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The Melchizadek Hand 101 & 201



152 minutes

Ancient principles of hermetics as applied to a specific angelic healing technique taught to Pamela by The Melchizadek angelic group. 

This is the most powerful energetic technique that Pamela has taught the world to date and we are so happy to finally share it with you!

“As a Melchizedek practitioner ( as well as many others), I found the Melchizedek Hand class instructions to be an expansion on the same principles, and I’m excited to incorporate your teachings of this method! 

Also, Pamela, I’m giddy with Joy to witness your expansion of higher truth of yourself, and the material that comes through you! 

Sending much Love, Light & Gratitude for your choice to share exactly whom you are…taking us to the highest possibility. 

LOVE!” – Kelly

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