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Mediumship Lifestyle and Maintenance Tame your EMPATHY



26 minutes

WHY IS IT SO HARD to be a channel, medium and empath and be in the 3D?!

Have you ever wondered what on earth is happening to you in your spiritual awakening? 

Are you awakening at odd hours of the night with bizarre, lucid dreams? 

Do you have trouble sleeping or managing your emotions and empathy? 

Are you feeling bombarded suddenly with unmanageable thoughts, emotions and energies that are hard to control? 

Physically, are you experiencing tingling and pressure in your head or ringing in your ears? 

Do you sometimes wonder if you are experiencing others’ thoughts, emotions and pains? 

Do you feel psychically attacked?

If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, you could be awakening to your clairsentience and empathy! 

You COULD indeed be awakening to become a psychic medium!

It’s hard when you realize that spiritual gifts don’t always feel like gifts. It’s not all cake and ice cream in the spiritual world (especially when you simply want a good night’s sleep or to just turn it off every now and then)!

I’m a medium, channel and empath who has learned how to manage the most difficult psychic attacks and energy transference. 

Join me as I teach you the basics and advanced skills to get through your spiritual awakening.

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