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Soul Essence Communication - Bundle



198 minutes

This is the most IMPORTANT class I offer to the world! 

The opening to all of our unique spiritual abilities begins with one vital connection: our connection to Higher Self. Soul essence channeling is a way of connecting with Higher Self that is unique because it helps you get in touch (and stay in touch) with your True Divine Nature. 

It’s the deepest and Truest form of divine telepathy and sentience. If all of our “gifts” began with this, the rest would surely develop accordingly.

Contacting Your Higher Self

Soul essence channeling is not only the deepest connection to YOU, it is simple to learn and practice. 

I can’t wait to share these profound tips with you, as knowing how to speak to the Higher Self clearly helps open all of your spiritual abilities that are dormant. 

The higher self connection supersedes clairvoyance, clairaudience and even clairsentience because it connects BEYOND the human senses! 

This class is VITAL for the world to learn.

If you are one who struggles with standard extra-sensory perception (you don’t see, hear, etc) this is a great class to help you form a FOUNDATION to all that is beyond the human senses. 

Senses are secondary. 

Your connection to clarity in talking to your Higher Self is vital!

Contacting the Higher Self of Others

The next step in being in continual contact with the Higher Self: how to contact the higher selves of loved ones, friends, colleagues, co-workers, family and pets. 

Have you ever wondered what someone else is thinking? 

What are their motives and intentions? 

How can you best serve and communicate with your loved ones? 

If you could read their DIVINE MIND (the Higher Self), you’d know your next steps in relationships on all levels.

Total Length of combined Classes: 3.3 Hours

Fee per Class: $111

Reduced Price for the Set: $177

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