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The All Seeing Eye Reduced Price Full Set



272 minutes

Auras, Chakras & Beyond – Opening the third eye can be an important tool in your life. 

Joining this detailed class will help anyone who is interested in developing clairvoyance. 

If you’ve been interested in learning to see and interpret auras and chakras, join Pamela as she shares her more powerful techniques for opening the third eye. 

These are techniques taught to Pamela by ascended masters and archangels since age five. 

Learn about all layers of the aura and how this applies to not just seeing but interpreting the aura. 

Seeing through the ether will help those interested in healing, medical mediumship, healing process work and psychic development. 

Companion Course: The All Seeing Eye Part 2 sold separately – to Learn More about this course click HERE.

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