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 Masterclass Principles of Claircognizance, Precognizance & Retrocognizance  - Channeling the Council of Emeron

The Alchemy of the Clair’s Series Part 3

Sunday June 23rd 2024 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US)    

  • Join to come to the live Zoom event and to receive a post event recording 

  • Join Pamela in a rare powerful, Masterclass. We’re calling in and working with the Magical Council of Emeron, a council of wizards, fae, elven, alchemists, Druids and ancient beings. 

  • Come join us in a magical, once in a lifetime masterclass to learn Alchemy Techniques and 7 Sacred Seals of Wisdom to activate KNOWING. 


  • Do you naturally seem to just KNOW things? 


  • Do you receive intuitive hunches without seeing or hearing? 


  • Claircognizance is a highly underrated ability that requires a full masterclass to become aware of how you’re already accessing the truth without full awareness. 


  • Learn more about accessing the God Mind, which gives access to knowing the past, present and future based on potentials within the Akashic records


  • Precognizance is when one receives downloads of knowing was about the future that tend to come true. 


  • Retrocognizance lends access to the truth the past. 


  • Which ancient ability do YOU possess? How will you choose to use these abilities? 

  • This is ancient wisdom that is to be respected and used properly and ethically.


  • This is ancient wisdom that is to be respected and used properly and ethically.


  • Current Patreon Tier Members use Patreon messages to ask for your 30% personal early bird discount.

  • There will be a recording available to all who register , it will be sent 48 hours after the  event.


  • Any questions we are always here to help, use the "Contact  Us" button at the end of the page.


                                               Thank you for supporting Pamela’s work.

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