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June   2024

Patreon Schedule of Events



Welcome Back and Welcome all New Members

Welcome to a new month,  thank you for being here.

Here is our schedule for all our Tiers. Thank you for supporting my work. 

Tiers 1-6 Class and Channeling -The Council of Emeron- Sacred Geography- The Light and Dark of Where WE LIVE 4th June 2024 9am ET

Have you ever wondered why we’re drawn so strongly to live in certain places?


What sacred gridlines are in each location and how do we work with them?


What LIGHT pulls us to certain locations and what darkness is also there for us to heal?

Are our ancestors requiring our assistance? 


Tiers 4-6 Channeling Sinya The Dragon 6th June 2024 9am ET

Sinya the Destroyer Dragon ONLY shows up once every four thousand years to assist humanity in removing ego and destroying old systems and conditions that hold us back from our True Divine Nature.


It was such an honor and a beautiful surprise to see her light up our night skies in the Northern Lights all over the U.S. last month.


Let’s see if we can call her in to find out what is changing, what old systems will be no more and how she is assisting the human collective on this pivotal time of transformation.

Tiers 4-6 Spiritual Bonfire 11th June 2024 9am ET

Looking for a deeper, more personal connection with Pamela and this community?


Come joins us and go deeper into your spiritual development together as a community.

PRIVATE and not recorded or reposted anywhere


Tiers 1-6 Channeling Humans from the Future - Year 2033 - Timothy the Engineer: Plasma Technologies in Travel and Medicine13th June 2024 9am ET

One of the things I learned from Timothy is that electrical cars won’t be a thing in the future.


They can actually cause a lot of damage to the human nervous system.


So…if that’s the case what will replace them? PLASMA engines.


Plasma technologies will be the powerful of our transportation and medical future. Come learn about how energy is utilized in the future!


Tiers 2-6 Mystical Masterclass- Principles of Light Healing and Sound Healing Technologies 18th June 2024 9am ET

Come learn the basics of healing with light and sound


Tiers 5- 6- Channeling and Class - Emerald Tablet and Hermes Trismegistus 20th June 2024 9am ET

Come learn about the mystical and practical use and interpretation of the Emerald Tablet


Tiers 1-6 Spiritual Development Q and A 25th June 2024 9am ET

Come ask your most pressing questions about anything


Tiers 3-6 Class and Channeling - St Germain- Principles and Foundations of Sacred Geometry 27th June 2024 9am ET

What do the majority of the well-known sacred simples mean?


What are their mystical and practical usages?


Come learn from St. Germain in this channeled class. 

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