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Foundations for Portal Alchemy Masterclass -

Channeling Magikal Council of Emeron

   (Council of Ancient Alchemists & Hermetic Masters)

  • Join to come to the live Zoom event and to receive a post event recording 

  • Event date is Saturday Feb 24th, 2024 01:00 PM ET (US)  

  • Join Pamela in a rare powerful, magical masterclass of portal alchemy with a council of ancient alchemists and hermetic masters, the Council of Emeron

  • What we will explore and learn - 

  • What is a portal? The energy that gets one beyond time. 

  • How to create a portal for

        - healing
        - manifestation
        - speaking to your spirit guides 
        - and other fun things. 

  • We will learn four sacred invocations and symbols for practical use in hermetics and then go into deeper work with those who are live in the class. 

  • Current Patreon Tier Members use Patreon messages to ask for your 30% personal early bird discount code.


  • Any questions we are always here to help, use the "Contact  Us" button at the end of the page.

                                         Thank you for supporting Pamela’s work.

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