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Private Readings

In readings with Pamela, she will directly access your soul at many levels: the higher self and the subconscious. Depending on your level of openness and honesty, she will read into your conscious states of thoughts and feelings, as well. The 10 min recorded reading is not a live Zoom meeting, it is recorded. The 20  min , 30 min and 40 mins are Live Zoom meeting. 

Using the auric field, the soul itself, and any angelic beings, guides or ascended masters surrounding your field, she may also give messages from them if you ask or if they naturally come through. 

Pamela uses many psychic energy reading methods to tap into areas of your life that need change- she prefers reading into the akashic records and higher self for most answers that could help you tap into your highest potential and sacred contracts. 

Note from Pamela

Timing is not my forte because time is a man-made device. Even knowing the future path alone could change the timing of it. Each and everything you do in the present moment is changing the outcome and timing in some way, shape, or form, hence the reason why we can manifest our own futures to a large extent. If a prediction of the future is made, please keep in mind that I am reading your energy and intent based on the present moment. Energy is in motion and is fluid, therefore, predictions can and do change.

Also Note:
What she does not do: mediumship readings (contacting the dead) and time-based predictions of the future. She also refuses to operate outside of her own dignity, which means no questions about the lottery, gender reveal, time of death/life, or any other unethical modes of use in her gifts.

Pet Communication

Did you have a pet cross-over? Pamela can readily access most pets crossed over, no matter the time frame of the passing. She can also help with your living pets, especially in relation to health and behavioral concerns (by accessing her medical mediumship abilities) and telepathically talking to your pet on all levels.

More on Preparing for Your Reading

Zoom is used for all live sessions and accommodates the use of computers and most devices. All readings and appointments are on zoom video, there are no in-person or phone readings or appointments. Please plan an extra 10 minutes prior to your session to make sure that your device is working properly and set to go. Your confirmation email will contain all the needed information about what to do next.

Please note that sessions are scheduled back to back. Most likely we are not able to add time to your session after it’s scheduled. If you do not show up for your session on time, it will be time lost as we cannot extend the end point of your session.

Recordings are not offered by Pamela at this time, due to technical errors that arise within them. Pamela’s energy stream more than often breaks up the recording. You are welcome to record AUDIO ONLY on your end, but we cannot be held accountable for recordings at this time.

Recordings are the responsibility of the client.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you need to reschedule an appointment or update the appointment information you are free to do so by clicking the “view appointment details” link in any confirmation email.

Changes to the schedule less than 48 hours before the appointment or reading are not possible.

There are no charges for rescheduling 48 hours before your appointment or transferring your session to another service or person.

Details of charges for rescheduling less than 48 hours are in the terms and conditions.

When booking you must
read and tick to say you have read the terms and conditions. No-show appointments will not be refunded.

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