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Channeling and Mediumship - Bundle



9+ hours

Being born a clear conduit channel Pamela Aaralyn will teach her unique skills from a personal and inter-dimensional perspective.

She will be teaching how to clearly channel many types of inter-dimensional beings such as Archangels, Guardians, Spirit Guides, Humans (living and deceased), Animals and ET Collective Perspective.

Pamela will address issues and concerns with clear conduit channeling such as blocks in the flow of a channel, overstimulation concerns and how to trust your discernment.

Clear conduit channeling is unlike standard mediumship in that the channel must trust their alignment in order for information to flow.

Pamela is looking forward to teaching you her specific techniques.

This series of four courses is designed to take you from the basics on up to speed with expert channeling/mediumship development.

Since each one builds on the previous it is best to do them in order.

Each Individual Class is 2 to 2.5 hours fee per class: $111

Total Length of the Course (full set): 9+ hours

Save $87 with the Full 4-class Course for: $357

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