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Medical Intuition

Pamela is a highly refined medical medium and can discern energy patterns in the physical body. Her specialty is rare diseases of the immune and neuromuscular systems. She can often detect organ weaknesses in any system or tell you what trace minerals, vitamins, etc., are missing from your health care regimen, as well as to detect how your food/mineral absorption rate is in the GI tract. Depending on the situation, she can detect what allergies are present and which allergies are affecting the body.


What she cannot do: interfere with your medical doctor's plans by providing a liability-based diagnosis or allopathic treatment options. Pamela believes in integrative care which supports your current treatment.

Disclaimer: Pamela is not a licensed medical professional. Please review her opinions with your doctor before proceeding further in your health care plans.


Plant Medicine

Many book plant medicine sessions with Pamela when their current medical treatments aren't working as well as they would like or when they have chosen a naturopathic-based health care regimen.


Pamela is a herbalist and an initiated elemental shaman. She uses gifts passed down by her tribal elders to assist others both in medical mediumship and in determining which plant medicine combinations could possibly assist her clients in their road to physical recovery. 


What she does not do: Naturopathic plant medicine cannot always replace allopathic care. Always know that Pamela's plant medicine suggestions and tinctures are not FDA-approved or evaluated. Please do your own research, as she is not medically licensed to treat your conditions. 

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