeling Mary Magdalene - The True Nature of Divine Love

Feb 13th 2024 Tiers 4-6 Spiritual Bonfire - 9am ET

Come connect and meet other member of this beautiful community, ask your questions and get a teaching unique to this tier for whatever is spiritually applicable at the moment.

Feb 15th 2024 Tiers 1-6 Channeling Lilith and Heylel - 9am ET

Channeling Lilith and Heylel - The First Twin Flames- the  light and dark energies of the Cosmic Heart.

What is the purpose of unity in a polarizing world, especially when difficulties/ toxicities/ separation arises?

Let's look at the meaning of the Cosmic Heart, learn how to connect to Universal Love and heal what blocks keep us from feeling out worth and remembering our sovereignty.

Feb 20th 2024 Tiers 2-6 Mystical Masterclass - 9am ET

Holy Practices and Rituals for Self-Love and Heart Chakra Healing with St Germain and Lady Portia

Feb 22nd 2024 Tier 5-6 Sound Healing - 9am ET

Sound Healing for Empaths with the Hathors- Open up the heart chakra and heal what ails your emotions with this galactic group of loving souls.


Feb 27th 2024 Tiers 1-6 Spiritual Development Q and A -  9am ET

Come ask any questions lingering in your mind and heart, and learn more about spiritual development, ascension and more.

Feb 29th 2024 Tiers 3-6 Class - 9am ET

Healing the Chaos of Conditional Love- Divine Love is so blissful, and yet we are conditioned to learn the paradox of separation when it comes to loving as humans.

Let's take a deep dive into understanding the nature of paradox. Let's look at culture bias (political, religious and racial divides) and then find loving ways to heal the conditioned pain and separation/exclusivity.

Learn the true nature of the Cosmic Heart in full spiritual inclusivity.

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